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A must-have list for your maternity package, what you need to prepare for your maternity package


Oct 1, 2023 #fetal period

Today I want to talk to you about the things you need to prepare for the birth of a baby, which is the list of maternity supplies. It’s been almost 6 months since I gave birth, and I really have a lot of thoughts on what to buy. Friends who are still preparing things must have not yet given birth. Putting so many things together will be a bit confusing, so what should I buy? Why buy? how to use? How much to use? Make it clear. This list is based on personal experience and is relatively subjective. It can be used as a reference for friends in need. Dosage of vitamin AD for baby products: Varies (it is recommended to buy 1-3 boxes first). Start taking it 15 days after the baby is born to prevent night blindness, rickets, hypocalcemia and various skin problems. Vitamin A can be given to babies through breast milk, but vitamin D cannot, so breastfed babies can only take vitamin D. For babies with milk powder, there is a saying that AD and vitamin D should be taken alternately to avoid excessive intake of vitamin A. I asked the pediatrician and he said that it would not be excessive and there was no need to take them alternately, so I only prepared AD for the baby in the first few months. Note that AD needs to be placed in the refrigerator after purchase. Dosage of DHA for infants: The pediatrician may say that it doesn’t matter if you take it or not. DHA is added to milk powder. Breastfeeding mothers can take it by themselves and then supplement it to the baby through milk. There will be no big impact if they don’t take it. After 6 months, you can just give it to your baby alone, so there is no need to rush to buy it. But, there are no bad effects after eating it, so I actually started giving it to my child at 3 months old. Dosage of probiotics: If the flatulence and crying starts in February, you can just give it to the baby. If the flatulence is not serious, you don’t need to take it. My baby has been taking it for 2 months since he was one month old, and the crying will indeed be significantly reduced. Please note that the consumption of various probiotic products may be different. Calcium dosage: Maybe you don’t need to buy this yet. Generally, if the baby’s milk volume reaches 700ml after one month, there is no need to supplement calcium separately. After the baby starts eating complementary foods at 6 months of age, and the milk volume decreases, it can be supplemented separately. Bottle dosage: At least 2. Many babies can drink 100ml of milk within 15 days of birth. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not buy bottles that are too small in milliliters. They will not last for a few days and are a bit wasteful. It is recommended to buy one of 150ml and 240ml first. If you decide to bottle feed breast milk or milk powder later, you will have to buy more to replace it. Oh, by the way, remember to buy size ss pacifiers (size 0) for newborns. The pacifiers in the set are usually size s (size 1). Newborns may choke on the milk. I don’t wash the bottles when I’m breastfeeding in the middle of the night. I always wash them together in the morning, so the actual number of bottles I use is quite a lot, but if I wash them diligently, two replacement bottles are actually enough. Amount of milk powder: If you are not sure about the breastfeeding method, buy a small can first. Be sure to buy it. Even if you have made up your mind about breast milk, you should also prepare a small can of milk powder. Otherwise, when the baby is born and the mother has not started lactating, the baby will be hungry and cry. You are half-dead in bed and your mood will be affected. Bottle Brush Dosage: Replace a brush head consumable every 2 weeks, must buy. I think the silicone bottle brush set is not as easy to use as the simplest cup brush. It depends on personal habits. Make sure the brush is ventilated and dried after use, and don\’t throw it directly in the corner of the pool. Dosage of bottle cleaning agent: 1 bottle of bottle cleaning agent per monthIt’s so hard to choose. After doing some research, it seems that every product is a little less than perfect. I have used five or six kinds, and my favorites are Pigeon and Chubao. Dosage of baby laundry detergent: 1 bottle is necessary for about 2 months. It is really necessary, because the skin of newborns is very sensitive and they often get strange rashes. Instead of troubleshooting the problem at the time, it is better to be careful at the beginning. I have used seven or eight kinds, and my current favorite is babycara. Shower gel consumption: about 1 bottle per month. My baby was born in the summer and basically takes a bath every day. Although I don’t use shower gel every time, the consumption is quite large. And every time she poops, she will be given a bath to wash her butt. Dosage of care oil: One bottle of care oil for about 2 months is equivalent to a full-body massage for the baby. It can soothe the spirit, promote development, prevent eczema in newborns, cultivate parent-child relationships, etc. There are many benefits, so if you have the energy, it is recommended to give it at least once a day. Baby does a touch. Because I also use massage oil to massage myself, I consume a lot of it. I have used Evereden, Songda, Erchubao, Daikes, etc. before and after, and they are all very useful. In addition, the massage oil has a wonderful effect, that is, newborns will have dandruff in the first few months. This stuff is similar to the dead skin on the head. Soak the whole head with the massage oil before taking a bath, and then wash it off. Gently removes dandruff. Dosage of body lotion: about 1 bottle per month. For friends in the north, it is recommended to buy a body lotion with strong moisturizing power, because babies are afraid of dry skin and may develop eczema accidentally. What I first prepared was a very refreshing body lotion, which I applied every day and massaged with massage oil every day. In the end, the baby still broke out with eczema. Friends from the south can buy something lighter if appropriate. Cream dosage: about half a bottle per month. I originally wanted to keep it as simple as possible and directly use baby\’s body lotion as facial cream, but later I found out that it didn\’t work. Newborns are prone to eczema outbreaks because skin care products are not moisturizing enough. Moreover, body lotion contains a lot of water and evaporates and dries slowly. Your baby will not have the patience to let you rub it on his face all the time, so you still have to use facial cream. Dosage of butt cream: 1 tube is necessary for about 3 months. The skin of newborns is very delicate and it is difficult to avoid red butt. You can only try to make the symptoms as mild as possible. The one I used more often was Erchubao\’s, which is smooth and oily and has particularly strong water-repellent ability. I use traditional zinc oxide ointment before going to bed at night, but it is difficult to dig out, and the open bottle is a bit unhygienic, so I later switched to Desitin, which contains 13% zinc oxide and costs 38 yuan for 57g, which is super cheap. I suggest everyone just buy this. Note, if the red fart is not very serious, you must pay attention to the frequency and concentration of zinc oxide use. Overuse will cause dry and chapped skin, so do not use it instead of butt cream. Amount of nail scissors: 1 pair The hardness of baby\’s nails is a bit like A4 paper, and they are flat and long without any curvature, so it is difficult to use adult nail scissors for babies, so you have to get a special one. No need to do any homework, just buy Pigeon, it’s very easy to use. Dosage of silicone soft spoon: 1 piece I think many people say that they should buy it before giving birth, but I didn’t use it until my baby started eating complementary food when he was 6 months old. BabyQuantity of hangers: 20 are not necessary, but they can improve your happiness index. There is a row of cute clothes hangers hanging cute clothes for babies, which is very cute. Յ(¯﹃¯Յ) Bathtub + Bath Mat Quantity: 1 Before buying, think about where you will put the bathtub and measure the size. The bathtub I bought at the beginning could not fit into the glass partition of the bathroom, so I returned it. Bought again. I feel that there is not much difference in the use of the bathtub. Just be careful to choose one made of antibacterial and mildew-proof materials. Small basin usage: 1 If you need to wash baby clothes by hand, you really need to prepare a special basin. I think some mothers will prepare a special washbasin for their babies, such as a butt basin. I don’t think it is necessary, because my baby always uses a soft cotton towel to wash his face or takes a bath directly. If he has a butt, he can just hold it and wash it. No basin needed. Crib size: Maybe this still needs to be planned in advance, how the baby will sleep after birth and who will sleep with it. I bought a folding crib and a spliced ​​bed. The original plan was that the folding bed would be easy to move and the bed could be pushed into the living room during the day so that the family could watch the baby together and share the stress of childcare. But in fact, the newborn loves to sleep very much. In the first month, she basically stayed in her own small room. At the age of 2 months, she stayed awake for a longer time and started to have flatulence and cry, and she had to be held. The flatulence finally passed, and our little girl learned to roll over again. The folding crib is small and not big enough for her to toss around. Therefore, the main function of this folding bed in my home is to fold it repeatedly, and it is not used at all. Amount of stroller: 1 This actually depends on the habits of each family. When my baby was born, he was still in the relatively strictly controlled mask period, so in the first 2 months, except for vaccinations, he basically didn’t go out much. Use a cart. Quantity of baby washing machine: 1 washing machine. I was particularly entangled. I must be too lazy to wash by hand. It felt a bit awkward to use the same washing machine as adults. However, the price of children\’s washing machines was too expensive. I shopped around and did a lot of homework. Finally, I found that there is no need to worry about the \”baby washing machine\”. Just buy a mini washing machine for more than RMB 600. If you change the baby\’s clothes every day, there will be no dirt that is difficult to wash out. Moreover, children grow up so fast, and clothes will be replaced and replaced very quickly, so there is no need for gentle care at all. How to wash clothes. Before buying, consider where to put it and how to connect the water to the water. Monitor usage: 1 set is quite necessary for me, because after my baby was born, I was mainly taken care of by my confinement nanny. It would be good for everyone to have a monitor with clear rights and responsibilities in case something happens. Constant temperature kettle usage: 1 If you are feeding milk powder, this is a necessity. Generally, warm water of about 40 degrees is used for brewing milk powder. Bottle warmer usage: 1 breast milk bottle has a high utilization rate. After my baby was switched to pure milk powder feeding, it was basically not used. Disinfection cabinet usage: 1 unit has a very high utilization rate. In addition to baby bottles and nipples, toys, gum chews, comfort wipes, and handkerchiefs can all be disinfected. I personally recommend choosing one with a capacity of at least 20L or more, because the baby will start to eat solid food later, and all kinds of tableware and cutlery need to be disinfected from time to time. Dosage of cotton soft wipes: 1 pack per week. Used for wiping face, hands, and butt. The texture is very soft and much easier to use than wet wipes.. Dosage of Yunrou towels (paper towels): 1 pack per week for various types of wiping, which is a large amount. Diaper consumption: About 10 diapers per day for newborns. The diaper size for newborns is NB. Generally, NB size is suitable for babies under 5 kg. Newborns gain about 1 kg in weight every month. For example, my baby was born at 3.15 kg and weighed 4.5 kg during the review at 42 days after birth. I used a total of 5 packs of NB codes. If you are interested in diapers, I would like to talk about them later, because online reviews recommend a lot of diapers, such as Dawang Guangyu, but they may not be suitable for newborns. Amount of wet wipes: It may not be necessary to buy them. I have never bought a pack, but now I have a lot of them at home because many maternal and infant brands give away wet wipes. In the past few months, the only uses of wet wipes were to occasionally wipe the baby\’s hands when going out, or to wipe her butt when she went out to poop. I only used a total of 20 wet wipes in the first 4 months. Dosage of cotton swabs for children: about 1 box for 3 months. In the first few months, the main function is to clean up the baby\’s small nose that is about to come out. Dosage of iodine swabs: 1 box is only used for disinfection before the baby\’s umbilical cord falls off. I haven\’t used up a box. Dosage of disposable diaper pads: 50 pieces per month. They are similar to the puerperal pads used by mothers, but the size is smaller. Newborns don\’t have much flesh, and their diapers don\’t fit well enough, so they leak urine easily. They consume a lot of diapers. I used about 100 diapers in the first two months. Later, as the baby gained weight and the diapers became more comfortable, the amount of diaper pads used was significantly reduced, reduced to one per week. You only need to pad it when changing diapers to avoid sudden attacks from the baby. Dosage of washable diaper pads: 1-2 sheets Why is there a disposable one and a washable one? Because the disposable one is very stuffy and airtight, it will be uncomfortable for the baby to sleep on it, so the large washable diaper pad is usually used as a mattress, and the disposable diaper pad is placed horizontally on the lower body. It is very necessary. It is recommended to buy 2 replacements first. Amount of newborn clothes: 4 pieces If the room temperature is above 24 degrees, it is recommended to prepare 4 half-back clothes for the newborn to wear. Because the baby has a lot of excretions in the first month of life and needs to change diapers all the time, plus bathing and touching, etc., it is more convenient to only wear diapers on the lower body. When I was doing research before I was born, I saw many people suggesting buying monk clothes, so I bought three pieces and never wore them once. Amount of socks for newborns: 1-3 pairs. It is also recommended to wear less socks at home. Let the baby use his little feet to feel the external environment more, which is beneficial to development. Wear them when he is afraid of the cold when going out. Amount of newborn hat: 1 hat It is recommended not to buy one that is too thick, because newborns will be swaddled when going out, so it is inconvenient to get a thick hat. Just buy one with soft, skin-friendly material and cute shape. Dosage of swaddle & sleeping bag: 1-2 babies will have startle reaction when sleeping in the first 3 months, and it will gradually disappear after 3 months. The purpose of swaddling is to alleviate the impact of startles on the baby\’s sleep. The traditional swaddling method will restrain the baby\’s lower body and affect the development of the hip joint. Therefore, it is recommended to use a wrap that only covers the upper body first. When buying, pay attention to the material. Buy something that is light and breathable. Even if it accidentally covers your baby\’s mouth and nose, it will not cause suffocation. My babyMy son started using a wrap at night after he was one month old. When he was 4 months old and had almost no startle reaction, he switched to a sleeping bag. There is also a surrender-style sleeping bag that is also very easy to use, but newborns are really prone to leaking urine, so the sleeping bag has to be washed all the time, which is troublesome. Wait until the baby is able to soothe himself with his hands in two or three months, and then use a surrender sleeping bag to train the baby to sleep independently. Usage of cotton gauze square towels: 6-10 pieces, high utilization rate. They can be used as bibs for breastfeeding, as burping pads on shoulders, as pillow covers under the head, for bathing and wiping the body, etc. Quantity of large cotton gauze bath towel & large square towel: 2 pieces. I feel that this is quite practical. It can be used as a bath towel to wipe the body when taking a bath, or as a blanket in the summer, and can be used as a cover on the stroller when it is windy outside. I bought two and used them interchangeably, and they seemed to be enough. Throw Blanket & Beanie Blanket & Quilt Usage: 2. I bought a 6-layer cotton gauze blanket for my baby, but I haven’t used it yet. Because my mother was excited to prepare quilts of various thicknesses and sizes for the baby since she found out I was pregnant. I haven\’t used the Doudou blanket for the first three months. After winter, I used it as a mat to make the baby\’s bed. She likes to rub her little face on it. If there are elderly people in your family who are keen on making small quilts for their babies, it is recommended not to buy thick blankets yet. Amount of disposable underwear for mothers: about 30 pairs. After giving birth, lochia will be discharged. This thing is similar to menstruation and may last for a month. We definitely don’t have the energy to wash our underwear by hand. It would be embarrassing to let others wash them, but it’s still a one-time convenience. The ones I bought were from Manxi, and the purchase price was about 1.8 yuan a piece. I think there is no need to buy disposable ones if they cost more than 2 yuan. I can go to 1688 to find 30 pieces wholesale for about 2 yuan, wash them clean, and at most wear them once and then throw them away. Just a reminder, buy a larger size! I thought it would only weigh a hundred pounds after giving birth, so I could just buy it based on my weight! NONONO! Friends, our pelvis will be open after giving birth, and the belly will not deflate immediately. The clothes you buy according to the size are super tight. It is recommended to buy 2 sizes larger. Quantity of Night Pants: 6 pairs. I find them boring and don’t use much. I only wore it on the day I was discharged from the hospital, and I usually use sanitary napkins more often. If you usually have the habit of wearing night pants, you can buy more. Amount of sanitary napkins: around 100 pieces is necessary! Friends, do you think it is troublesome not to have menstruation when you are pregnant? Don\’t get too happy too soon, as the lochia after giving birth will make up for all the trouble you saved earlier. Dosage of anti-overflow breast pads: 10 pieces. If you decide not to breastfeed before giving birth, you don’t need to buy them. I only breastfed for 42 days, and my breasts were always in a ulcerated state and needed to be kept dry and breathable, so I didn’t breastfeed much. Maternity pad dosage: 20 pieces. In addition to being used during delivery, it also has many uses later. For example, if you have a natural delivery, you should wear as little underwear as possible for the first three days after delivery to keep the wound dry and to facilitate the application of medicine. The puerperal pad should be placed on the bed to prevent lochia from staining the sheets. If you have a blocked breast and need someone to relieve it, place it under your body to block the overflowing milk. The most suitable size is 60cmx90cm. I used 20 pieces in total. Dosage of chest ice pad: 1 box (pair) It is easy for the breasts to become clogged with milk one or two months after delivery, so ice compress is needed to relieve it.Due to swelling and inflammation, I think a special ice pad is much better than potato chips. This thing will really save lives, so remember to buy it. Dosage of irrigator: 1 must be purchased, as it will be used many times a day during confinement. Be careful to buy medical sterilized packaging. Sippy Cup Usage: Giving birth is a protracted battle. You have to lie in bed and drink electrolyte water to replenish your energy. A sippy cup is a must. It is recommended to buy an insulated straw cup so that you can use it to drink hot drinks during confinement and bed rest. I made a mistake and bought a 1800 ml bottle. It was really heavy when filled with water. Please don’t be greedy when buying. Dosage of analgesic spray: 1 In fact, I can’t say whether this thing is useful or not. Anyway, the whole person is half dead after giving birth. This thing sprays it to cool it down, which is better than nothing. Suet fat ointment dosage: 2 If you don’t want breast milk, you don’t need to buy it. I have used two types. Medela\’s is very sticky and difficult to apply, so I don\’t recommend it. Lansinoh\’s is better. Confinement dosage: 4 sets of confinement clothes with openings on the chest to facilitate breastfeeding. But because I only breastfed for less than 2 months, and the process was very bumpy, this opening was useless to me. I bought 4 sets of large-size cotton gauze pajamas from 1688, which are sweat-absorbent, breathable, and dry quickly after washing. Wear more. Note that if you buy ordinary pajamas to wear after giving birth, you should buy a larger size, because just after giving birth, the belly will not go back immediately, and the waistline should be loose. Nursing bra dosage: 2 pieces First of all, a reminder to correctly estimate your postpartum breast size. I just bought them in advance, but my breasts grew two or three sizes larger during postpartum breastfeeding, so buying them in advance was not suitable at all. Amount of slippers: 1 pair In order to reassure the elderly at home, slippers with heels must be worn. Buy something cute, it will make you feel better. Amount of breast pump: 1 This is really necessary, because there will be physiological milk engorgement in a few days after delivery, which can easily develop into mastitis. Milk needs to be discharged regularly, and the baby may not be able to cooperate with sucking. It is recommended not to buy an expensive one right away. If you give up breast milk halfway, it will be wasted. For example, I bought a breast pump worth more than 2,000 yuan and only used it for 42 days. If you don’t mind, you can actually go to the seafood market and look for second-hand ones. Milk storage bag dosage: 50 tablets Generally, breast milk secretion increases gradually and slowly, and it may not be enough for the baby at the beginning. It took me 22 days after giving birth to realize that the supply exceeded demand. There will be many difficulties on the road of breast milk that you can\’t even imagine, and you may not be able to persist smoothly. Therefore, I recommend not buying breast milk storage bags yet, or buying less, because buying a breast pump will give you a gift, and various brands are very expensive. & I will also receive some membership gifts. If you are feeding milk powder, don’t waste the milk storage bag you received as a gift. You can bring milk powder to your baby when you go out, and it is lighter than a milk powder box. Calcium tablet dosage: It may be very necessary. Friends, your own body recovery is more important than anything else. Calcium tablets must be taken. Dosage of iron supplements: Anemia may be very common in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. Taking supplements until vomiting is of no use. If you take iron supplements directly for 2 weeks, the data will be satisfactory. Folic acid dosage: Maybe because I had an unexpected pregnancy and did not supplement with folic acid in advance, so I supplemented with active folic acid until I found out that I was pregnant until the end of breastfeeding. For DHAQuantity: Maybe I’ll start taking it when I find out I’m pregnant. If there’s no accident, I’m going to keep taking it. There are also some things that few people mention, but I think are very necessary. Dosage of erythromycin ointment: 3 pieces. It is mainly used for trauma caused by natural childbirth after discharge from the hospital and chest broken by the baby. Breast shield dosage: A pair of real friends, if you want breast milk, you really need to buy this thing in advance. The baby\’s sucking ability is beyond your imagination. I had a blood blister from being sucked out the next day. The pain was too much. It’s so uncomfortable that you can’t even wear clothes without a breast shield. Amount of gauze: 20 pieces. If you have a normal delivery, you need to apply magnesium sulfate solution to reduce swelling. It is necessary to prepare gauze in advance. Dosage of Kaiselu: One box is like this. Friends, you may not be constipated after giving birth, but you must not dare to exert force. Take Kaiselu to the hospital to be prepared. Dosage of iodophor: 4 bottles. It is recommended that everyone be diligent and disinfect the wound more one week after discharge. The swelling and inflammation will be cured quickly. Dosage of cushion after surgery: If you have a normal delivery, you will need this very much. It will allow you to sit and eat while maintaining the most basic decency. Finally, I want to relieve the stress of my friends who are pregnant. I was still half-dead after giving birth, but I insisted on taking good care of myself and my body actually recovered quite quickly. I also want to write about what you need to do if you want to have a baby to minimize the physical and psychological harm of having a baby. Are you interested? So that’s it for today! Bye-Bye! I wish everyone good health and peace.

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