Are children suffering from bad breath, constipation and eye irritation? Scientific \”reduce fire\” is the best way

We often encounter this situation: a child has a sore throat, and some people say it is because of internal heat, so he should go to the hospital to get rid of the internal heat. When a child has a toothache, some people say that he is suffering from internal heat and needs to be treated to get rid of the internal heat. If you have a headache, you will feel angry; if your eyes hurt, you will feel angry. All in all, all discomforts are caused by internal heat and must be eliminated, but is this really the case? In fact, the cause of all these \”heat\” symptoms can be found. Mothers should \”prescribe the right medicine\” instead of blindly \”removing the heat\”. Some children have a lot of eye mucus, which can sometimes make them unable to open their eyes. There are several reasons for this situation: ※Conjunctivitis and dacryocystitis Conjunctivitis is mainly transmitted to the child when the child comes into contact with a person with conjunctivitis and the hygiene is not in place. Symptoms: Red eyes, sensitive to light, and painful. Dacryocystitis is caused by the incomplete degeneration of the eye membrane that some babies are born with, and tears accumulate and block the nasolacrimal duct, causing dacryocystitis. Symptoms: Watery eyes, but not red. ※If it is serious, you should see a doctor. Generally, excessive eye mucus in children is closely related to inflammation and eye development. If parents find that their children have such a situation, it is best to see a doctor to avoid delaying treatment. If your eyes are inflamed, you must pay attention to hygiene, thoroughly disinfect your children\’s supplies, and wash your hands frequently. If the nasolacrimal duct is blocked, massage therapy can be used: use your thumb and index finger between the inner corners of the child\’s eyes and the bridge of the nose, gently massage toward the eyes to wipe away the pus flowing out of the eyes; repeat 2 or 3 times, massage every day 3 or 4 times; if it doesn’t get better after massage, I need to go to the hospital for surgery. Bad breath Bad breath is really not a cause of anger. The cause of bad breath is not paying attention to children\’s oral care. If children do not brush their teeth or clean their mouth after eating, the food residue in the mouth will ferment and form dental plaque, which will naturally cause bad breath. Frequent feeding of cold and fatty foods to children can easily cause indigestion, which can also cause bad breath. My family members have poor hygiene habits. Children do not have their own cutlery, and the family mixes the cutlery, or even gives the children food that adults have chewed, which can transmit bacteria from the adults\’ mouths to the children, causing bad breath. I prefer food with strong taste, so I often feed my children leeks, durian and other foods, and naturally my children will also have a taste for their words. ※Two countermeasures: If you want your child to avoid bad breath, you can drink more water, but you don’t need to drink hot tea. The first point should be to maintain oral hygiene. Maintain oral hygiene? Click to view → How to make your baby fall in love with brushing teeth? Even if the child no longer likes brushing his teeth, he should be urged to rinse his mouth with boiled water after meals and before going to bed. Secondly, don’t mix tableware, and don’t share one meal with your child. Nosebleeds: Many children get nosebleeds when the weather is dry. Some friends think it is too dry and the child gets angry and causes nosebleeds. In fact, there are many reasons for nosebleeds. ※ When the weather is dry, the mucous membrane inside the nose is prone to congestion and rupture ※ There are foreign objects in the nose ※ Children like to pick their noses, or family members like to pick their children\’s nostrils, which ruptures the nasal mucosa ※ Children have rhinitis and sinusitis ※ Corresponding countermeasures If the weather is dry, humidification can be used Use a device to maintain the humidity in your home, or put a wet towel by the bedside when sleeping so that it won\’t dry out. If you see your child picking their nose, remember to guide them immediatelyDon\’t let them develop the bad habit of picking their noses when bored. If your nose really feels itchy or you need to clean the nostrils, you can use a children\’s cotton swab dipped in water to moisten the child\’s nostrils, and then blow out the dirt in the nose. Constipated children who cannot poop or have painful poop are mostly caused by an unbalanced diet and failure to develop good defecation habits. It has nothing to do with excessive heat. ※Two strategies must be to eat vegetables! Some children don\’t like to eat vegetables, so parents will use fruits instead. ←Note, this is wrong! The role of fruits ≠ vegetables. The dietary fiber contained in vegetables is unmatched by fruits. Remember that children must eat vegetables every day. Help your children develop the habit of pooping regularly. You can let your child sit on the potty for 15 minutes after breakfast every day, and read some picture books about pooping with your child on the potty to help your child develop good habits. \”Getting angry\” is actually quite aggrieved. All diseases and illnesses are related to it, but in fact it has nothing to do with \”getting angry\”. When you encounter \”heat\”, you should carefully find out the real cause, and don\’t just \”remove the heat\” and delay treatment.

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