Can children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers eat hairy crabs? How to eat and how to choose are all here

Yesterday, I was chatting with Xiaohui about hairy crabs. I told her a lot of knowledge about crab selection that I learned from Yangcheng Lake crab farmers. Suddenly, I remembered the questions I had collected in the circle of friends after returning from Yangcheng Lake. Because I love eating crabs myself, and Liuliu has shown a strong enthusiasm for hairy crabs since he was very young, so he had some understanding of crab-eating issues before. This time I checked more information, combined with interviews with crab farmers in Yangcheng Lake, and today I will give detailed answers to the questions that everyone is focused on. Crabs are cold in nature, can children’s stomach tolerate it? Usually when we talk about crabs, our first reaction is that crabs are very cold and children have weak stomachs, so they should not or dare not give them to children. Judging from what we know about traditional health care, it should make sense, but in modern medicine, there is no theory or evidence for food with cold and heat or deficiency of the spleen and stomach. The two concepts have been at odds for many years. Which one do you prefer? Please take your own side. The main reason why crabs are said to be cold in nature is that some people often experience diarrhea after eating them. In fact, there are two main causes of diarrhea. First: eating crabs that are spoiled and stale will cause diarrhea. This can be completely avoided when choosing crabs and cooking them. Second: Crabs are common allergens and are more likely to cause diarrhea. Obviously this issue completely depends on the individual\’s immune system. If you are allergic to crabs, you will naturally feel uncomfortable eating it. Then some mother is going to stand up and ask, if you are not allergic to crabs, can you eat more? The intake of any kind of food must be controlled in quantity, not to mention crab is a high-protein and high-cholesterol food. The daily protein intake for adults is 50-60g, which is equivalent to the amount of two hairy crabs. Crabs are delicious, but don’t be greedy~ How old can a baby eat hairy crabs? When infants and young children eat hairy crabs, our first concern should be the possible allergies caused by crabs. In the past, pediatricians would recommend delaying feeding your baby common allergens to reduce the possibility of allergies. However, due to allergies caused by a lack of immune system, children with allergies will still be allergic if they are fed late, and children who are not allergic will not be allergic if they are fed at the same time. Allergies, so delaying addition does not reduce the probability of allergies. When starting to add complementary foods from 6 months of age, I recommend trying a small amount of any ingredient first to observe whether the baby has any allergic reactions. If there is no allergic reaction, it can be included in the complementary food menu. Hairy crabs are no exception. They belong to the seafood category and can be added at the same time as fish and shrimps. Eliminate allergy factors and pay more attention to the safety of food ingredients. When adding crabs to your baby, choose safe, pollution-free and fresh hairy crabs. Make sure they are fully cooked. Generally, it takes 20-30 minutes to steam over high heat. Crabs are delicious and high in protein. Compared with many foods on the market that are high in additives, sugar, and salt, hairy crabs, as seafood, are still a good natural choice for children\’s food. However, the daily protein intake of infants and young children is much less than that of adults. Adults must control their protein intake, and infants and young children must control it more. Don\’t give your children too much. Can pregnant women and nursing mothers eat it? Legend has it that pregnant women are frightened not to eat crabs, and there are other theories besides cold sex. The most classic one is that \”the child will be born\” because crabs are not good at eating crabs.It goes sideways, and the fetal position will turn sideways after a pregnant woman eats it. Although the hairy crabs look like they are showing off their teeth and claws, they definitely cannot take the blame. Sisters who have had prenatal check-ups all know that when the baby is small in the early stage, the baby is already churning in the stomach. Later, when the baby is older, there may be problems with the fetal position, but it definitely has nothing to do with hairy crabs. Expectant mothers during pregnancy are very cautious about their diet, fearing that an accident may endanger their unborn baby. I believe this feeling is understandable. There are many taboos that cannot be eaten during pregnancy, such as \”giving birth to a baby\”. Eating sheep will cause epilepsy, eating rabbit meat will cause cleft lip in the baby, eating peaches, barley, hawthorn, etc. will cause miscarriage. If you follow the saying \”what you eat is what you get\” with the attitude of believing in \”the words of the ancients\”, isn\’t it harmful to the health of the fetus? Of course, you need to pay attention to the safety of food during pregnancy, but normal and safe food will not harm the fetus unless you are really allergic to a certain food. If you are unable to eat due to physical and immune system problems, there is really nothing you can do. The breastfeeding period is relatively freer than during pregnancy, but there are also some cases where mothers affect their babies through breast milk. If the child is allergic, mothers should endure their desire for food, not just hairy crabs. If the child is not allergic, breastfeeding mothers can also enrich their diet. Are the rumors about hairy crabs receiving injections, birth control pills, and hormones true? It seems that no matter what ingredients are used, these three things are involved, especially arthropods such as mammals and fish. When I was walking around Yangcheng Lake, I talked about this with a crab farmer. The uncle who raised crabs told me a lot with an aggrieved look on his face. The rumors about hairy crab injections can generally be roughly divided into two types: 1. Injecting hormonal contraceptive pills and other drugs during the growth period of hairy crabs. 2. One method is to inject water and increase weight after fishing. Regarding the injection and drug administration, we can see it from the process of the crab farmer taking us to visit. Hairy crabs usually stay at the bottom of the water and are surrounded by nets. They will not be picked up before the season. Let us not consider the technical difficulty of injecting each crab for the moment. How to control the dosage of hormone injected into each hairy crab? Yangcheng Lake covers an area of ​​120 square kilometers and contains about 240 million tons of lake water. How much labor and cost is required to put drugs into such a large area of ​​flowing water? It\’s a lake, not a fish tank. How to control the dosage of drugs? How much medicine can be given to have an effect? How many crab farmers are willing to do such a high risk and difficult operation? It is also easy to cause dead crabs, and the economic losses caused can be imagined. Adding water to increase weight is a bit ridiculous. The hairy crabs we often eat are only two or three in weight, and the container with the size of a syringe is only 5-10ml. Injecting that little water also risks killing the crab. Who is willing to do this? So when it comes to injections and hormones, these rumors sound scary, but they are actually unrealistic. Many television programs have refuted such rumors for a long time. If we think about it for a while, we will know that they are not very credible. Can hairy crabs be eaten with tomatoes and milk? As for the theory that food is mutually incompatible, in our traditional culture, there are many books on the theory that food is mutually reinforcing and mutually exclusive, but most of them have no scientific basis. We crossI don’t know who the domineering crab has offended, and there are many rumors about it. For example, it is said that persimmons cannot be eaten together with crabs because they will cause poisoning. In fact, persimmons themselves are prone to causing \”persimmon gastric stones\”. If you eat high-protein foods with persimmons at the same time, the protein will coagulate and promote the formation of gastric persimmon stones. So please remember that good fresh crabs are not good for anything. If the crabs are contaminated, spoiled or undercooked, they are not good for anything. Where can’t you eat hairy crabs? Those who often eat hairy crabs should know that crab meat is very delicious, and crab roe and crab paste have the highest nutritional value. But there are some parts of crabs that you shouldn’t eat: the intestines, stomach, and gills. The intestines and stomach belong to the digestive tract, and the gills belong to the respiratory organs. They are prone to accumulation of dirt, so do not eat them. There are also crab hearts. There are rumors that crab hearts are also very cold, probably because they belong to the internal organs of the circulatory system and are more likely to cause allergies and diarrhea. Some people may be fine after eating it, while others may feel uncomfortable. But just like the internal organs of other animals, it’s up to you to decide whether to eat them or not. ▲The crab intestine connecting the umbilicus and the shell ▲▲The crab stomach in the shell ▲▲The crab gills on both sides of the shell ▲▲The crab heart that needs to be looked for in the middle ▲Is it better to have wild hairy crabs? This is the question that came to my mind when Xiaohui mentioned today that good hairy crabs should be wild. Last year, there was news in the United States that hairy crab roe was inedible because of excessive heavy metal contaminants. It really scared me at the time. Later, I checked the original news text and found out that hairy crabs in the United States are wild and therefore eat too many pollutants. Therefore, many animals are better if they are wild. Hairy crabs are safer if they are artificially raised. Of course, the water quality of the lake area where the crabs are raised must be good, otherwise the same pollution will exceed the standard. What should we pay attention to when eating hairy crabs? 1: Do not eat raw crabs because there is a risk of parasite or microbial infection. 2: Don’t eat dead crabs, crabs are prone to spoilage. 3: Cook thoroughly when eating to reduce the problem of bacterial growth. 4. Try to buy live hairy crabs and cook them at home. Crabs cannot be eaten if they are dead. They are said to contain toxins, but such fragile lives will die a lot in the fish market. When interviewed by the TV station, the crab seller said that the dead crabs were sold to restaurants and they were all sold out. Therefore, if you can’t choose the crab yourself, make sure it is cooked live and cooked in a restaurant, and don’t eat hairy crabs. How to choose hairy crabs? How big of a crab should I choose? The size of the crab depends on the cost performance and personal preference. The size of the hairy crab is actually not important. It is better to choose the one with rich meat. Size does not mean the taste is good or bad, it is just a matter of enjoyment and appearance. If you are not giving it as a treat, you can eat it by yourself, as long as it is a moderate size. The important thing is that it tastes good and the meat is firm. Currently, female crabs cost around 3.5 taels, and male crabs cost around 3.5 taels, which is a good value for money. Therefore, for crabs of the same size, choose the heavier ones; for crabs of the same weight, choose the smaller ones. In addition, you can pinch the crab legs to feel whether they are solid, and you can also select good crabs. Of course, if you can choose, choose the one that looks the most active and wants to jump out to die. What to do if you buy too many hairy crabs! How to store it! It is best to buy as much as you want to eat, and when you buy too much, store it.There may be a possibility of jailbreak and hang. Crabs stored for a long time will deplete the nutrients in their own bodies, so it is better to eat them fresh. If you use the hairy crab card mode, you cannot take 8-10 crabs at once. You cannot eat them and need to save them. The key points to pay attention to are humidity and low temperature. Put the crabs in the water for a few minutes, then put them in a container, then put the container in the refrigerator and sprinkle a little water on the crabs every 1-2 days. This will allow the crabs to survive for a few more days and keep their taste as good as possible. If you cannot eat the cooked crabs at one time and eat them the next day, you should also pay attention to the hygienic precautions for preservation. The taste of the crab will of course deteriorate the next day. You can try to remove the crab meat and yellow meat and make it into porridge, steamed buns or other foods. So again, for many ingredients, as long as they are safe and non-toxic, children can try them. Many people are unwilling to let their children eat fresh natural seafood, but give their children big bags of snacks with high calories and additives. Which one is harmful? , in fact, it is clear at a glance. If you like to eat, you can try it if you want to eat it. If you just agree with the health care of traditional Chinese medicine, you can give it up. After all, hairy crabs are just seafood, and we don’t have to be obsessed with them. Every child has a different physical condition and a different diet structure. The most important thing is to ensure that the child has a balanced diet, right~

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