Advantages and Disadvantages of Grandparents Taking Care of Children

With the booming economy, people are under increasing pressure, so many people have difficulties between \”family\” and \”career\”, especially for new parents, most of whom are Between the ages of 26 and 30, this stage is also the stage of career advancement, which requires a lot of time and energy. As a result, more and more people leave their children to their grandparents. However, as time goes by, various problems are exposed… So today, Yaya’s mother would like to ask you what you think: leaving your baby to your grandparents , do you agree with this method? Without further ado, let’s start by introducing some ideas and provide some friends’ opinions for your reference! @小叶mother: Absolutely not, leave the child to the grandparents. Do you know what you will gain? A baby who is proficient in all kinds of square dance rhythms, a baby who is very likely to be very sloppy, and a baby who is very difficult to get close to his parents…@小生活: I am a stay-at-home mother, and to be honest, I have been thinking about this issue before, In the end, I still feel that the child should be taken care of by myself. First, even the elderly have their own lives, and their care for the elderly should not be disrupted by their children. Second, the elderly have no obligation to help you, but it is difficult for them to refuse if you ask them. And I think you should not do things that embarrass others. Third, those who are capable must be responsible for raising children. This is a responsibility and what parents should do. @childxin: If you can take care of it yourself, then don’t let your grandparents interfere! After all, the parenting concepts of the two generations have changed too much. Sometimes there is really no need to try to teach the elderly anything. After all, they are already so old. There is no need to argue over certain things or make trouble. unhappy. So avoid it if you can. There are so many minefields in parenting that you must escape from. @小强: It is undeniable that intergenerational education has many disadvantages. Over time, you will find another version of yourself, and many of your shortcomings will be exposed. Of course, if you think you are good, then it doesn\’t matter…it\’s just that people are making progress, and if the offspring are exactly like you, then there is really no need to have children. A must-have summer schedule for primary and secondary school students: 194 interesting science experiments with children PDF ultra-clear 100M @雪花: I think the elderly can help, but there is no need to take full care of them. What I remember deeply is that my grandfather doted on me when I was a child, and I also had many little secrets with him. For example, he would tell me some stories about his youth, which others did not want to hear, and he did not want to tell them to others. Everything tells me that I cherish that time very much. @见字如面: In fact, children are works, but whether this work is exquisite or defective depends entirely on how parents cultivate it. Ahem, the point is that I don’t dare to entrust such an important matter to others, so it’s safer to do it myself, isn’t it? ! @多多mother: Hey, it’s all helpless to say too much. If I have the financial conditions, I would also like to take care of the children at home, but the conditions do not allow it. I can only be forced to ask my grandparents to help take care of the children. This is a flaw and there is no choice! Finally, do the sisters agree that \”grandparents take care of the children?\”\”What about this matter? In your home, how do you balance the relationship between \”family\” and \”career\”?

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