Baby, please forgive me for not being able to plan your life like other mothers.

Recently, I have come across many mother friends whose babies are only two or three years old, and they are rushing to various early education institutions to find the best teachers, spending a lot of money to create a \”shining\” life path for their children. To be honest, as a somewhat \”lazy\” mother, I am very envious of these energetic and passionate mothers who work hard for their children\’s education every day. Compared with them, mothers like me seem to be too \”unreliable\” and have never thought about long-term planning for the future of my baby. Out of curiosity, I asked several mothers in my circle of friends what kind of life they wanted to give their babies. How old is the child? Is it too early? The answer is without exception, it is never too late to cultivate young geniuses! The most exaggerated thing is that a mother told me that starting from every month after birth, the baby should be given the best and most detailed training plan in order to develop intelligence and stimulate potential. I found that these mothers all have one thing in common. They believe that \”successful education\” = \”perfect talents and skills\” + \”blessing from prestigious schools\” + \”self-defense through various awards.\” This seems to be their experience after struggling in this highly competitive society. A young mother who practiced yoga together said, \”If my parents sent me to learn piano when I was a child, maybe I could become a pianist. I want to learn this lesson and let my baby learn an instrument early.\” !\” I have heard the same sentence many times. \”Maybe I will become a diplomat\”, \”If I have the chance, I will definitely…\”, \”I blamed my parents for their lack of vision in the first place\”… Many parents have failed to realize their dreams, and I hope they can be realized in their babies. Make up for it and prevent your baby from experiencing the same regrets as you. This sounds very reasonable, and it is full of love from parents. But I can’t help but wonder, are your hopes really equal to your children’s needs? Is it really more important to raise a child to be a so-called excellent person than to have a happy childhood? If you plan every step of your child\’s life twenty years in advance, will you lose the fun of exploring this wonderful world with your child? After all, you want ≠ he needs. My best friend Ye Zi has been very busy recently. Her daughter has to prepare for the transition from kindergarten to primary school. She has been looking around for various educational institutions with good reputations, hoping to make her daughter stand out in the \”entry to higher education\” test. Ye Zi called me to ask because my cousin’s son Xiaobao successfully entered a good primary school last year. I can\’t help but think of the experience that made me laugh and cry more than a year ago. My cousin considers herself a mother with personality and is not willing to use traditional concepts to restrain her children. She never believes that a prestigious school or good grades can determine the quality of a child, so she doesn’t have much interest in Xiaobao’s “admission to higher education”. focus on. It wasn\’t until my cousin discovered that the children of several colleagues were already receiving preschool education, and the results were remarkable, that she realized in hindsight: Trouble was coming! No matter how much we let nature take its course, we must let Xiaobao go to school in a good environment! So, my cousin listened to her colleagues’ advice and took Xiaobao to a well-reputed training institution to start Xiaobao’s first crash course for the exam. I thought I was relievedAngry, it turns out that little Ping Anbao always comes up with some tricks every weekend when he goes to class, deliberately procrastinating and not going to class. The teacher called him several times to say that he was too naughty and never completed the after-class test well. In a fit of anger, the cousin decided not to let him go to class, and wanted to personally discipline this young son who was used to being free and loose. By the way, let me reflect on whether the \”free-range\” education of the past few years was a wrong approach. Unexpectedly, my cousin had no choice but to conduct some research on the college entrance examination and found that many of the contents tested in schools such as hands-on ability, language communication, and concentration on reading lights can actually be subtly reflected in the daily communication patterns of parents and babies. trained. The school does not require children to be powerful, but rather hopes that children can have \”aura\” and be \”explored\”! Every child is a piece of rough jade, and polishing it too early will lose its luster. After Xiaobao entered elementary school, he had no special skills except being naughty, and finally found his own hobby – making models. The cousin and cousin-in-law are also very lucky. If they had blindly asked him to learn piano and sing chorus, they would have really killed his happy and naughty nature. In a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, let children do things that interest them, which do not necessarily have to be talents in the traditional sense, such as musical instruments, performances, calligraphy and painting, etc. Under the guidance of curiosity and interest, they will become Be different. It turns out that ease + interest = the best teacher. Maybe some mothers have something to say. A mother like me who always advocates letting nature take its course never makes long-term plans for the future of her children. Is this a sign of irresponsibility and lack of attention to her children? I don\’t think so. On the contrary, I think there are many ways to love children and there are many ways to value their children\’s lifelong development. Parents who take their children to various interest classes and training institutions all day long, have you ever seen fatigue and resistance in the eyes of your children? For those parents who are determined to pave a bright future for their children, have you ever thought that the children around you should have a relaxed and comfortable childhood? My child, forgive me for being such a \”lazy mother\” for not making a detailed plan for your long life, because my mother firmly believes that it is more important for you to enjoy the happiness at different stages of life. Mom hopes that one day, when you have a life plan of your own, it will be the life you want to choose, not the life your parents choose for you! In my opinion, not planning ≠ not paying attention. Of course, we should not miss every opportunity for our children to show their talents, just like Xiaobao showed great interest in models. Moms, please don’t be burdened. You might as well take a look at these tips so that your children can enjoy their childhood happily without missing the best opportunity to nurture them. Tip 1: Grasp the golden period of your child’s growth. The saying “You will see old age at the age of three” actually makes sense. Starting from about three years old, a child\’s brain begins to develop, and various physiological and psychological indicators begin to develop and change, so timely attention should be given. Oral language ability develops between two and three years old, and language training can be carried out; after two and a half years old, images and colorsThe concept of color is formed, and basic skills such as writing and painting can be cultivated; from four to five years old, physical coordination develops, and the learning of musical instruments such as piano is in the initial stage; starting from the age of six, concentration improves and reading ability can be trained; around nine years old, The ability to understand is strengthened and the best time to understand the content; the age of twelve is the period when independent thinking is formed. As we all know, the physical and psychological development of each stage is closely related to the family environment, individual quality, etc., but understanding the development status of each stage is quite beneficial to grasp the growth of children. Tip 2: Interest is more important than talent. Talent is innate wealth and plays a very important role in promoting a person\’s development. However, parents must not force their children to undergo intensive training just because they show talent in a certain area. . You know, if there is no interest, no matter how high the talent is, it is like a song or a painting that has lost its soul. Only interest can make talents shine in a child\’s growth. Tip 3: It’s not too late to start today. Parents are always worried, why hasn’t my child shown enthusiasm for something? My children are quite old. Isn’t it too late to learn musical instruments and painting now? As long as the child shows a strong desire and curiosity for knowledge, it is not too late to start learning from today. Although the term \”late bloomer\” lacks a bit of the energy and chicness of \”becoming famous at a young age\”, it is still a style. Leave enough time for your children and let them slowly explore their own interests and hobbies. Do not make any inappropriate decisions for them. That would be irresponsible to them! Let your child grow up slowly so that he can fully enjoy every bit of happiness every day in life. But more importantly, explore this wonderful world with him, forget about those distant future plans, and carefully measure every inch of land and distance under your feet with your child.

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