alert! Stop feeding your children rice with soup.

Doudehui recently discovered that many mothers talk about giving their children soup rice. Especially many elderly people will feed their children in this way. Because they believe that rice soaked in soup will become softer, which is easier for children to swallow and digest. But in fact, eating soup rice often is not good for the stomach. Because rice soaked in soup contains a lot of water, too much water entering the intestines and stomach will dilute the gastric acid and easily affect digestion and absorption. Therefore, even if the child eats more, he or she cannot absorb enough of the impact. For children, lack of nutrition is extremely detrimental to healthy growth. Eating should be chewed slowly, but rice with soup will make children chew less and make them swallow dates wholeheartedly, which is extremely unfavorable for children to develop good eating habits. Because children are young, their own swallowing ability is not good enough at night. Because soup rice contains a lot of soup, children are prone to swallowing without chewing. It is easy for children to have difficulty swallowing, causing the soup rice to choke into the trachea, causing adverse consequences. The potential harm of soup rice is hurting the gastrointestinal tract. Because eating soup and rice more often, swallowing it whole can cause indigestion, which can easily damage gastrointestinal function over and over again, forming a vicious cycle. And we say that the spleen and stomach are acquired. Without good digestive function, it is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients and healthy growth of children.

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