Children, if you don’t take exams, what else can you do?

A while ago, a relative\’s child was going to take an independent admissions exam for a vocational school. Before signing up, her parents called specifically and wanted us to help find out how this school is like. How sure are their children that they will pass the exam? I happened to have a classmate who was a teacher at this school, so I asked about their school\’s admissions policy. According to the analysis of his classmates, the chance of this child being admitted to their school is almost zero. To be admitted to this school, you can choose one of two conditions: either you have certain specialties, your professional scores must reach a certain standard, and your scores in cultural courses must meet the minimum threshold; or your scores in cultural courses must meet a certain standard. When I asked this child again, I found that he did not have any special skills, had not taken any professional examinations before, and had poor academic performance. It was unlikely that he would be admitted based on cultural courses. Tactfully inform the child and her parents of the possible outcome. Two days later, the child\’s parents called again. They still wanted to let their child try and had already signed up. According to the child, her parents forced her to take the exam because they were afraid that she would not be able to go to school in the future. This independent enrollment will not affect her re-admission to the college entrance examination. One more chance and one more hope. As for the child herself, she is not very anxious. Her idea is very simple: all roads lead to Rome, and it doesn\’t matter if she can\’t go to college. She will definitely be able to do well in the future, and she will not necessarily do worse than those classmates who are going to college. Seeing the child\’s attitude, I was secretly worried for her parents. Child, where do you get your confidence? If you don’t take exams or go to school, how much more do you have left to fight for? Examination is not the only way, but it is the fairest way. Over the years, I have always believed that examination is the fairest way for most children. Although many people think that the examination system is unreasonable, as one examination determines life, which makes children lose their fun and freedom, and also limits their creativity. However, it is the exam that gives most children a chance to compete fairly. No matter where you come from, what you look like, or who your parents are, as long as your grades are good enough, you will have the opportunity to go to a good university and learn more. , meet more people and live a relatively good life. Everyone is equal in the face of grades, which is an important part of changing the destiny of many children. At every class reunion, when talking about their experiences over the years, although most students have not lived the ideal life they wanted, they all believe that the college entrance examination has changed their lives. No matter what university I went to or what job I found later, it was the college entrance examination that allowed me to see greater possibilities. It was also the college entrance examination that made me always believe that hard work will always pay off. It is true that some students who failed the college entrance examination or did not take the college entrance examination have lived a good life through their own efforts, but their chances of going to college are much smaller. If there is a ready-made opportunity like an exam in front of you, why not try your best to try it instead of taking a long way around? Look down on exams, where are your strengths? Some children have confidence that they don’t know where they come from, thinking that they can live the life they want even if they don’t study well or do not do well on exams. Where does this confidence come from? Is it your overall quality or your knowledge? Many years ago, I was studying in high school in the county town. The Communist Youth League secretary was a person who passed the examination from the township.girl. The class teacher was changed in the second year of high school. The young new class teacher changed the league secretary the day after he took office. He talked to the girl and told her that the league secretary needed to organize activities frequently, so it was better to find a knowledgeable and capable child from the county. More appropriate. This argument of the class teacher aroused public outrage in our dormitory, because the eight people in our dormitory were all admitted from the countryside. That night, none of us slept, and the crowd was furious and criticized the class teacher all night long. Later, all eight of us were admitted to college. Many years later, when we got together again and talked about this matter that had made everyone angry for a long time, everyone was extremely calm. They felt that there might be something wrong with what the class teacher did back then, but the classmates in that county were indeed better in organizational ability and ability than us. His ability in cultural and sports activities is much stronger. Over the years, everyone has deeply realized from their own experiences that although after passing the exam, they have reached the same level as some people who were originally very different in all aspects, there are some gaps that they cannot make up for even after many years. There were two articles \”I worked hard for 18 years to sit down and drink coffee with you\” and \”I worked hard for 18 years not just to drink coffee with you\”, both of which are our true journeys. As a child from most ordinary families, you don’t have to compete for exams, but you have to compete with others for quality and knowledge. Where is your confidence? If you can\’t do well in the exam, why do you think that taking the exam yourself is a screening mechanism. On this road, some people will definitely get through and some will not. Some people say that I am not naturally suitable for learning, but I have outstanding abilities in other aspects. I am good at business, I have high emotional intelligence, etc., and my future development opportunities are also great. Whether a person studies well or not reflects more of his comprehensive abilities, such as his endurance, his will, his study habits, his ability to reflect, and his ability to resist frustration. Using natural suitability as an excuse, I\’m afraid it\’s not quite appropriate. After all, you have devoted more than ten years to studying this matter, and your performance is very poor in this matter. Why do you think you can do it in other aspects? In the past, we naively believed that those who studied well were nerds and could do nothing but study. However, later we found out that we were wrong. Most students who study well not only do not stay idle, but also perform outstandingly in other aspects. They apply their learning ability to all aspects. More and more, we find that not only are we unable to compete with others in learning, but we are also far behind in other aspects. Many people are talking about the futility of studying, but no parent wants their children to be poor students. In everyone\’s heart, they still feel that there is nothing wrong with studying well. In our opinion, exams have shortcomings of one kind or another, but for most children, they are the most worthwhile thing to fight for. Although, for some people, exams are not necessarily the best way to go, for most kids, it is. My child, I hope you work hard at the age when you should learn the most. In the future, you will thank yourself now.

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