A story about a mother who stays with her reading: Master these tips to make reading with you less stressful

Accompanying children in reading is a big headache for countless parents. There have been many jokes about accompanying students on the Internet, which are ridiculous. At around 10 o\’clock in the evening, a woman was roaring: \”What\’s the relationship! Huh?! What\’s the relationship?! – Tell me! What\’s the relationship?\” The neighbors listened carefully and calmly, their hearts pounding with gossip. Beating. The woman finally shouted angrily: \”They are opposite numbers!\” I thought to myself: Isn\’t this the same as me? I remember back then, I roared like this every day. My son is usually very pleasant to me, but once I start doing homework with him, I really want to squeeze him to death every minute. Last year, there was news that my mother who was accompanying me at school had a heart attack and needed two stents, which made everyone laugh. If you think about it carefully, these are the endless sorrowful tears of your parents who accompany you to study! Fortunately, I came out of that fog later on. After learning from the pain and pondering over and over again, I finally realized some effective methods of raising children in the details of life. From then on, I started the worry-free companion reading mode. My son no longer procrastinates when doing his homework and begins to enjoy the fun of learning. Below, I will provide you with a few small details of life. These are either profound knowledge about the psychology of parenting, or the personal experience of raising a child as an ordinary mother accompanying you to school. I hope it will be helpful to parents who are raising their children to study. After the article was written, I proudly showed it to my son who was doing his homework. \”Mom Yiyi, you made a typo!\” The son shouted at the top of his drake\’s throat. \”Where is it?!\” I didn\’t believe it, so I took the phone and looked at it. Sure enough, the \”basket\” of basketball was written as the \”blue\” of the blue sky. I was ashamed and immediately changed my mind. Then, in order to save face, I said something back: \”Huh! I am not influenced by you.\” My son stared at me strangely: \”Why did you write the wrong word, was it influenced by me?\” I said seriously and plausibly: \”You the day before yesterday There were so many wrong words in the English composition you wrote, and the teacher corrected them for you, but you didn\’t care and made it again the next day. You think – am I influenced by you?!\” The son was speechless. The next day I read his English version again, and there were no typos in the composition. Hahaha, I can teach you. When parents make mistakes themselves, they should have the courage to admit their mistakes and correct them in front of their children, and set a good example for their children; when their children make mistakes, parents should not just lecture them, but let them realize it through examples, which is often very effective. While eating, I asked my son: \”Did you learn a new lesson today?\” \”Yes, pressure in physics.\” My son excitedly asked me: \”Mom, do you know what pressure is?\” \”Of course I do! \”I answered confidently: \”Isn\’t it that Pa-Pa-Passat? I learned it in middle school.\” \”Hey, be good–! Even the Passat came out!\” The son grinned, shook his head, and dragged his voice. In disbelief. Anyway, I couldn\’t remember what stress meant, so I simply said, \”What, maybe my physics teacher didn\’t teach me.\” My son looked at me with contempt: \”If you don\’t know, you don\’t know, and the teacher didn\’t teach me!\” Rolling his eyes: \”At least he didn\’t teach me! Then you can, tell me what pressure is. It would be great if you could teach me!\” So, his son recited the definition and formula of pressure while eating. He also gave examples and explained them to me in detail.. I suddenly realized: \”Oh, I see, pressure is almost the same as pressure.\” \”What\’s the same? It\’s so different!\” My son was extremely dissatisfied: \”Pressure is the pressure acting on a unit area. There is a unit area, don\’t forget. For example: use the same force with both hands to press two things, a toothpick with your left hand and a chopstick with your right hand.\” The son said while using ready-made objects on the table as teaching aids: \”Look, I use the same force with both hands. , The toothpick can prick my hand, but the chopsticks can\’t, right?\” I nodded quickly and took my son\’s hand away from the toothpick to see if it was pricked. Fortunately, my son didn’t use any force and just made gestures for me to see. The son continued to teach: \”This is because if the toothpick is small, that is, the force-bearing area is small, the pressure will be greater, and the hand will be pierced; the chopsticks are thicker, the force-bearing area is larger, the pressure will be smaller, and the hand will be fine. . Understand? In addition, you can also distinguish the difference between the two units from the units of pressure and pressure. The unit of pressure is Newton, and the unit of pressure is Pascal, not Passat.\” \”What is the difference between these two units? Aren\’t they both? What\’s a person\’s name?\” I have always felt that using people\’s names as physical units is the most unscientific thing. The definition is quite clear, but it becomes confusing when people\’s names are mixed up. The son is persuasive and tireless in teaching: \”That\’s because you don\’t understand what they mean. The unit of pressure is Newton, 1 Newton is approximately equal to 9.8 kilograms, and the unit of pressure, Pascal, refers to Newtons per square meter. From here you can see the difference between them. Are they different and related? But pressure is also divided into solid pressure, gas pressure and liquid pressure. They have different expressions and are quite complicated, so I won’t explain them to you today.\” My son is like a little teacher. \”Oh–that\’s it!\” Now I really felt enlightened. \”If my teacher had such detailed explanations like yours, I would definitely have learned physics well.\” I lost no time in boasting, and then struck while the iron was hot: \”Tell me about gas pressure and liquid pressure next time!\” My son was delighted. accepted. In this way, during the pleasant chat, my son unknowingly reviewed the new lesson he had learned. Over time, my son\’s interest in learning has improved, and his self-confidence and language expression skills have also improved. Chatting with your children on an equal footing is the simplest and most effective way of communication between parents and children. Skilled chatting not only improves the parent-child relationship, but also allows children to learn happily invisibly. For a period of time, my son was very rebellious and would do whatever he said. After school that day, he came back glumly. After asking, I found out that I didn\’t do well in math. He looked at me anxiously, with a look of worry and annoyance on his face. In the past, I would have complained without thinking: Look, look, I asked you to review well before the exam, review well, but you just didn\’t listen, now you are satisfied… Okay, okay, keep talking to yourself Not to mention the anger, the child also turned from uneasiness to disgust, became more rebellious, unlearned, and even broke the jar. Fortunately, I will no longer be that kind of brainless mother. I first suppressed the disappointment I felt after hearing the scores, and said to my son with a calm face: It\’s okay, one score means nothing. Wash your hands first before eating and everything elseBigger than eating. After dinner, you can take out the test paper, find out which questions are wrong, and analyze the reasons for the mistakes. This can be a good time to check and fill in the gaps. The son\’s panic calmed down and he nodded in agreement. After the meal, without my reminding, my son immediately went to check and fill in the gaps. He found all the wrong questions and redo them. Then, I asked him to summarize the reasons for the errors topic by topic and prescribe the right medicine. If you made a mistake due to carelessness, correct your attitude and be serious in the future; if the knowledge point is vague, learn the knowledge point again; if the question type is unfamiliar, increase the number of questions and do more questions, practice makes perfect, etc. Watching my son carry out the instructions carefully one by one, I sat quietly and felt very confident. Because I know that my son’s grades will definitely improve in the future. The kind of parents who are full of anger and smile when their children do well in the exam, and complain and complain when they fail in the exam. Their love for their children is mixed with too much utilitarianism. If you love your child, you must accept him unconditionally. Accept his strengths and weaknesses. If you study well, you will love him; if you study poorly, you will still love him. If he becomes successful in the future, he will love him; if he becomes an ordinary person in the future, he will still love him. This is true selfless parental love. Sensitive children can feel the difference, even if they are too young to express it, but it can be seen in their immediate responses. This kind of unconditional and tolerant love from the original family gives children a strong psychological support. Just like a well-maintained engine, it can provide children with inexhaustible raw power, so that they will not be afraid of wind and rain, fearless hardships, and always be full of self-confidence and self-improvement in their future life. In fact, accompanying him in reading is not just for a while when he is doing homework. Education should be present in every moment of life, down to every sentence of conversation and every look in his eyes. Through patient words and deeds, parents can lead their children to the right path without leaving any trace. To be honest, to be a mother, to be a good mother, to be an effective mother who accompanies you to study, you need to use your brain, learn some skills, and gain some wisdom. A wise mother will definitely produce excellent children. As education expert Karl said: The essence of education is that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul awakens another soul. Therefore, be gentle and patient with your children at all times, do not nag casually, do not compare scores, discuss matters as they are, control your emotions, keep your mouth shut even if you want to yell and scold, and don\’t create family noise yourself. In this way, no matter how ordinary a mother is, she can guide her children well, keep the family away from the state of chaos, and enjoy the tranquility and wonderful parent-child time during the long days of accompanying children.

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