After a few months, the baby can be held upright

At how many months can a baby be held upright? The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Association for Neonatal Nursing emphasize that babies of any age can be held upright, but their heads, cervical vertebrae, and spine must be on the same vertical level. When the baby is lying flat, the head should be supported firmly; when in an upright position, the head and neck should be supported stably. Whether held horizontally or vertically, as long as the baby\’s head and chest have sufficient support, the posture is correct, and holding the baby vertically will not damage the spine. The bearing capacity of the baby\’s spine is indeed very weak under 6 months. We need to support the baby\’s upper body weight, especially the weight of the head, with our hands or an adult\’s body. Scientific parenting knowledge: The complete video collection of Infant and Child Home Care Encyclopedia. The correct posture is to hold the baby\’s hips with one hand and drag the head with one hand when holding the baby vertically. The weight of the baby\’s chest and head will fall on the adults\’ shoulders and arms. Go up, pay attention to support the neck and buttocks and hold it vertically, and there will be no problem! This kind of vertical holding has no impact on the baby\’s spine, and short-term vertical holding is also harmless.

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