Behind an excellent child there must be an excellent mother

Parents are their children\’s first teachers and guides. Children\’s behavior comes from their parents\’ guidance and influence. Dabao was out of school today, and he was quite happy when he got home. When he came back, he was playing with Erbao, saying that he would eat, play with plasticine, and then do his homework. But after a while, Dabao got into a fuss and got angry at Erbao, saying that Erbao insisted on giving her things and even broke her things. For this reason, Dabao lost control and even pushed Erbao, but Erbao didn\’t understand anything and ran over to hug her sister. Because, usually when the second baby is unhappy or crying, I will hug him. He feels that his sister is the same as him, so he also hugs her. The way parents handle things will be passed on to their children in a subtle way. It can be seen from this that the two children are educated in different ways, and the habits formed by the children and the way they deal with things are also different. When Dabao encounters problems, he gets angry and yells and cries, while Erbao is calm and composed, and even solves problems with love and hugs. The different ways the two face problems actually come from their parents. I\’m glad that I realized my problem when I was raising my second child. Start changing yourself instead of roaring out of control all the time. But this time Dabao lost control and pushed her younger brother and even touched his face. I didn\’t say anything to her, but asked her what she had done to her younger brother. She said she was afraid to say it, I told her, I said I only asked you what you did, just do it. Mom won’t tell you, but do you think it’s right? Dabao said, No, I won\’t do this next time, because I know that even if it is impossible not to let her do it, she will only change if I make her realize that her behavior is wrong. At the same time, I discovered that there was a reason why Dabao lost control, because I said he couldn\’t hit his younger brother. Maybe he didn\’t want to hit him, but he didn\’t know what to do and couldn\’t control his younger brother, so he was very angry. For this reason, I started to lose control and couldn\’t control my behavior. Collect 50 recommended classic books for children in ultra-clear PDF version. It can be seen that in fact, whether it is an adult or a child, when they lose control, it is often caused by being too irritable, having inner collapse, and being anxious. When the cause of the loss of control is clearly known? 1. In order to prevent the child from losing control, first make the child feel comfortable. 2. Ask your children promptly and let them understand their own behavior. 3. Don’t blame and complain about your children, but give them opportunities to correct their mistakes. For example, do you feel good about yelling and losing your temper? After losing your temper, has the problem been solved? Of course the child will say no, no, then we should take the opportunity to ask the child, what should we do next time? At this time, parents should guide their children and let them think for themselves. Just like Dabao, Dabao put his schoolbag on the sofa after school, saying he would do his homework later, but when he didn\’t finish his homework, Erbao took her notebook and books. Things were messed up for her, and she got very angry when she saw them. I asked what I would do next time. At first, she said she didn\’t know. I said think about it, and she said she didn’t know. I said think about it, and she said, don’t put it here. I said it’s absolutely right. Then think about it again, she said she didn’t know. At this time, I asked her what the first thing you did after school was, and she said homework. I said I finished my homework, she said put the things away, I saidPut it somewhere so that my brother can’t touch it, she said, and if it’s placed high up, it won’t be touched. I said, you are absolutely right, your method is very good, then the problem is solved, the first thing I do when I come back from school is to put things high. Dabao laughed when she heard what I said and said she came up with it. Therefore, there are no stupid children. As long as parents teach and encourage their children in the right way, children can discover and explore their own strengths. Only by following the correct guidance and routines from their parents can they become excellent children. [A must-have for academic masters] How to improve memory training camp Lu Feifei’s complete series is written at the end: Parenting is an art, and it is also a knowledge. Therefore, we need to keep learning. Only by learning can we recognize insufficient. Only by learning can we be willing to accept the imperfections of ourselves and our children, and can we use the correct method to create outstanding children from imperfections.

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