Being a mother is so tiring. Because 98% of parents are not aware of these three principles of discipline

Being a mom is tiring. Before the child went to kindergarten, he had to take good care of his food, drink, and diarrhea. Sometimes when he couldn\’t sleep well at night and cried loudly, he could only accompany him with squinting eyes and heartache. After he went to elementary school, he thought he would be able to relax as he grew up, but in the end he felt even more depressed. tired. Why is being a mother so tiring? 1. We have to take care of our children\’s eating, drinking, and diarrhea, and we have to take care of their children\’s eating, drinking, and diarrhea. We also have to mix in the usual study and guidance. We ourselves also have work to do. My time has become much less. I feel like there are a lot of things to do every day, but not much results are achieved. It also makes me feel bad and makes everyone unhappy. 2. The children are getting older, and the little angels are becoming more and more like little devils. When the children were small, they would surround us and they wouldn’t do many things after being told them. Now, the older they grow, the more headaches they face. If It is said that children are both angels and devils. When they were young, they were mostly well-behaved angels. Now, most of them are little devils. Occasionally they agree to something you do, but they just come out to deal with it. Let\’s be honest, he can make you even more angry. Just scold him and talk about him. You will feel uncomfortable too. From time to time, you will sigh, it\’s okay if you don\’t say it, but you will get angry when you say it. 3. There is a lot of pressure from society and there is a lot of pressure to get good grades. Parents will ask their children if their grades are not good. When the teacher told me, I became even more anxious. Worry if he doesn\’t study well. Now he can\’t learn anything well, but he still tutors and supervises him every day. His current habits are not good, what can he do in the future? He is getting better at studying. Seeing how tired he is from studying and sometimes crying because of homework and memorization, I don’t know what to say. When he was tired, it was almost time, but he lingered on not getting up. When he was tired, he cooked a table of dishes, but he always wanted to eat snacks instead of eating. When you are tired, you watch him make the same mistake again, and again, and again. When he was tired, it was he who cried and said he would never be like this again, but it was still like this. When I\’m tired, I can\’t find my homework anymore. I bought a new one and can\’t find it again within a few days. When you are tired, most of the time you want him to go east. East is good, but he just wants to go west. Is there anything joyless? have. But if you raise a child to be 100 years old, you will have to worry about 99 years old. Can you stop being so tired? Is there any way to let the child do what he should do on his own? Is there any way to prevent us as parents from getting angry and yelling so easily? Is there any way to make our children closer to us so that they can tell us their innermost feelings more actively? have. Adhere to three principles: 1. Raising children is like treating floods, and it is better to remove them than to block them. What you want your children to do is to guide them. 2. Think about it before asking your child to do something: Will this make the child more independent and mature, or will it make the child more dependent? 3. Take good care of your children’s lives and help them when they are really helpless. To achieve these three principles, parents need to have three abilities: The first ability: observation. The second ability: patience. The third ability: calmness. For example, if a child doesn\’t like reading, what can be done to easily change the child\’s situation? Generally, we are used to blaming our children for their bad behavior in the hope that they will change for the better, hoping that they will \”know their mistakes and be able to change them.\” Do not do this. Mothers who use this method should have experience.For children, most of the time it is ineffective and has consequences. Therefore, when parents find that they cannot accept their children\’s behavior, they should first calm down and not be too anxious. We can find out whether the child is interested in reading and take him to bookstores more often. If it is observed that the child has his or her own interests, parents can rest assured and should not impose too many mandatory reading requirements. For example, they must read a certain book. Do not mention such requirements. If the child has no interest now, parents should maintain patient guidance and create some reading atmosphere at home. This matter should not be rushed. They should read more at home as a role model to create a comfortable reading environment. This is guidance. In your child\’s life, try not to make too many specific and subtle requests for your child, \”What time should you get up, how many bowls of rice should you eat, what time should you go to bed…\” Let the child make the decision first with these things. There are too many restrictions on small things in life, which is of no real benefit to the child, and also affects the child\’s future experience and independence. In the past, I would always receive letters from students who had just entered college asking: I was confused after entering college, especially my self-consciousness was much worse. I wonder if it was because of the college campus. Later, I discovered that the students who had a very poor sense of purpose and were very confused about this were not really poor in self-consciousness because they went to college. It\’s because during the previous 12 years of schooling, parents and teachers were \”in control\” that there was a false \”consciousness\”. It’s not really the self-consciousness after being completely independent. When we raise children, don’t we just want them to be independent and live a good life on their own when they grow up? What should I do if my child always doesn’t eat on time? guide. patience. Cook more dishes that he likes to eat. He may be reminding you that you need to improve your cooking skills. What if you want your kids to exercise more and play less video games? guide. patience. Take your children to play sports together. What if you want your children to do housework? guide. patience. Invite him to do chores with you. Thank him after he does it, so that he can feel that it is an honor to work for our family. Look at what he does well, not what he does poorly, and sincerely praise him. What should you do if your child always gets up late? Calm down. patience. Maybe his mother always acts as an alarm clock for him and reminds him many times before. Try telling your child how to set the alarm clock and let him get up on his own. What if the child always makes mistakes because of carelessness? Calm down. patience. I once read a sentence that was very touching. If you make a mistake 10,000 times, just correct it 10,000 times. What should I do if my child always drinks water, plays with his hands in the toilet, etc. while doing homework? Calm down. patience. Children need real love. Children who appear in this situation are generally because of the great psychological pressure that learning brings to them, and they need to divert their attention to continue. Just like us adults, when we encounter difficult problems, we are always anxious and will keep moving around. . You can discuss with your child to play for a while before continuing with homework.

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