Baby stomach flatulence how to do?

Why are babies so prone to bloating? Because the baby is small, the gastrointestinal digestive system is immature, and the lactase content in the small intestine is insufficient. Therefore, the lactose in either milk or breast milk enters the large intestine before it is fully digested in the small intestine, where it ferments and produces acid. If the baby is exclusively breastfed, if the nursing mother eats too many gas-producing foods, the baby will also develop gas after drinking breast milk; the baby will be flatulent due to swallowing air when drinking milk. Compared with babies who are directly breastfed, babies who use bottles are more likely to swallow air; babies who are not burped in time after feeding are also prone to bloating (the burps are gas in the stomach). Gas floats upward, so soon after the baby lies down and falls asleep, the gas will rise up, bringing out the stomach contents, causing milk overflow, and the baby will wake up easily. While mothers are feeding scientifically, they might as well do \”gymnastics\” to their babies\’ intestines appropriately. (Note that it is advisable to do it one hour after eating, and do not do it when you are full!) Massage the abdomen with the baby\’s belly button as the center, and massage clockwise with the palm of your hand along the belly button (if the hands of parents are cold, pay attention to Warm it by yourself first), then gently massage 15-20 times each time (do two groups). This abdominal massage can not only help the baby expel the waste gas in the belly, but also give the baby a kind of psychological comfort through touch. The other way is to \”ride a bicycle\”. Let the baby lie flat on the bed, lift the baby\’s legs, and imitate \”bicycle riding\” in the air. This is beneficial to the squeezing of the baby\’s abdominal cavity and intestines. The baby\’s thighs curl up and stretch out, which is equivalent to doing \”gymnastics\” for the intestines. Lying down and \”cycling\” has another advantage: since the air goes upwards, when the baby\’s buttocks are raised, the air will naturally go upwards and be discharged from the anus; if it goes downwards, the air in the intestines will If the Qi does not flow upward, it will easily cause vomiting. You can also apply a warm towel on your belly to help your baby\’s intestinal peristalsis and relieve the discomfort caused by flatulence. Flatulence is particularly common in newborn babies. Because babies are not fully developed in all aspects, especially the digestive system, and they rarely exercise. Therefore, as parents, we must help our babies carry out \”digestive exercises\” at a certain time so that they can grow up healthily. Although flatulence is not a serious illness, the discomfort of babies due to flatulence can vary greatly, especially for babies aged one month old who cannot express themselves, and their unexplained crying makes mothers at a loss.

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