alert! The dangers of baby transitioning from babbling to a toddler!

Problem 1: The baby is one year and one month old and cannot walk or stand well yet. When walking in a walker, his right foot always swings outward obviously, but his left foot is normal. His grandma just said that when she was holding the baby to walk, she also found that her right foot was turned outward. She was a little worried. Do we need to take him to the hospital to see? He can stand holding things, but he did not hold things while walking. I want to know. Will there be any problem with the baby\’s right foot? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Normally, babies slowly start to learn to stand after ten months. If a child of your age can stand and walk while holding on to something, there won\’t be much of a problem. However, there is one thing to note: the use of walkers is not recommended! Because when it comes to learning to walk, it’s better to let nature take its course. Early and long-term use of walkers may cause lower limb deformities, prone to foot inversion and foot valgus habits, and the inability to accept balance training well. In particular, the baby\’s ability to control the walker is limited, and there may be safety hazards such as sprained feet, falls, collisions, and overturns. Some auxiliary tools are not necessary for the baby\’s growth. It is best for parents to weigh the pros and cons before using them. Question 2: Doctor, the baby is just one year old when he is learning to speak. Recently, he always likes to roll his tongue up and press it against the roof of his mouth. The sound he makes will sound like a big tongue. If you tell him not to curl up his tongue, he will keep it flat, and he will no longer be able to speak like he did before. In the past week or so, when I call daddy occasionally, my tongue doesn\’t stick out. Instead, I often stick my tongue against the roof of my mouth. Doctor, what\’s going on? Dr. Li Tinghui answered: When babies learn to speak, they need to be taught by their parents step by step. If they cannot pronounce simple names clearly, they need to be checked to rule out unclear pronunciation caused by a short tongue tie. In addition, check whether there are ulcers or other problems in the mouth. If there are no ulcers or other problems, it may be because the baby finds it fun. In situations like this, with correct guidance, parents will correct themselves over time, so parents don\’t have to worry too much. Question: My three-month-old baby was infected with a cold by my sister. Now he is sneezing, runny nose, and coughing… Because the baby is too young, I don’t want to give him medicine. Is there any other way to treat it? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: You can boil some onion and ginger water to smoke your nose, and spray physiological seawater nasal spray. Because there are many germs in the nasal mucus, parents need to clean up the baby’s nasal mucus in time.

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