Children like this, no shame

One day, I took my son for a walk in a nearby park after dinner. My son went to one of the steps we selected and jumped up and down. This is a must-do activity every time we go out. I just sat and watched him. From time to time, an uncle or aunt would pull a small trailer and come to sell some luminous toys. Sometimes when they hear their son calling, they immediately ask, \”Kid, do you want to buy some? It\’s very fun.\” But the son will not ask for these and is busy playing his own games. Because he thinks it’s more fun to climb the stairs in the park and chase with his dad. Besides, my \”number one toy\” is right here, and I will take him to play something exciting at any time. At this time, a little boy about 4 years old ran over with his father. Dad held the mobile phone in one hand and yelled, \”Don\’t run around, don\’t run around.\” The child ran to an aunt who was selling toys, grabbed his father\’s clothes and said he wanted to buy them. He took a fancy to a luminous yo-yo, which looked really dazzling. The father didn\’t even raise his head and said he didn\’t want to buy it, just go and play! The child still refuses to obey. At this point he reluctantly put down his phone. He glanced at the child and then at the toy. He said loudly, \”Don\’t you feel ashamed? That\’s what little children play, and you are already so old.\” \”It\’s so shameful! You still play when you are so old,\” he added several more sentences. The aunt selling toys quickly said, \”It\’s okay if you don\’t buy it. Don\’t scare the child.\” At this time, the child lowered his head and stopped making trouble. Maybe he thinks that he likes this thing and really embarrasses his father. So he walked away feeling very disappointed. The father was looking at his phone while following his child. When I saw this scene, I really felt sorry for the child. I really want to say something: Children like this, there is no shame in it! Because children will be interested in many things in the world. Why do birds fly? Why doesn\’t the sun come out at night? What\’s on dad\’s phone? What does this stuff taste like? …too many. Children\’s interests and hobbies are their own freedom, and parents should not interfere. Rather, be the one who awakens your child’s interest. Only in this way can education be more effective. And the children will feel respected and loved. We know that parents are the first to awaken interests in their children. How to guide children\’s interests onto a healthy track plays a key role. If you don\’t take this responsibility. When a child has a problem, don\’t just blame the child for being ignorant. When a child expresses his love for something for the first time. What is the parent\’s attitude and behavior? It can be said that it plays a decisive role in children\’s behavioral habits. I remember once taking the subway to go to a friend’s house. The subway was very crowded, and next to me there was a mother standing against the carriage carrying a mommy bag. A baby about 1 year old was sitting in his own stroller, being supported by his grandmother. After a while, the child started to want to make trouble. Grandma quickly took out her mobile phone and opened a video of square dancing for her children to watch. The child immediately stared quietly at the phone screen. After a while, grandma changed another program and continued watching. The children sometimes enjoy rocking to the rhythm. Mom and grandma looked at each other and smiled. It can be seen that the child is very accustomed to such comfort. I have a strong interest in mobile phones and have a sense of intimacy. cell phone in ourIt is not just a communication tool in life. They have become inseparable partners. Also often plays the role of electronic nanny. Many people will say that it’s okay to show it to children. When children are young, they stop playing when they become sensible. My mother once told me the same thing. But I didn\’t agree. Will you really grow up and become sensible and stop playing? So many of us adults. There is so much to indulge in. So at that time I told my mother: When you take care of your children, you can take them out to play and tell them a story. Or paint with him. Anyway, the principle is that you can\’t let him play with mobile phones. I also bought a set of drawing books, crayons, and colored pens. Unexpectedly, my mother actually took her son to draw a lot of paintings. Although the paintings of flowers, plants, insects and fish are average, they are also very interesting. I also read a lot of stories to the children, and the old man told stories to his grandson. The scene felt even more warm. Integrate into the child\’s world as early as possible and awaken the child\’s interest. For example, interest in learning, interest in reading, interest in nature, and interest in life. Take the cultivation of interest in reading as an example. Too many parents have some decadent prejudices or are misled by some educational concepts. For example, don’t let children read, learn happily and stay away from books. Therefore, many children have not been exposed to books before the age of 3. Even after I entered elementary school, I still didn’t read any good extracurricular books. Nowadays, these are often an excuse for parents. Because parent-child reading is very tiring, much more tiring than putting the children in the playground. It is also much more tiring than leaving the child to the teacher. But if you don’t endure some hardship, how can you gain anything? If you are lazy today, you will shed tears in the future. For example, for parent-child reading, you need to prepare books and read them to your children. Parents who have read it all know that after reading three books, their mouths will become dry. After finishing five books, I was out of breath and basically exhausted. However, introduce books to children early and read stories to them. It is easier for children to develop good behaviors and habits because of the guidance of stories and the power of role models. In addition, with the accumulation of vocabulary, the language ability will be much stronger. It is said that boys cannot speak as well as girls, but I insisted that my son start reading when he was a few months old. Now, at the age of 4, I can communicate with elementary school children and with unfamiliar uncles and aunts very smoothly. This should be the benefit of parent-child reading. For older children, the books they have read mean that their knowledge and realm will be higher and broader. The most important thing is that the child likes books as a companion. Have a strong interest in knowledge. And this is a good start to learning. Every time he studied English, I followed him with great interest. When parents participate in their children\’s learning and grow together. It is more effective than any strict requirements or scolding. Parents should also awaken another interest in their children – interest in nature. Because it is not a good thing for children to always sit at the desk and read books and do nothing else. So in fact, my son spends more time playing and doing sports. Because if you go for a walk outside, you will discover a lot. For example, I once took him to observe a dandelion, and we first saw its fluffy balls. I said they would fly into the sky with the wind, fly far and wide, and then take root and grow new dandelions. When my son blows gently, when he saw the white fluffy seeds flying up, he cheered and said that it was really like this, it was really like this. With his interest in plants, he would observe moss and how many petals different flowers have. When we see earthworms, we will talk about their characteristics and how they are different from snakes and loaches. This is a vivid lesson on animals and plants. Parents may wish to teach their children more. See, this is how children\’s interests are awakened. In our company, I understand him and he understands me. When a child likes this, there is no shame. When a child doesn’t like this, he or she will not be forced to accept it. Parents’ attitude and intentions are very important…

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