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A good parent should possess such a quality


Nov 1, 2023 #preschool period

Growing up, in the circle I was in, I would always hear adults use some tempting things to coax their children. For example, when a child cries, they would coax the child and tell him to stop crying and give it to him later. Buying food; or when the child doesn\’t want to do homework, you promise to buy the child whatever… but in the end, none of these promises were realized. When the children ask their parents for these promises, the parents say something else… As time goes by, the children become more and more distrustful of their parents and become more rebellious. At this time, the parents start a series of scoldings of their children. …Through these examples, what do you see? Anyway, I have hated this kind of education since I was a child. Essentials for Family Education: How to Encourage Children\’s Progress and Self-Confidence, 70 episodes in total. Because in my cognitive outlook, there has always been a concept deeply rooted in my mind. That is, a good parent should have the quality of never breaking his promise. Many parents may feel that their children are just children, and even if they are told something, they may not remember it, so they will habitually break their promises. In fact, this is just an irresponsible idea of ​​many parents. You must know that children have the strongest memory, and when children first come into this world, their parents are the ones they trust the most. Basically, they will fully expect whatever the parents say. Just like my child, he is only 2 years old+. In the eyes of many people, he may be considered a naive person, but it turns out that he knows everything, because once I told him that after dinner , I took him out to play, but after I finished eating, I didn’t take him out, so he pulled me towards the door. I joked with him that if I didn’t go out tonight, he would immediately lie on the ground crying. Noisy… So, when you see this, do you still think that if your child is young, you don\’t need to pay too much attention to his feelings? Or, just because your child is young, do you think that your child doesn\’t understand and can be fooled at will? In fact, children are much smarter than you think. Don’t use your own cognitive perspective to look at the child’s heart, and don’t make unnecessary promises in front of your children. If you promise something to your child, you must keep it. , if you really can’t do it, you must explain to your child why you can’t do it. As parents, we must understand that in front of our children, we either do not make promises, or we must try our best to fulfill the promises we make. Parents are their children\’s best role models. If you don’t want your child to become a dishonest person, you must first be a dishonest person yourself. Why do many parents say that they find that their children like to lie and they always make excuses when they lie? This is actually due to the influence of parents, because parents do not honor what they have said to their children for a long time, and deep down in their children\’s hearts they will think that their parents are people who like to lie, and they do not need to take any responsibility for lying, and there are more Rhetoric can be used to quibble, and gradually children will become such people. Therefore, a good parent should have one quality, that is, not to break his promise easily.

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