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Are you blushing about the parenting rules hidden in the 2016 college entrance examination essay questions?

For students taking the college entrance examination, June will definitely be a dark month. It was really dark, and I was busy reviewing all day long, in order to welcome the college entrance examination day, in order to live a more peaceful life in the future, in order to give a satisfactory explanation to my parents, in order to be able to To have face in front of classmates, in order to become a pillar of the motherland… Every year, the college entrance examination essay will become a hot topic, so-and-so\’s perfect score essay, so-and-so\’s zero-point essay, so-and-so\’s most touching essay … After a while, it was circulated again in the circle of friends and on the Internet. Every time I see this kind of trend, a large number of capable people will come out and talk about it, and it’s great to make a mess! But who can understand the helplessness and loneliness they feel when they rack their brains to write in the examination room? You cannot understand it, including their own parents. These can only be undertaken by themselves. How much pressure can they bear to complete a test paper? Take this year’s essay question from Guangdong Province, for example. How many parents find the parenting rules hidden in the picture painful? When children hold a test paper with a score of 100, they can get a kiss from their parents, but when a child accidentally scores a score of 98, they get a slap in the face. The children on the other side were in sharp contrast. The children who originally scored only 55 points were also slapped by their parents. When the children came home with a 61-point test paper next time, because they were better than the previous I made slight progress this time, so I received a deep kiss from my parents… It is not difficult to see that in an educational background like China, scores and diplomas have become important indicators for evaluating children, just like knowledge in school. If you can master it well and successfully get a diploma when you graduate, you will be successful in society. But the reality is that things often backfire. On the contrary, children with poor academic performance in school can better adapt to a diversified society when they go out into society, and can even integrate and become more competent at work more quickly. Why is this? In fact, what they learn in school is only paper knowledge. How many children can apply paper knowledge to actual life and work? Therefore, there are often scholars with very high diplomas who are always unable to settle down after entering the society, and they are always unable to adapt to a series of problems such as the environment in life and the working atmosphere. Some even have high ambitions and low abilities, always thinking that since they have good academic performance in school and have a high diploma, they should get a high salary and do the most comfortable job without being commanded by you, not criticized by others, and not looked at by others… But the reality is not the same. As you might think, the boss pursues profits and results. The boss of the process doesn\’t even notice it, that\’s your employees\’ business. Therefore, how to integrate children into society, apply the knowledge they have learned to practical life, and expose them to the cruelty of society as early as possible can truly pave the way for children\’s future! The blind pursuit of scores and diplomas is destined to gradually become obsolete. What society needs is people with practical abilities, not those who only think in their heads but cannot act. Going back to the composition picture above, what are the parenting rules hidden in it? It reflects China\’s modernA common phenomenon among families educating girls is that they focus too much on the numerical values ​​of scores and ignore what the children truly desire. I always give my children a lot of dreams and a lot of future, but rarely open up the children\’s hearts. I always want my children to fulfill their unfulfilled wishes, or even the last wishes left by their previous lives. It\’s really sad, isn\’t it? Although the child was born and raised by you, does the child have to live for you? It\’s so unfair. Children are also independent people. They have their own thoughts, hobbies, dislikes, and choices… But as a parent, have you given these to your children? Are you giving them what their hearts truly desire? How are your children raised? Have you become someone else\’s child or have you become the image in your own mind? Let scores and diplomas become passers-by! They cannot make a person successful, nor can they guarantee the future of your child. They only represent your child’s past, and they really cannot represent the present in life! And we always live in the present, don’t we? Let your children live out their lives, dear parents!

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