Behind every calm mother, there is a perfect father

Why are the full marks in quotation marks? Because we all know that there is no standard answer to the answer sheet of life. Since there is no standard answer, there is no perfect score. So, who determines the score? It can be said to be by oneself, or it can be said to be by the public. Of course, for men and women in marriage, the most important thing is the feelings of their partners. Humans are emotional animals and can learn and apply logical thinking. However, in marriage, we care more about feelings. No matter how good a person is to his partner, if the other person cannot feel it, the marriage cannot be said to be happy. For example, A said, I like to eat bananas the most, and B gave A all the apples that he could not bear to eat. B may be moved by this, but it may not be able to move A, because A does not like eating apples at all. In marriage, we often hear people say, I have paid so much for my family, why is he not moved at all, and even wants a divorce? The speaker moved himself to tears, and the onlookers also sighed. But the other party is still unmoved, why? Some people would rather spend all their time and energy on work than on running a marriage and family. Why? Because it is much easier to achieve success at work than to achieve happiness in marriage, and it is easier to get recognition and feedback. Work requires diligence and hard work. A person with normal IQ and EQ will definitely gain something as long as he is willing to work hard. It doesn\’t necessarily require a lot of emotion and effort – except for those who treat work as a career. To achieve happiness and satisfaction in marriage, diligence and hard work alone are not enough – sometimes, hard work and hard work are counterproductive – it requires wisdom and intention. You need to understand and meet the other person\’s needs as much as possible, and you need to let go of obsession and control. If a person in a marriage always wants to change the other person to suit him or herself, and wants to turn the other person into what he or she wants, that is not love. Because love is \”as it is\”, not \”as I think it is\”. In a happy family, the mother\’s mood must be peaceful, at least most of the time. This peace comes from a sense of security and contentment, and this environment of security and contentment is created by her and her partner. Just imagine, a mother comes home from work all day and has to pick up her children from school, help them with homework, cook, do laundry, and maintain a calm mood. She is not allowed to express dissatisfaction, otherwise, she will be accused of being A bad-tempered mother. Is this a requirement for people? No, this is a call to God. Almost every man who says that his wife has a bad temper can find the reasons behind it: the man does too little housework or does not do it at all, makes too little money which makes life difficult, cannot communicate and does not understand his wife\’s needs, or in the name of work Avoiding family responsibilities. Almost every man who says his wife is gentle is a \”perfect father\”: he can protect his family from wind and rain. Yes, as long as this condition is met, it is enough. I don’t ask you to be upright, I just ask you to be able to protect yourself from the wind and rain. But the reality is, how many men, it was he who personally lifted the roof of his house, leaving his wife and children to live in precarious conditions. Most women are sensitive and insecure by nature. Most women marry a manThere is only one purpose: to hold your hand and grow old together with you. Implicit in this is the desire for security and the yearning for happiness. But reality is often far from satisfactory. When a woman focuses her sense of security and happiness on a man, every move of this man is bound to affect the woman\’s sensitive nerves. The result is like holding sand in your hand: the tighter you hold it, the more it leaks; the more it leaks, the more anxious you become; the more anxious you are, the tighter you hold it; the tighter you hold it, the more you can\’t catch anything. In the end, the only way to express your inner fear and frustration is through losing your temper. Behind this emotion, there is a need for \”desire to be seen\” that the mother herself may not be aware of. If her emotions are seen and accepted by her husband, it will be easier for her to see and accept her children instead of yelling. No one can deny that having a calm mother is the greatest blessing for a child. However, many people ignore that behind the mother\’s calm mood, there is a stable heart. Just imagine, a woman with a normal IQ and EQ does not focus on a career that achieves a sense of value and accomplishment, but instead competes with a child with an IQ and EQ of only a few years old every day, which is very exhausting. At this time, if the father can give the mother enough support and encouragement, the mother will feel at ease and her mood will naturally be peaceful. There was an interesting saying that went viral on the Internet: No matter what you give to a woman, you will get more in return. You give her a sperm, and she gives you a child; you give her a house, and she gives you a home; you give her a bunch of ingredients, and she gives you a delicious meal; you give her a smile, and she gives you a whole sperm. Heart. She will amplify and multiply what you give her. So, if you don\’t give her a good look, don\’t blame her for yelling at you.

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