Children have these bad habits when sleeping. Parents should pay attention to help their children change them in time.

Parents will find that their babies tend to snore and drool when sleeping, and sometimes wake up from sleep looking uncomfortable. In fact, it’s all caused by breathing with your mouth open while sleeping! The role of the nose is undoubted as bacteria breed and the baby\’s ailments are kept away. Nose hairs block dust and tiny particles in the air, and nasal mucus adheres to bacteria, ensuring human health. Once you only breathe through your mouth, these dirt, germs, and microorganisms can easily enter the baby\’s respiratory tract directly, causing colds, coughs, and even lung inflammation. Poor breathing, causing the baby to snore and drool. When the baby breathes through the mouth, the pressure on the respiratory tract will increase, and the pharyngeal muscles will contract, causing snoring. The back and forth flow of gas will also cause drooling. If the baby does not brush his teeth or has Food residue and bad breath. Disordered secretion results in a child who is short in stature and receives less oxygen through oral respiration, which can lead to insufficient oxygen supply to the brain and high pressure on blood vessels, making the baby easy to wake up. In addition, the quality of sleep is reduced, and the growth hormone that is rapidly secreted at night is suppressed. At the same time, if the hormones of such children cannot keep up, they will be stunted and short in stature. Facial muscle deformation will make the child grow uglier. If the child breathes with his mouth open for a long time, the muscles will stretch and contract unnaturally, which will lead to the deformation and development of facial bones and teeth. Over time, the child\’s face will become deformed and the teeth will grow unevenly. Shota will also become Brother Asan. Attention, mother, preventing and correcting this bad habit of your baby is a task that requires persistence and slow grinding. You must pay attention to these two points: ① Clean the nasal cavity in time to breathe smoothly. Many times, the baby has a cold or runny nose, causing Breathing is not smooth. If there is residue in the nasal cavity, the mouth will be opened unconsciously when sleeping. There are also nosebleeds and scabs caused by picking the nose. Parents should clean up the baby in time, not just treat the disease. ②Adjust the sleeping position and reduce resistance. There are also many children who open their mouths and snore because of incorrect sleeping postures and poor breathing. Parents should pay attention to not twisting their necks so that their babies can sleep on their backs. Turning him over during the day, sleeping on his side or lying on his stomach can suppress it and reduce respiratory resistance. ③Choose a good pillow. It is not recommended to use pillows for babies under 3 months old to sleep. Even if they are used later, the pillow should not exceed 4 cm. Otherwise, it will easily cause deformation of the baby\’s cervical vertebrae and spine, causing the baby to turn over unsteadily and cause breathing problems. Obstacles.

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