Babies like pinched leg syndrome, now it’s your turn to be embarrassed…

Question 1: The child has a bad habit. She will secretly pinch her legs when her family members are not paying attention. It just happens in a moment. Her face will turn red and she will break out in a sweat. When she pinches her legs, her eyes will go straight. I asked her why she had to cross her legs. She said it felt wonderful and comfortable. What was going on? Dr. Xu Lijuan’s answer: The child has a typical leg-clamping syndrome. After discovering that the child has a leg-clamping habit, parents do not need to be overly nervous, and there is no need to scold or forcibly stop the child’s behavior. This does not mean that the child is mentally or mentally unhealthy. The appropriate way to deal with it is to \”turn a blind eye\” to the behavior itself, distract the child\’s attention by playing games, watching TV, etc., spend more time with the child, and engage in more outdoor activities to prevent the child from being in a state of emotional emptiness for a long time. Question 2: The baby is two and a half years old. He played with a one-yuan coin and seemed to have eaten it in his stomach. He was in good spirits and could eat and play, but he was still worried and scared. Can this situation be stopped? Dr. Zhang Yanyan’s answer: It’s best to take a X-ray to see the position of the coin. Eat more crude fiber foods in the past few days, such as leeks, celery, etc., and pay more attention to the stool condition. Pay attention to whether the baby has abdominal pain. If it persists in three to four days, If it doesn\’t come out, go to the hospital. Question 3: What should I do if my baby has dandruff on his head? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: Apply the massage oil, wash your hair after half an hour and dry it, and then apply Dacnin cream. Generally, it can be cured after 3-4 times.

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