An 11-year-old boy lay in the middle of the road in tears in the middle of the night: How many children risk their lives just to tell their parents…

Many children and even adults, who have been wronged at home or are under too much pressure, simply choose to escape out of anger and run away from home. However, everyone knows that this behavior is full of dangers. Today, let’s talk about running away from home. The boy cried and lay in the middle of the road in the middle of the night. At 22:00 on the evening of May 6, police officers from the police station who were patrolling in Guangming District, Shenzhen discovered a pile of \”blue\” objects lying in the middle of the road. The boy lay sprawled on the wet road, with tears in his eyes, completely ignoring the passing traffic. Although it was already late at night, there were still vehicles on the road from time to time, which was very dangerous. The police learned during the chat that Xiao Li was 11 years old this year. He was criticized by his parents for being playful, so he ran out angrily and lay down in the middle of the road to \”let out his anger.\” For Xiao Li\’s willful and dangerous behavior, the police severely criticized him on the spot. In fact, it is not uncommon for children to run away from home because of anger. At 7 pm on May 5, a little boy waved to a car at the driveway. The driver persuaded the child into the car and handed the child over to the police. Both of these children had quarreled with their parents, and then ran away from home and vented their anger on the street. Although the parents did not do well in communication, the children\’s behavior was even more frightening. Life is only once and it is very precious. Never take your own life for granted at any time. Running away from home is sometimes a form of escape. When children run away from home, nine times out of ten, it is because the parents are too strict? On December 29, 2018, Xiao Tong, a 14-year-old girl who was in the third grade of junior high school in Baoding, went to play with her classmates on New Year\’s Day. So she called the police for help. On the morning of the 3rd, Hebei police found Xiao Tong in Shijiazhuang. The child was in good health. Ms. Xu speculated that her daughter\’s departure from home may be related to excessive study pressure. \”My daughter, who is in the third grade of junior high school, is very strong. After a period of time, her grades reached more than a dozen places. She also said that she was under a lot of pressure to study, but we didn\’t take it too seriously. Now that I think about it, she is indeed too tired.\” However, The reason why this father ran away from home makes people laugh or cry. Running away from home sometimes represents a kind of protest. It is also running away from home. At 19:00 on May 1st, on the Zigong Expressway in Sichuan, an 11-year-old boy had a conflict with his grandfather over trivial matters. He was going to go to his mother in another place on foot alone. He didn’t bring any money. After having lunch and dinner and walking on the highway emergency lane for more than 7 hours, the police gave him guidance and sent him home. Last year, a girl in the second grade of junior high school ran away from home. The parents panicked and quickly mobilized relatives and friends to help search for him, and called the police for help. After a night of tossing, the girl was finally found, but her parents still stubbornly refused to speak. They cried and promised that they would never scold her in the future. It turns out that girls are not in love with boys, they are just under a lot of study pressure and they often enlighten each other. The screenshot is from the movie \”Xiao Ming and His Friends\”. This child is protesting that he is ignored and not taken seriously by his parents. How to prevent children from running away from home. After reading the above cases, we can see that running away from home is accompanied by many unsafe factors. The first is safety issues. In addition to traffic safety, they also face being abducted and trafficked, which endangers personal safety. also,Because there is no financial source, food and housing are a problem, and children are easily affected by some extreme cognitions, which can seriously affect the child\’s personality. Listen from the child\’s perspective before talking, and be able to patiently listen to the children\’s problems, even if it is trivial matters. We were once children, and we once encountered the same problems as our children. So after we become parents, we should be able to Understand the child\’s mood. Equality ≠ doting, unprincipled The mentality of equality is not the same as doting and indulgence. For principled issues such as safety issues, rules can be formulated to let children know where the bottom line is. Talk to your children about solutions When your children come back from running away from home, parents must talk to them about what they will do if the same problem occurs again in the future. Let your children understand that \”solving\” problems by running away from home will only cause more trouble.

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