Baby\’s eyes are swollen and purple for no apparent reason? Maybe I have this disease…

Question 1: The corner of the baby\’s left eye has been red and swollen for three days, and it is more red and swollen than the previous two days. I was very confused because the baby didn’t react at all and didn’t rub his eyes or feel any pain. I wanted to ask the doctor what caused this? Dr. Li Tinghui answered: Judging from the description and symptoms, the baby may be suffering from conjunctivitis, which is caused by Staphylococcus aureus infection. It is recommended to use ofloxacin eye drops for anti-inflammatory and sterilization after diagnosis. You can go to the hospital for local treatment when you have time. Question 2: I fed my baby steamed eggs with a spoon. The baby inhaled a little through his mouth and choked. He coughed twice and developed bronchial inflammation two days later. The baby has no symptoms of cough, but there is a sound in the throat and a runny nose due to a cold. I took the medicine for five days and recovered, but two days later I became inflamed again. Is it because the egg got stuck in the bronchus? Do I need to take a X-ray examination? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: If you are worried about choking foreign bodies in the trachea in this case, you need to go to the otolaryngology department for a bronchoscopy. A radiograph will not be able to detect it. Question 3 Hello, my baby has been constipated recently and won’t poop without using Selu. What I am pooping is sheep feces and egg feces. Even eating fruits, vegetables and drinking water has no effect. How can I improve my condition? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: You can take lactulose oral liquid, and try to eat as much breast milk as possible, and increase the type and amount of vegetables appropriately.

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