Baby teething sequence and care methods, a must-read for new parents

As a baby grows, there are countless firsts that will surprise parents, such as the first time it crawls, the first time it sits, and the first time teeth erupt. When we go to the hospital for a physical examination, the doctor tells us the development of the baby\’s teeth before he is one year old. I found it very helpful, and Doudehui shared it with all mothers to share and learn about the signs and symptoms of baby teething ①️ Irritability, red cheeks, drooling ② Swollen gums, chewing things ③️ Low-grade fever, pain, and restless sleep ④ Refusal to eat, slight cough ️ How to relieve baby’s teething discomfort ️ ① Bring saliva wipes and prepare lotion ② ️ Prepare teething sticks and gums ️ ③ Massage gums ️ Detailed explanation of baby’s teething order ️ Baby’s teeth are usually two by two or one The first pair of deciduous teeth usually grow out one by one, usually around 6 months after birth. They are basically the mandibular central incisors, which are what we call \”lower incisors\”. About 2 months later, the upper teeth will appear. The incisors will slowly grow in. When you are about 1 year old, there will be 8 upper and lower teeth. By almost 2 and a half years old (some will reach 3 years old), all 20 deciduous teeth will have grown in. However, there are individual differences in the eruption time of deciduous teeth. . Some babies start to grow teeth at 4 months old, but some babies still don’t have any teeth at 8 or 9 months old. This is basically normal. As long as the baby\’s first tooth erupts no later than 13 months, you can patiently observe it at home. If there are no signs of teething after 13 months, you need the help of a doctor to find out what is going on. ️Baby’s oral health care methods and how to care for your baby’s oral cavity (see the picture for details). When the baby’s first deciduous tooth erupts, you should start brushing your baby’s teeth seriously! Preventing dental caries starts by protecting your baby’s baby teeth! Moms, how old do your babies start to get their first teeth? Welcome to communicate in the comment area. Scientific parenting knowledge: complete video collection of infant and toddler home care encyclopedia

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