Children like to hear what their parents say

Sorry, someone said something like this: \”Parents spend their whole lives waiting for their children to say thank you, and children spend their whole lives waiting for their parents to say sorry.\” Some parents rarely apologize to their children. Even if they are really wrong, it is difficult to say \” Sorry\” these three words. In fact, there is no shame in saying sorry to our children, and our children are less likely to look down on us because of it. Top 10 bestsellers Li Zhongying\’s Comprehensive Parent-Child Relationship Skills e-book Don\’t worry that apologizing to your children will destroy your tall image in the minds of your children. Parents who always don\’t apologize for doing wrong things still have a tall image in their children\’s minds. ! Thank you. Children are not the only ones who need to say \”thank you\” to their parents. Parents should also always thank their children. Even though the children are young, they also long to be valued and respected. We Chinese parents are usually relatively restrained in expressing emotions between parents and children. Although the situation has improved after the post-80s and 90s became parents, a considerable number of parents still have this problem. Many children rarely hear \”thank you\” from their parents at home, as it seems awkward to say so. In fact, don’t think so. No matter how old our children are, we should all learn to say “thank you”. This is by no means a false politeness, and it will greatly promote the parent-child relationship! I love you. Parents love their children, but love needs to be expressed, and spoken love is easier to be \”seen.\” Compared with \”thank you\”, these three words \”I love you\” are even more difficult for many parents to say. It was fine when the children were young, but as they grew older, they became less accustomed to saying this to them. Of course, not expressing love does not mean that you do not love your children. On the contrary, we Chinese parents pour more love into our children. The first thing I think of when something good happens is my children. No matter how much I suffer, how tired I am, and how many grievances I endure, I am not willing to let my children bear it. In the eyes of many parents, it is enough to love their children silently. Why say it out loud? It is unnecessary and not customary. However, I personally believe that expressing love to children verbally is also very necessary. As a parent, you should often say these words to your children in your daily life! It\’s okay. Nothing heals a child more than a \”It\’s okay\” from mom and dad. When he makes mistakes, when he doesn\’t perform so well, \”it\’s okay\” is their courage and motivation to keep going. Many parents are unwilling to say these three words to their children. They always feel that after their children make mistakes, they must teach them a lesson to let them know how to repent. However, countless facts have proven that punishment cannot help children grow better, and is more likely to make children go further and further down the wrong path. Of course, saying \”it doesn\’t matter\” to your children does not mean tolerating them in everything. There are some principled issues that must be paid attention to, and children must not be tolerated when they should bear the consequences. I\’m proud of you. There is no child who doesn\’t want to be the pride of his parents. Children who often hear this sentence are more confident and have a greater sense of worth. Maybe some parents will say: \”It\’s useless for my child to say these words ten thousand times. He just can\’t hold himself up to the wall, and he has nothing to be proud of…\” Some children really don\’t care about these words said by their parents. In the eyes of his parents, he is also a good-for-nothing person, and he himself is broken.The jar broke. However, I firmly believe that these children were not like this at the beginning. They must be eager to be recognized and affirmed by their parents. It\’s just that when they don\’t satisfy their parents, their parents always deny and attack him. After a long time, he becomes numb and doesn\’t care anymore! If you also feel that your child has nothing to be proud of, then I suggest you calm down and think about it carefully. Have you really done the right thing? Conduct a soul torture on yourself, maybe you will have different insights and discoveries! We will always support your family. Your home will always be your child’s last haven. The support of your parents is so important to your children. When they are confused or failed, what they long to hear most is often the words \”We will always support you\” from their parents. Adults, when people who are running around are tired and tired, it will be so warm in their hearts to hear their parents say, \”Come back when you are tired. We are here and we will always support you!\” The same goes for children, who also long to be treated like this by their parents. When you fail in an exam, have conflicts with friends, or fail to get into higher education, when you hear your parents say this, you will instantly feel full of strength and cheer up again. On the contrary, if parents not only do not understand themselves, but also criticize and accuse themselves, then they are likely to give up on themselves, or even go to extremes!

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