A short story about the family traditions of eight Kangxi families. Good children are all managed.

A child is like a tree. If you manage it more and prune it more when you are young, it will prevent it from growing crookedly. If you neglect it or don\’t have the heart to prune it, your child will have big problems sooner or later. Good kids are in charge, but naughty kids are spoiled. Emperor Kangxi had outstanding political achievements and was also very successful in educating his children. The editor has selected eight of Kangxi’s family mottos and hopes that everyone can benefit from them. The lesson of admitting mistakes is: Can any mortal be without faults? But people have their faults, and most people don’t let themselves go too far. Not so with me. If someone accidentally forgets and mistakenly blames others in casual remarks, he will let himself go and say, \”It was my mistake.\” However, if he does this, people will be moved and feel uneasy. Most of those who can make their own mistakes are adults. Ten short stories about family traditions and family mottos, and translations of ten great wisdoms about life: Who can avoid making mistakes in life? But most people don\’t want to admit that they are wrong. That\’s not the case for me. I always admit my mistakes proactively. People can not escape from doing wrong. Adults make mistakes, and children are even more likely to make them. Children are very malleable. Educate them from an early age to develop the habit of admitting and correcting mistakes. In this way, children can continue to grow through mistakes. If you blindly criticize your children, it is easy for them to be afraid of making mistakes, afraid to take responsibility, and even less willing to face mistakes. If you want to manage your children well, you must not be too forceful. You must slowly guide your children to admit their mistakes and take responsibility. If you make a mistake, you should correct it, and you are a good boy. Learn to be self-disciplined: Eat moderately and live cautiously, which is actually a good cure for illness. Translation: Don’t be too greedy for food and drink, pay attention to your daily life, and don’t be too greedy for sleep. This is the secret to maintaining good health. Real education is not to make children obey instructions, but to let them learn to manage themselves. Learn to discipline yourself, don\’t eat too much, don\’t sleep in. We will eventually grow old, and we cannot follow them every day. Only by letting children learn to take care of themselves can they live a comfortable life in the future. The inner kindness teaches: When living in the world, all people should always seek joy. Where there is joy, there will be an auspicious scene. If you are happy, you will have good thoughts, and if you are angry, you will have evil thoughts. This is why the old saying goes: \”If you have a good thought in life, even if the good is not done, good luck will follow; if you have an evil thought in life, even though the evil is not done, the evil will already follow.\” Translation: Throughout life, the heart should be filled with joy and tranquility, and a person\’s A beautiful heart will naturally produce good thoughts, and an angry heart will naturally produce evil thoughts. Therefore, the ancients said that as soon as good thoughts come out, people will be blessed; as soon as evil thoughts come out, people will have bad luck. Children may not be successful, but they must be kind. Success is related to talent, ability, and opportunity. These cannot be forced, but kindness is something that children can stick to on their own. All the fields of blessing are never separated from the heart. Instead of praying to God and worshiping Buddha, it is better to stay kind. Kindness is a person\’s best talisman. Know how to revere the precepts: \”The Great Learning\” and \”The Doctrine of the Mean\” both take caution as the precept, which is the first important aspect of being holy. Later generations popularized it and said: \”Don\’t bully the darkroom.\” The so-called darkroom has two meanings: one is when one is living alone in private, and the other is where one\’s heart is hidden. If your husband lives alone in private, no one can see him; if his heart is hidden, no one can know him. But a gentleman says that at this time, he must be strict with his gaze, tremble with fear, work conscientiously, remain motionless and respectful, and believe without words. He is sincere and worthy of being a leaky house, and he is a gentleman! Translation: Confucian classics often mention that shendu is the first practice to become a saint.Nurturing, later generations interpreted it as not cheating in the dark room, paying attention to one\’s words, deeds and thoughts in places where others cannot see and in the secret places of the heart. There is a god three feet above your head. A person with awe will protect his inner principles. He will not trample on the dignity of others, and he will not indulge his own greed. If a child is unafraid from an early age and does not have any respect, he or she will cause trouble sooner or later. Maintain humility and say: I never dare to underestimate people and call them ignorant. Everyone has their own knowledge. I often talk to the ministers. If I know something or see something, I will report it to you. If what I say is reasonable, I will accept it. Translation: I never look down on people and call them ignorant. Everyone has their own opinions. I often tell ministers that as long as you know something, you might as well tell me. As long as it is reasonable, I will definitely commend it and adopt it. A serious illness in life only involves the word \”arrogance\”. If a person is too proud and cannot listen to anyone\’s opinions, he is not far from disaster. From an early age, teach your children to be humble towards others. Slowly overcome your inner pride, and when things happen, don\’t be complacent and don\’t be arrogant. Be humble and prudent, only in this way can your life grow smoothly. The lesson of inner calmness says: When ordinary people have nothing to do, they should always act as if something is happening and take precautions before it happens, and then nothing will happen naturally. If there is something going on, but if there is nothing going on, just to calm down the worries, the matter will naturally disappear. The ancients said: \”The heart desires small things but the courage desires big things.\” This should be the case when things happen. Translation: When nothing happens, stay vigilant and take precautions before they happen. When something happens, be calm, don\’t be overly nervous, and just handle everything as normal. Be bold and cautious, be cautious in your heart, but be bold and sharp in your behavior. This is the way to do things. Wang Yangming once said: If your mind is unmoved, everything will be calm. No matter what you do, you must restrain your inner panic and fluctuations. Control your emotions so that you don\’t get confused. Children should be guided to establish a good mentality from an early age. Only by being careful and cautious, and staying calm when things happen, can you slowly grow into a qualified adult. Cautious and meticulous training: When a mortal person comes up with something, no matter how big or small, he must review it again and again, so that there is nothing left to worry about. Translation: No matter what you do, you must be patient and meticulous in order to avoid disaster. Carelessness is a common problem among many children. Some things that are obviously very simple are messed up due to carelessness. Great things in the world must be done in detail. You must pay more attention to small details and develop the habit of concentration and inspection. Life is a long road, don’t lose important opportunities in life because of some details. Don\’t pay unnecessary prices for being careless. Children who act steadily are more popular, more trustworthy, and have an easier life path. Enduring hardship is a blessing. The saying goes: Everyone in the world likes to be at ease and hates to work. My heart is that people always work hard and know how to relax. If you are content with ease, not only will you not know how to relax, but you will not be able to bear the burden of work. Therefore, there is a saying in \”Yi\”: \”The movement of heaven is healthy, and a gentleman is constantly striving to improve himself.\” From this perspective, the sage sees labor as blessing and leisure as disaster. Translation: Human nature itself is fond of leisure and hates work, but in fact, only after work can a person truly experience comfort; if he is idle all day long and has nothing to do, then what he feels is not comfort, but boredom. Being idle all the time means that they will not be able to endure hardships and do anything big in the future. \”The Book of Changes\” says: \”The movement of the way of heaven never stops day and night, and begins again and again.To exist and develop, a gentleman should imitate the way of heaven and constantly strive for self-improvement. \”So, the saint regards hard work as a blessing and ease as a disaster. Nowadays, parents are accustomed to holding their children in the palm of their hands and giving them the best conditions. They don\’t let their children touch any work, and don\’t let their children eat any hardship. Always. Supporting and pampering can only raise prodigal children who are indolent and indolent. It is not a bad thing to let children suffer more when they are young. The best education is to let children experience the \”not easy\” of the adult world for themselves! Let children understand the difficulties and hardships , guide children to learn diligence and hard work. It can not only stimulate children\’s potential, but also temper their minds and make children truly adults. This is the most profound gift from parents to their children.

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