Baby is 9 months old, how to develop your child’s intelligence

Careful parents may find that their baby\’s cognitive abilities make a big leap when they reach 9 months. When a baby reaches 9 months old, if someone calls his or her name, the baby will agree; if the baby wants to take something, and the parents say: \”You can\’t take it!\” the baby will immediately retract his or her hand. Stop acting. If an adult says goodbye to the baby, the baby will also wave to the adult; if the baby is given something he doesn\’t like, the baby will shake his head; when he is having fun, the baby will giggle and dance. This shows that 9-month-old babies already understand simple semantics and their cognitive abilities have developed to a very mature level. [Children’s Educational Game] Cuphead Adventures Funny Cartoon Complete 2 Seasons Ultra-HD 1080P [English and Chinese Subtitles] In order to allow the baby’s cognitive ability to develop further, more training and training should be done at this time. So, how to train your baby at home? Parents can play the following small games with their babies at home to develop their intelligence and promote brain development. How to play finger children\’s singer finger children\’s songs? The mother holds the baby, first opens the baby\’s palm, and gently presses her thumb, index finger, and middle finger…while reading a nursery rhyme: \”Brother Thumb, Brother Two, Third Mother, Fourth Little Brother, and Fifth Little Niuniu love to watch the theater.\” Teaching babies to know their own hands and feet can guide babies to pay attention to their own limbs and develop self-awareness; while reading children\’s songs to babies, it can also provide language stimulation to babies and increase emotional communication between parents and children. Learn about three-dimensional objects and play this three-dimensional object game. It\’s time for dad to play. The father can first find a big toy, the height of the toy should be higher than the height of the baby when he lies down, then place it in front of the baby, tell him (her) the name of the toy, and let the baby touch it with his hands. Next, you can guide your baby to crawl around the toy, let him (her) touch it with his hands, and tell him (her) the name of the toy. Finally, pick the baby up and let him/her see the toy from a high place. Then tell the baby the name of the toy and let him/her touch the toy. Warm reminder: Through this training, you can guide your baby to understand the three-dimensional world, increase your baby\’s curiosity, and cultivate your baby\’s thirst for knowledge. To recognize objects by looking at pictures, mothers can show their babies various objects, picture cards, and word cards. The cards are preferably single pictures with clear images and bright colors. They mainly teach babies to identify animals, people, objects, etc. How to play it? At the beginning, the mother can take an apple and match it with an apple picture card to help the baby understand what the picture represents. After getting to know a few more pictures, you can pair a picture with a word card to help your baby further understand that words can represent pictures and objects. Since Chinese characters are pictures, most babies can recognize Chinese characters first and then numbers. Children\’s educational story TV series Oriental Stories complete 150 episodes ancient version + modern version download. In the early stage, the mother can only teach the baby to recognize one picture or object at a time, and continue to review for 3 to 4 days. When the baby remembers it, he can learn from several pictures. Find the corresponding picture and start teaching the second picture. Further strengthen the baby\’s ability to distinguish and correspond to graphics, develop intelligence, and promote brain development. Message: Nowadays, many parents are beginning to pay attention to early education, and if possible, provideStudying in early childhood education centers. In fact, those who cannot attend early childhood education classes can attend them at home. If they play more educational games with their babies, they will still be smart.

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