Autumn leaves – toys sent by nature, don’t waste them

As the saying goes, \”Autumn is known when leaves fall.\” Watch the leaves falling from the trees and tell your baby: Autumn is here, and nature has brought good toys to your baby! Various leaves can play various games – it is said that \”there are no two identical leaves in the world\”, is this really true? Let\’s study it with your baby – 1. The leaves falling from different types of trees have different shapes. Find with your baby the leaves of willow trees, poplar trees, locust trees, maple trees… various shapes of leaves – some are triangular, Round, palm-shaped… (By the way, teach your baby the names of several trees and the names of their shapes. You don’t need to ask your baby to remember them. You can just talk to him. If you don’t know the names of those trees, you can do it before. There is an article you can refer to – Regarding street trees, have you been asked by your children again?) 2. The leaves of the same tree have the same shape, but not exactly the same size and color. Pick up a few leaves of the same tree to guide your baby Observe its size, color, leaf veins… You can play a little game of spotting the differences: Each person finds two leaves that they think are the most similar, and let the other person find the differences. (It cultivates observation skills very much) The leaves collected can be used to make many toys – 1. Airplane as shown in the picture, cut the leaves to a certain extent and it will become an airplane. 2. Mask: Choose a large leaf, cut holes for the eyes and mouth, and put an elastic band over your head. If the petiole is perpendicular to the leaf, you can also place the petiole at the nose to act as a long nose. Let your children use their imagination to make various masks using the shapes of the leaves themselves. Haha, you can take it out to scare people on Halloween. 3. Tableware: Place bamboo leaves or other longer leaves into a circle, fix it with toothpicks, place a round leaf underneath, and the bowl is ready. If the leaves used do not have flat edges like bamboo leaves, you can fold one side up and then roll it into a round shape. The elongated leaves can also be braided and interlaced to make a plate. Of course, the big leaves can be used as plates. Flower petals, grass seeds, torn leaves, etc. can be used as meals. Let’s start playing house. Using various leaves as materials, you can create many artistic creations. 1. Leaf collage uses leaves of different sizes, colors, and shapes to collage a variety of interesting pictures. 2. The leaf painting is mainly about leaves, and let the children supplement it with paint brushes. The leaves can be decorated, or various characters, animals, scenery, etc. can be formed based on the leaves. 3. For leaf printing and dyeing, collect various leaves, flatten them on the page, and mix the pigment with an appropriate amount of water. Select the leaves, dip a sponge into the paint, and apply it evenly on the side with clear veins. Place the leaf with the colored side down, gently place it on the drawing paper, cover it with newspaper, and press it evenly with your hands. Remove the leaves and newspaper, and the outline and veins of the leaves will be clearly printed on the drawing paper. The printed pictures can be made into bookmarks, greeting cards, etc. Different colors can be painted on different parts of a leaf. You can also overlap the patterns of different leaves to form new patterns. 4. Leaf modeling Fold, curl, and intersperse the leaves (use clear tape and toothpicks if necessary) to form various shapes. encourage childrenZi boldly imagines and lets go to create. Ancient people did not have cloth, so it is said that they used leaves and animal skins to make clothes. We might as well give it a try. Ignoring the animal skins for now, you can use the leaves all over the ground as you like – leaf hats, leaf skirts, leaf scarves… connect the leaves with threads, and do whatever you want! There are many games you can play with leaves, I\’m just giving you a hint here. Thanks to nature for giving us such fun toys, let’s use our brains with our babies to come up with more tricks! There are so many games you can play with leaves, so hurry up and start playing with your baby!

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