At what age can a baby watch TV, a mobile phone or an iPad?

At what age can a baby watch TV, mobile phone or iPad? Infants and young children under 1 and a half years old are not encouraged to use electronic products. Children aged 2 to 5 years old should not spend more than 1 hour in front of the screen every day, and should watch high-quality programs (parents can discuss with their children before watching the program). For children over 5 years old, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents let children control their own time, but make sure they have adequate time for sleep and outdoor exercise. Parents should set up \”electronic-free times\” (such as dinner) and \”electronic-free areas\” (such as bedrooms). For teenagers, parents should communicate more with their children, educate them on online safety, and remind their children to pay attention to offline interpersonal relationships. The longer parents spend communicating with their children, the less time they spend on the computer.

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