A state that allows children to receive the best nourishment and protection

I know a mother who is thin, has very white skin, is very beautiful, gentle, and always smiles. I often think that she has never been angry with anyone, or that she has no strength to be angry or manage it. own children. But experience also tells me that such a person will be very frightened when she is angry, or she will not be angry at all and will directly become sick, because she usually keeps it in her heart. Her child is a very energetic and challenging child, and has always been the one that the teacher in the class worries about the most. I didn\’t have the opportunity to see her manage her children in person. After all, although it was common, it was just a casual acquaintance. National Geographic Children\’s Encyclopedia, Reach Higher, the best children\’s English textbook, student book + exercise book + audio. Some people just stand there, and you feel that the world belongs to them; and some people feel that a breeze can blow them away. No – this has absolutely nothing to do with whether you are thin or tall. It can be said that more than one parent asks me about raising children every day. Some of the mothers said and did all the right things, but their children, no matter how big or small, just didn\’t listen to their mothers. The information I heard yesterday is as follows: a 13-year-old child who has not spoken to his mother for 4 months; a 2-year-old child who refuses to eat and even vomits it out when fed; a 5-year-old child I visited the house at night and refused to go home to sleep, and my mother couldn’t drag her away. There was also a 4-year-old child who would get up and turn off the light when he was pressed on the bed… I observed and analyzed carefully and found that the child refused to follow and was slightly older. Adults whose children refuse to cooperate are generally those who: 1. Have poor physical health and have difficulty coping with their daily life and work; 2. Have unstable emotions, and basically let the child’s behavior determine their own emotions. Main; 3. The relationship between husband and wife or with the elderly is tense, and mutual recognition is not high; 4. Easily fall into anxiety, and the slightest thing will cause trouble; 5. Good at talking, but not good at doing; 6. No boundaries, or the boundaries change from time to time; 7. I have learned a lot of concepts and often adjust and change them; 8. I like to talk about things, especially comparing and evaluating children;…The above is a summary of my many years of experience in working with children and parents. One day last summer, I once again realized deeply that when it comes to raising children, you need to raise them first. Therefore, at that time, I also designed a series of courses on \”Mother\’s Anxiety and Children\’s Security.\” A few days ago, when I was reading the following part of Li Xin\’s \”Lectures on Children\’s Health\”, I found that this article was surprisingly similar to the content of my series of courses, and the views were exactly the same. Therefore, I specifically put this part of the article on my platform and share it with my friends. What is education? I increasingly believe that education is the environment you build for your children, including you! Education has nothing to do with what toys or cars you buy for your children, what interest classes you enroll your children in, or what kind of school you choose. True education leaves no trace! It happens in the little things every day: when you’re cooking, when you’re buying groceries, when you’re cleaning, when you’re folding clothes, before you go to bed, when you’re chatting with your loved one, the thoughts in your head, your thinking. Model…EducationJust one tree shaking another tree, one cloud pushing another cloud, one soul influencing another soul! The following content is from \”Children\’s Health Notes\” by doctor Li Xin, which is worthy of careful reading and in-depth thinking: There are many categories of mental aspects, and the simplest ones can be divided into two types: stable and sensitive. For example, Lin Daiyu has high sensitivity and low stability. She can feel the pain of flowers, but because of her instability, she is overwhelmed by the pain. It is best to have high sensitivity and high stability. Even with low sensitivity and high stability, he can still become a useful talent. Stability comes first. Nowadays, literary and artistic youth and petty bourgeoisie are popular, but I find that there are many people with low stability in this group. It is more dangerous to have low stability and then high sensitivity. Anything can move you, and then the direction of your life will fluctuate at any time. There are many ways to increase sensitivity, such as studying Buddhism, Taoism, vegetarianism, and eating less will all work. How to increase stability? Strengthen physical training, such as long-distance running, push-ups, squats and other training that can strengthen muscles. You also need physical training, which is the easiest way to increase stability. Most of us Chinese people are very lacking in physical training. This requires all parents and teachers to work together to make children have a preference for regular exercise. Many of the depression patients I used to treat were of high sensitivity and low stability. Their energy was dissipated at any time. In the end, there was no energy inside the body and mind, just like the battery of a mobile phone was out of power, and then nothing could work. , I feel that life is meaningless. When our vitality or body energy is very low, you can only start the lowest version of the program and use the lower version of the program to communicate with the world, and everything will become not fun at all, and everything will seem to have lost its meaning. When our vitality is very strong, it is a relatively high-configuration computer. First, you can use the most advanced version of the system. Second, you still have enough space and memory to download new software. This is called \”don\’t lose at the starting line.\” When a child is in a high-level and high-energy state, he will not lose at the starting line, because he has always been exposed to good things in a relatively high-energy state, and his spirit will be very sensitive and relatively stable. When he faces the surroundings The ability to learn and understand all new things will be very in-depth, accurate, and balanced. A high-level, high-energy child with strong vitality must be well-rounded, relatively healthy, easily considerate of the people around him, relatively happy, and have relatively strong comprehensive abilities. Usually, there is a direct correlation between the strength of vitality and the strength of body. The saying \”well-developed limbs but simple mind\” has been overturned by scientists. They found in experiments that through body movement, nerve cells in the brain will re-grow. And every growth means acquiring a new learning model and forming a deeper thinking ability. There are many easy and safe ways to do physical exercise, such as squats, push-ups, jogging… If you can learn traditional martial arts, it will be very beneficial to the balance of physical and mental energy, especially for Lin Daiyu type, and there is always a need for mothers. Children who are huggable and need more attention must exercise. ILet’s summarize: when parents and children are together, parents are a WIFI and a transmission node. If parents are relatively stable, they will provide their children with a relatively stable and positive environment, which is a good protection and nourishment for their children. Children also use their parents as a reference. Therefore, as the people who spend the most time with their children, parents need more stability, more exercise, go to bed earlier, and reduce the use of energy-consuming devices such as computers, TVs, and mobile phones. thing. The energy of the child and the parents is a whole, like a U-shaped tube. If the mental and physical state of the father and mother are relatively low, the child will be brought down. Therefore, we should not think that adults are always taking care of children. Many times, adults unknowingly consume children\’s energy, especially those who often go home at 12 o\’clock late at night. If parents always do this, their children\’s physical and mental health will be affected. The situation is difficult to get better. Therefore, if you only see eczema or artificial urticaria without considering the underlying reasons, if the disease is cured, new problems will appear in the next stage. Problems with puberty, problems with boyfriends and girlfriends, there will always be problems. If we can gradually understand what our physical constitution and mental state are, and how they need to be adjusted, then we can rationally use all these good resources and methods from the East and the West to develop and enrich us from the beginning. Everything is just equipment for our journey in life. I have a set of equipment for mountain climbing and a set of equipment for playing tennis. I just use them when needed. We need to clearly understand what is needed at this stage, what does my child need, install it when needed, and then upgrade to a new version as needed, change to new equipment, and face new levels. The most important thing here is that if you keep staring at this disease, it will amplify and solidify. After that, your life will always revolve around issues related to \”curing this disease\”, and many things that allow us to return to normal life will be blocked and will not be done. Then, in your mind, the world blueprint for your child is just a gray and black picture, which will prevent your child from returning to a normal life and recovering to health. These pictures should be deleted from your mind. They are harmful virus pages and are not conducive to the growth of children. If these are done, the child will definitely be fine. It\’s not that you cure it, but that the child\’s vitality is restored in a natural, healthy, and balanced environment, and vitality can heal everything. Waldorf\’s education method can also help children restore their vitality. With such an environment, each other can communicate normally. If we ourselves are in the right environment, with the right people, and do the right things, we will have good changes every year, our health will slowly get better, our wisdom will slowly grow, and our courage will grow stronger. The child also grows step by step in this way, and eventually his life will naturally resolve all obstacles along the way. The role of finding the right doctor is just to use the person\’s original vitality to overcome obstacles a little faster. But some diseases don’t have the conditions to overcome them quickly. You can use something to forcefully overcome them., one is that the disease may not be cured, and the other is that although the disease is cured on the surface, other more important parts may be destroyed. There is an absolute relationship between parents\’ high-energy state and sleep. A person with poor sleep has nothing to do with high-energy state, happy life, and physical and mental pleasure. Therefore, whether it is for adults or children, solving any difficulty can start with solving sleep problems.

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