Beckham comments on Messi and Ronaldo: the poorest childhood, the richest mother

Two days ago, at the World Cup, a player led his national team and played an amazing game: he was obviously lagging behind in terms of strength. Are you afraid? I was pressed and beaten the whole time. Will I collapse? Teammates barely give their best, collapse? There are only 3 minutes left before the end of the game. Seeing that the defeat is already done, do you still play? You will definitely say that this ball cannot be kicked! However, there was one person who withstood the pressure and scored three goals in a row on his own, saving the entire Portuguese team! The tie with Spain at 3:3 blew up the circle of friends all over the world. This person is: Cristiano Ronaldo! He was the one who made the comeback against the wind, and he was right! The age of 30 is a watershed in the career of top league players, but Ronaldo has continued to cheat all the way after the age of 30: leading Real Madrid to win the Champions League three times in a row, leading the Portuguese team to win the European Cup, and winning five Ballon d\’Or awards. Called a football miracle. Not only is he good at playing football, he is also handsome, highly self-disciplined, and has a strong and sexy figure due to diligent exercise. The 33-year-old has a 23-year-old body and can be called a model for professional athletes. However, few people know that Ronaldo, a nearly perfect winner in life, was born into a somewhat \”bad\” family? What exactly did he rely on to achieve success? How terrible are self-disciplined children? Ronaldo was born in a poor family, and his parents were ordinary workers. Before Ronaldo was born, his parents already had three children. Forced by the pressure of life, they once wanted to abort him. If it weren\’t for the doctors\’ efforts to dissuade him, this superstar might not even have a chance to come into this world. Not only is he poor, Ronaldo\’s native family is also a bit chaotic. His brother Ugo was addicted to drugs, and his father died from alcoholism. After witnessing all this, Ronaldo hated smoking and drinking, so he developed a highly self-disciplined eating and resting habit for himself. When he was a child, his parents were working outside all day, and Ronaldo spent all his boring time playing football. Soon, he showed his extraordinary talent in football. At the age of 13, he joined Sporting Lisbon, a major Portuguese club. For the first time, he had the objective environment needed to become a player. From then on, he started a highly self-disciplined training. He works out like crazy and is the first to go to the gym almost every day, doing various strength training to increase muscles and improve body flexibility until he is the last one to leave. In addition, he swims for at least 20 minutes every day and uses a machine designed by NASA to simulate weightless running training. Years of training have made Ronaldo\’s body comparable to that of first-class track and field athletes. Ronaldo\’s willpower and psychological quality are astonishingly strong. Cristiano Ronaldo, who came from a remote country and spoke with a country accent, was ridiculed by his teammates as soon as he arrived in Lisbon. However, he withstood the pressure and established a firm foothold in the team with his increasingly sophisticated skills. When he was 15 years old, Ronaldo had a heart problem and almost couldn\’t play football. However, he never thought about quitting. After surgery, he returned to the court. At the age of 16, he completed the quadruple jump. The second team has been promoted to the first team. In 2009, Ronaldo moved from Manchester United in the Premier League to Real Madrid in Spain, but was questioned by fans because of his initial defeat to Messi. At the Santiago Bernabeu, Ronaldo only scored one goal and was beaten by the boss for the first time in his career.The fans at the stadium booed, but he turned his emotions into motivation and answered the insults by scoring goals. Maternal love is the \”invisible wings\” of a child. Ronaldo\’s growth and success are inseparable from his mother Dolores. His father\’s alcoholism left a shadow on Ronaldo\’s childhood. It was his mother\’s company and encouragement that made him cheerful, confident and independent. Although the family was poor and had many children, the mother still tried her best to support her son\’s football career. When Cristiano Ronaldo received an invitation to take the Sporting Lisbon exam, his mother said to him: \”Fight for your life and pursue your goals.\” Cristiano Ronaldo first arrived in Lisbon and missed his family so much that he even begged them to take him away. go back. Therefore, the mother went to Lisbon every month to meet with her son and encourage him to persist. After the divorce, my mother came directly to settle in Lisbon to accompany Ronaldo. Every time her son participates in a competition, his mother will try her best to be there to cheer him on. She even studied football games and skills and became a football expert in the eyes of the media. In 2016, the mother campaigned for her son in the \”World Footballer of the Year\” election: please cast your vote for the best football player in the world: Cristiano Ronaldo. thank you very much! Please vote for my son! A mother\’s love is the invisible wings for her son to fly against the wind. After becoming famous, Ronaldo once announced on Twitter: My mother is a brave and great mother. I am very grateful for everything she has done, and I am extremely proud to be her son! He also made a will early, and the first beneficiary of the assets of 250 million euros was his mother Dolores. Success does not lie in one\’s birth, and hard work no matter whether one is rich or poor. Someone once lamented that it is now difficult to produce a noble son from a poor family. However, success does not lie in birth, and hard work does not matter whether you are rich or poor. In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, there are many children in the world who came from poor families and achieved counterattacks and became \”winners in life.\” A person\’s success does not depend on his noble birth, but on his parents and their children\’s education. No matter what kind of family, you can raise excellent children. The pattern of parents hides the child\’s future Ronaldo\’s mother. Although she is an ordinary cook, she has a far-sighted vision. His coach Nuno Nare said: 90% of parents regard their children as cash cows and the source of their retirement pensions. Unlike them, Ronaldo\’s mother never looked at her son that way. I have never seen her so obsessed with making her son a great player. She just wants to know whether he is doing well and whether he is studying hard or not. She doesn\’t ask about anything else. It is precisely because of his mother\’s education and encouragement that Ronaldo was able to overcome all obstacles and achieve impressive results in football. Parents with a big picture will make the right choices at the critical moment of their children\’s growth and choose a path suitable for their children\’s long-term development; parents with a big picture will not only care about their children on a material level, but also on a spiritual and psychological level. Provide enough support and attention to help children discover their own value and become mentally stronger. Discover your child’s “sparkling points”. Every child has a unique shining point. Parents should have a pair of eyes that discover beauty and help their children discover their own interests and strengths. My friend’s son has a thing for fish.He has an almost obsessive love. Starting from the age of three, when he sees various fish, he will keep asking what kind of fish it is, where it comes from, and what he likes to eat… My friend is very supportive of my son\’s hobby and takes him to the flower and bird market whenever he is free. , see different fish in the aquarium. I also looked up information with my son to study the past and present lives and living habits of various fish. Now my seven-year-old son has become a little \”fish expert\” and can distinguish hundreds of fish species and understand their habits. A friend said with emotion, \”My son\’s eyes will shine when he looks at the fish. His concentration is touching.\” Photo source: \”Thieves of Time\” Yes, children can only mobilize their whole body\’s strength when they do something they love and are good at. To think, explore, research, and discover, this concentration will make him happy. Spend more time and explore your child\’s shining points, whether it\’s singing, playing a Rubik\’s Cube, or watching ants move. No matter what it is, please respect and accept him. Children who can play will have a good future! Image source: \”The Thief of Time\” gives children gentle and firm love. Children with rich spirit are always passionate about life, will not be easily defeated by difficulties, have firm ideals and beliefs in their hearts, and will not easily fall into various temptations. During the child\’s childhood, give him enough companionship and express your love for the child straightforwardly. Be a solid backing for your child. No matter what happens, stand firmly by his side. Give him a hug when he is tired, an arm when he is helpless, comfort when he is lost, and guidance when he is confused. Image source: \”Forrest Gump\” gives children enough love, encouragement and support, and teaches them self-discipline and hard work like Cristiano Ronaldo. Things worth having are never easy to come by. Writer Huang Shuyi once said: Life is my own, and I deal with it according to my own pleasure. Even if it is a pool of stagnant water, I will make it come alive and make waves. Only children who are loved will have a strong heart and can set sail in the ocean of life!

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