Baby recurrent fever how to do? Beware of encephalitis and pneumonia

The problem is that my baby girl, who is three days shy of two months old, has had a fever since around 12 o\’clock last night, and her body temperature has been going down and up again. Such a small baby cannot have injections. How should I treat it? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: If the condition requires it, the baby can be treated with infusion on the first day after birth. Recurrent fever is due to uncontrolled inflammation, so it is recommended to seek medical attention to check blood routine and C-reactive protein, and to take medication according to the infection situation. Hospitalization is required if necessary, because the younger the child, the more likely he or she is to develop problems such as encephalitis and pneumonia due to fever. Question 2: When I didn’t know I was pregnant, I took amoxicillin, Amikahuangmin Capsules, Linzhi Anti-inflammatory Dropping Pills, and Licorice Tablets when I had a cold in the 5th week of pregnancy. I wonder if these medicines have a big impact on the baby\’s development? I am now 8 weeks pregnant and my B-ultrasound is normal, with fetal heart rate. Dr. Zhang Yanyan answered: Of these drugs, only Ammonia plus Huangmin Capsules have an impact. Others are not a big problem. As for the impact of the drugs, it is hard to say. It is recommended that mothers need regular review. Question 3: Hello, Dr. Yang, my child is five months old. I suddenly found that there are two tendons on the right side of his head, but one of them feels like it is sunken, and it seems to reach the fontanel. What is going on? What\’s going on? Doctor Yang Yafeng answered: This is a superficial blood vessel, and the depression is a lambdoid suture. It closes around 18 months old, so parents don’t need to worry.

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