At what age can children drink yogurt? Can lactose intolerant drink yogurt?

Question 1: The baby is now 18 months old. He eats complementary food during the day but does not drink milk. He drinks milk powder 2-3 times at night. He started to have diarrhea after weaning off breast milk and adding milk powder at 9 months. Probiotics and lactase have no effect. Now he is buying Wyeth-free. Lactose milk powder and ordinary Aptamil milk powder are mixed together to prevent diarrhea. As soon as the lactose-free milk powder is stopped, diarrhea will occur, which seriously affects the child\’s weight. Now I want to ask the following questions: ❶Will lactose intolerance heal on its own? ❷Can I take lactulose oral liquid? ❸Is it bad if you mix two brands of milk powder for a long time? ❹Can a 2-year-old child be weaned from milk powder and drink yogurt? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: It is recommended to stop night feeding when the child is six months old. Otherwise, it will affect the child’s development and dental health. The milk needs to be transferred to the daytime or before going to bed. ❶Lactose intolerance caused by congenital lactase deficiency can be lifelong. Secondary lactose intolerance will be cured after treatment. ❷Lactulose is used to treat constipation and is not suitable for children with diarrhea. ❸ Mixing the two milk powders Drinking it will not affect the child\’s development. ❹ Babies with lactose intolerance can drink yogurt, but yogurt cannot replace milk powder or pure milk. Supplement: The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that after 6 months, parents can use yogurt as complementary food for their babies occasionally and in small amounts. However, it is best to try a small amount after 1 year old. Within 1 year old, breast milk or milk powder is the main food. How to choose real yogurt after 1 year old? Those who are interested can click on the article below to learn more. Question 2: My baby girl is 5 months and a few days old. She is underweight and tall. She doesn’t have enough breast milk and doesn’t take milk powder. Can I give her rice noodles and egg yolks? Dr. Zhang Yanmei’s answer: If you don’t have enough breast milk, you have to eat milk powder. Add more milk powder to the rice noodles. Short stature means less protein intake. If you eat breast milk, the mother should eat more lean meat, eggs, milk, tofu, tofu skin and other high-quality proteins. Drink soup, soup, water. You can eat a little egg yolk, but now it is recommended to feed egg yolk after 6 months. Question 3: What is the reason for the 20-day-old baby’s stomach always growling and vomiting milk? How to treat it? Dr. Yang Lei’s answer: Belly gurgling is the sound of a child’s intestinal peristalsis. To vomit milk, you need to change your feeding habits, avoid eating too fast, avoid drinking too much air, and burp after eating.

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