Children, in the face of loving the meaning of life, the college entrance examination is nothing.

It is very sad that on the first day of the college entrance examination, there was news about candidates jumping off the building. According to the Beijing News, a candidate in Pingquan, Hebei Province jumped off a building and died on the morning of the 7th due to depression. Insiders said this was the third time the boy had signed up to take the college entrance examination. Our sympathies and condolences go out to his family. But we should also think about why something like this happens every year in the college entrance examination. Our first reaction is, of course, to attribute the cause to the evil college entrance examination. Indeed, if it were not for the huge pressure of the college entrance examination, children would not be distracted. But it would obviously be far-fetched if we just let the college entrance examination take the blame. Just like someone jumps off a building because of love, but we can\’t put all the responsibility on love. The pressure of the college entrance examination is definitely an inducement for children to commit suicide, but the problem lies in the fact that children do not receive enough life education and collapse under the pressure of the college entrance examination. We always blindly teach our children to be inspirational, but we neglect to tell them that life is the foundation of everything. Such lame education makes our children\’s spirits collapse and go to extremes when their so-called ideals cannot be realized. Of course the college entrance examination is important, but the most important thing in life is not just the college entrance examination. In addition to the college entrance examination, we also have friendship, family affection, love, family, career, and the colorful world. There are even too many unexpected \”Easter eggs\” that will surprise us. . Even if you really fail the college entrance examination, there is no need to give up everything. Because compared with life, the college entrance examination is nothing. Life is a blank paper on which we draw. At most, the college entrance examination is only one of the more important strokes. Even if this stroke is a little bit bad, the paper should not be torn off. No painting is perfect. If you paint poorly in this area, you can still turn it into a good painting if you work hard in other areas. And if you tear off the paper, everything will be meaningless. Speaking of painting on white paper, a famous cross talk joke \”Drawing a Fan\” comes to mind. A man was painting someone on a white fan. He started to draw a beauty, but ended up saying, \”The beauty\’s face is a bit big. I\’ll change it to Zhang Fei.\” The next painting of Zhang Fei was not done well, \”Zhang Fei has a bit too much beard, let me change it into a strange rock for you.\” In the end, even the strange rocks were not good enough, so I had to \”I\’ll blacken them for you, and you can find someone to write gold letters on them.\” Crosstalk is a satire on those who are ignorant and bragging, but if understood from another perspective, his sober-faced spirit is worthy of admiration. Even if the white fan is blackened, it is still a fan, and gold characters can be written on it, and it does not affect its use. If it is torn into pieces because the painting is not done well, it looks determined, but in fact it is very confusing. While we provide inspirational education to our children, we should also provide such life education, telling them that nothing is of equal weight in the scale of life. Money is of course important, but when facing robbers, you must give up resolutely, because as long as you live, you can earn more money; love is of course important, but when your lover leaves, you don\’t have to commit suicide, you must firmly believe that there is no grass anywhere in the world; career is of course important, but If you encounter failure, as long as you grit your teeth and hold on, you can make a comeback. Of course the college entrance examination is also important, but in this world many people have not even taken the college entrance examination.Such a prosperous life. If you would die if you took the college entrance examination three times, then we would not have Taobao, Alipay, or the convenient and fast life we ​​have now. Life will inevitably encounter all kinds of ups and downs, twists and turns. Remember, if we keep the green hills, we are not afraid of running out of firewood. Only by cherishing life can we both win and lose. He Ke, a psychology professor at the Department of Education of Guizhou Normal University, once said that psychological problems are a common problem. Almost everyone has psychological problems, but the degree is different. An authoritative survey in the United States also showed that 80% of people have psychological problems of varying degrees throughout their lives. \”Human psychological conditions fluctuate within the range of healthy – unhealthy – pathological.\” In other words, each of us may be depressed. At this time, we need the help of our family members and self-adjustment. For the children taking the college entrance examination this year, maybe some subjects in the two-day exam are not satisfactory, and maybe ten days later, they will receive a disastrous result. We all need to be prepared. I hope that parents can find time to talk to their children about their hearts, life, and life, and help their children relieve their nervous emotions. No matter what the future college entrance examination results will be, we must let our children know that the college entrance examination can only determine our next starting point, but it will never limit the height of our lives. If you cross this hurdle with determination, you will find that the wind and waves ahead are calm and the sea and sky are vast.

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