Blacklist of foods that can easily cause precocious puberty in children, so your children can eat less!

Girls: Chest pain, whether you feel a nucleation when touching your sister\’s breasts, breasts bulging, or nipples protruding, color changes, pubic hair, armpit hair, a small amount of secretion on underwear, menstruation, and accelerated height growth. Boys: Does the penis grow longer, the balls (testicles) enlarge, the penis frequently erects, Adam\’s apple appears, the voice becomes deeper, and the height growth accelerates. Is it the current living conditions that are too good, or is it the improper diet that leads to \”precocious puberty\”? Some girls get their period in the third or fourth grade of elementary school, or even earlier. Let’s take a look at the blacklist of foods that can cause “precocious puberty” in babies! Tonic foods that can be used as medicine include cordyceps, ginseng, dried longan, dried lychee, astragalus, adenophora, etc. Especially Cantonese people like to make soup with medicinal food. Traditional Chinese medicine points out that the more supplementary the medicated diet is, the more it will change the child\’s normal endocrine environment and cause imbalance in physical and mental development. Health Supplements Some parents buy health supplements for their children in order to make their children grow taller. A large number of supplements and oral liquids in the children\’s market contain hormone ingredients. Hormones make children grow taller and stronger than children of the same age when they are 5 or 6 years old. However, when children enter the normal development stage, they will not grow as well. Children\’s body metabolism is very strong. As long as they eat normally, they can completely provide the nutrients they need for growth and development. They will only suffer from overnutrition. Don\’t worry about malnutrition. Supplements will only be detrimental to your child\’s health. Other health products such as colostrum, calcium, cod liver oil and other health products should also be consumed correctly. If the baby develops normally, dietary supplements should be the mainstay. Poultry meat, especially poultry necks. Most of the poultry sold on the market today are fed feed mixed with rapid growth agents. The residues of \”ripening accelerators\” in poultry meat are mainly concentrated in the glands of the head and neck of poultry. Therefore, eating duck necks and goose necks has become a high-risk behavior that \”promotes early maturity.\” In addition, chicken wings are also rich in glands. When eating, remember to remind your children to bite off that piece and spit it out. It is best not to eat chicken butts. In addition to containing a lot of fat, it also contains countless lymphoid tissues. The lymph contains harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, and carcinogens, so it is not recommended to eat them. Off-season vegetables and fruits. Strawberries, grapes, watermelons, tomatoes, etc. in winter, and pears, apples, oranges, and peaches that are released in advance in late spring almost all mature out of season or early with the help of \”growth promoters\”. They must be Avoid giving to children under 10 years of age. Fried foods, especially fried chicken, French fries and potato chips. Excessive heat will turn into excess fat in children\’s bodies, causing endocrine disorders and leading to precocious puberty. Moreover, after repeated heating and use of cooking oil, the high temperature causes oxidation and degeneration, which is also one of the causes of \”precocious puberty\”. Children who patronize foreign fast food more than twice a week and regularly consume fried and puffed foods are 2.5 times more likely to suffer from premature puberty than ordinary children. Honey and royal jelly. Royal jelly contains a certain amount of phytoestrogens. If children take it for a long time, it may cause precocious puberty. Honey is relatively safer. Natural honey generally does not cause precocious puberty. However, most honey nowadays is not natural, so parents still need to Be careful. Many farmers now use farmed fish, shrimps, crabs, etc.Contraceptive pills are used in feeding fish, shrimps and crabs for greater benefit. Therefore, parents should try to choose wild foods for their babies, such as marine fish and shrimps. Caviar and crab roe, homemade soy milk, and homemade durian soy milk are very rich and contain more soy progesterone. Although it has not been determined that it can directly cause precocious puberty. However, long-term consumption may cause developmental problems in children. Not only soy milk may induce precocious puberty in children, but also durian, ripening fruits and vegetables, and hairy crabs, which we most commonly eat, may cause precocious puberty in young children. These foods either stimulate the body\’s estrogen secretion, or they themselves contain extremely high amounts of estrogen or progesterone. Seven Tips to Avoid Precocious Puberty How to avoid the risk of precocious puberty? Some domestic doctors recommend not eating chicken, and some foreign doctors recommend vegetarianism, which may not always be reliable. Generally speaking, you can focus on the following points: 1. Reduce the use of plastic products. Bisphenol A (BPA) and plasticizers may cause premature puberty. 2. Try not to give nutritional supplements (including colostrum) to your children. Those without the \”Blue Hat\” logo must not be eaten. 3. Cultivate your children from an early age to have a reasonable mix of grains, vegetables, meat, eggs, and milk. Do not think that high protein is a good food. Excessive intake can lead to overnutrition or fat accumulation, which can cause endocrine disorders and cause precocious puberty. 4. Do not let children drink fruit juices and drinks as water to avoid excessive energy intake. 5. Playing and exercising with your children more can reduce the abnormal hormone levels caused by obesity. 6. Never let your children take birth control pills by mistake. 7. If there are signs of precocious puberty, you should go to a regular hospital to measure bone age, do B-ultrasound, measure serum and urine hormones, and conduct a gonadotropin-releasing hormone stimulation test. Finally, a child’s precocious puberty is just an advance in physiological development, so don’t panic! You can tell your children knowledge and principles to relieve their worries and reduce their mental burden. You don’t need to be shy or have an inferiority complex. You should also pay attention to physiological hygiene during menstruation and know how to self-protect breasts, genitals and other parts.

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