A mother’s good qualities and good tutoring determine a child’s life

One reality we have to admit is that in most families, mothers are still mainly responsible for the education of their children. Therefore, the mother\’s words and deeds have a great impact on the child\’s growth. It can be said that the mother\’s quality will determine the child\’s life. In most Chinese families, where mothers bear the main responsibility for educating their children, this proposition is not unreasonable. Parents need to be reminded that the lack of father\’s love in family education is not conducive to the all-round development of children. Children who are estranged or isolated from their father, especially boys, often lack the perseverance in their character and are more naughty. A complete set of videos + PDF on the Tips for Improving Primary School Essay Writing Skills A family, even if it is poor and has only a few walls, as long as there is a kind, frugal, optimistic and neat woman taking care of it, such a family will still be a sanctuary of the soul and a source of happiness and power. The most important product a mother contributes to society is your child. In addition to spontaneous love, mothers must learn the art of education, otherwise, any education reform will be in vain. The image of mother will affect everyone\’s life from beginning to end. Maybe many people will not seriously think about and admit this issue, but this is indeed a truth that cannot be denied! When a person grows up, as long as his or her mother accompanies them during their growth, everything about the mother, including the image of the mother; the mother\’s principles of life; the mother\’s thoughts… will always affect their children unconsciously. , those children are you and me in life. A strong mother teaches her children not to be timid in the face of difficulties. In some people\’s thinking, women are regarded as representatives of weakness. It seems that only men can be worthy of the word \”strong\”. In fact, in real life, women who are able to persevere without fear of hardships and hardships when they encounter real difficulties are often those women who seem to be relatively weak. They even appear to be stronger and more persistent than men in some aspects. For example, Ms. Wang Guiquan (Liang Qichao\’s second wife) spent unimaginable years with her nine children after Liang Qichao\’s death. Even during the turbulent years of the Cultural Revolution, her strong belief did not shake. After her death, Liang Sicheng Together with his brothers and sisters, he planted a \”Mother Tree\” next to his father\’s grave to commemorate this great and strong mother. A broad-minded mother lets her children learn to look forward to the future. Women\’s minds have always been described by literati as extremely narrow. There is even a folk saying: A woman\’s hair is long but her knowledge is short. It seems that only a man\’s chest is a broad avenue in the world, while a woman\’s chest is just a narrow path in the mountains. However, there are many women whose minds we admire. It is these women\’s minds that make us understand the impact a mother\’s broad mind can have on her children. Tomiko Sato – (Guo Moruo\’s cohabiting woman in Japan) This woman whose name may not be known to modern people, actually raised five underage children by herself after breaking up with Guo Moruo until she met her fifteen years later. Guo Moruo. A kind mother helps her children understand compassion. The most terrifying thing about human society is the cruelty of behavior and the indifference of spirit. However, none of us can deny that many people seem to be helpless.There is no way to escape these two tragic realities. Although sometimes these two situations are caused by a \”force majeure\”, in most cases they are caused by man-made phenomena. That is, some people have not had a kind mother since childhood, and their personalities have been severely distorted since then. Although the feeling of \”compassion for nature and compassion\” is formed by acquired cultivation and education, it still comes from the kindness foundation of the child\’s mother. Bill Gates once said that what he received from his mother was \”piety and kindness.\” We can see his mother\’s imprint in Bill Gates\’ large donations to poor areas around the world. A calm mother helps her children learn perseverance. In many literary works or tangible propaganda images, we mostly see mothers who encounter disasters. They either cry loudly or think of suicide in despair. However, in real life, we see scenes that are difficult for people to describe today. A mother\’s calmness and calmness are enough for people to never forget. What are some methods for successful tutoring? Raising Children into Wealth PDF + 12 Lecture Videos will reveal the secret to you. At that time, China’s first lady, Mr. Wang Guangmei (this title can be used for anyone who is worthy of respect), was criticized and insulted by the rebels at a meeting of tens of thousands of people. Her admirable Her expression not only inspired her own children to persevere through ten inhuman years, but also set a glorious example of motherhood for us. A well-educated mother will build the quality of her children. The word \”cultivation\” is reflected in everyone, that is, a person\’s quality. Excellent quality of a person seems to be able to achieve his or her career. So how to \”build\” self-cultivation even after adulthood? In fact, most of the self-cultivation is \”watered\” bit by bit from the mother. If the mother respects the old and loves the young, the children will naturally follow the example; if the mother is frugal, the children will naturally reject luxury; if the mother is polite, the children will naturally be humble and not arrogant… Ms. Lan Weijie, the mother of the famous conductor Tang Muhai, is particularly special. Paying attention to the cultivation of children, Tang Muhai became a world-class conductor. It was not only determined by his artistic attainments. Westerners admired Tang Muhai\’s elegant cultivation and noble qualities. They believed that these must come from Ms. Lan Weijie\’s care for children. Influence. A well-educated mother will definitely influence the child\’s deep thinking. A well-educated mother will definitely affect the child\’s thinking. If the mother is a well-educated mother, it seems to be more able to influence the child\’s deep thinking, just like a child who can\’t walk yet is in the hands of an adult. It’s like slowly learning to walk under the guidance of holding hands. Educated mothers influence their children little by little in their daily lives from the day they are born, letting them avoid vulgarity; keeping them away from simplicity; letting them know the profound… The famous writer Jin Yong once said that he was very fond of novels. The inner exploration of the characters is largely influenced by their mother’s culture. Jin Yong\’s mother Xu Lu was Xu Zhimo\’s aunt. She attended high school at that time and could write beautiful calligraphy. Everyone’s mother affects their children with their own image. Although the mothers listed here are all celebrities, this does not mean that IThey did not pay attention to ordinary mothers, but the images of mothers cited here are known and familiar to everyone, so they are representative to a certain extent. Famous teacher Li Bo Himalayan Chinese tutoring enlightenment course for primary school students download [65 episodes completed] In fact, even our own mothers will also have these beautiful personality traits and spiritual qualities. The only difference is that only we know it.

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