Children who help their mothers with housework from an early age become better students when they grow up

Li Xiang once posted a set of photos of her daughter Wang Shiling arranging flowers on the Internet, with the caption: \”A girl who knows how to do housework!\” In the photo, Wang Shiling is wearing gloves and carefully cutting off the spikes of roses with scissors, looking serious and elegant. cute. Last year, Wang Shiling posted a video demonstrating how to solve math problems in English. She showed the whole process of solving math problems in English. She explained every step in detail and even drew pictures for annotations. Many netizens said: Wang Shiling, who is only 8 years old, has already surpassed her own level of English in more than ten years. We see that even Wang Shiling, who was \”rich\” by Li Xiang with all his efforts, still did the housework within his ability in his spare time. We often think that housework is too far away from our children. But in fact, if a child does not have the habit of doing housework since childhood, it will be a big loss in the future. Last winter, the words \”No matter how big the world is, it\’s no bigger than a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes\” were all over my circle of friends. Children studying abroad need to bring a piece of food to attend a potluck party. He thought about scrambled eggs with tomatoes, but he couldn\’t. So he called his mother in China for help. Under his mother\’s video \”teaching\”, he completed the tomato scrambled eggs. However, what he didn\’t expect was that there was a 12 time zone difference between his parents and himself. Mom and dad on the other side of the ocean got up at 4 o\’clock in the morning. Mom gave a live demonstration and dad made a live video broadcast, just for a dish of tomato scrambled eggs. The world is a big place, and children need not only demonstrations and reminders of our love, but also need for them to start the \”stove\” of independent survival as early as possible. When we were young, we were reluctant to let our children do housework. When they grew up, we discovered that children’s lives are actually inseparable from housework. There is no life that can be separated from life, and there is no education that can be separated from life. When U.S. President Obama moved into the White House, he established 9 house rules for 10-year-old Malia and 8-year-old Sasha, 4 of which were related to housework. * Be sure to make the bed, not just look tidy; * Do your own things, such as making your own cereal or pouring milk, folding your own quilt, setting your own alarm clock, getting up and getting dressed yourself; * Keep the toy room clean; * Help $1 per week for parents to share housework. In a talk show, he said the secret to maintaining a normal life for his daughters in the White House was to have them do chores around the house. Even if they are in the White House, they still have to help their parents with housework, make their own beds, take the dog for a walk, feed the dog, and do their homework well. Obama exemplifies his views on parenting: Letting children learn to do housework will add to learning and bring more help. Nobel Prize winner in Physics and U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu said: It is hard to imagine that children who can only read and cannot even fry or boil eggs will know how to do experiments. His three brothers all received Ph.D. degrees from prestigious American universities. Many people are curious about how his parents educate their children. One of Zhu’s mother’s educational secrets is that children must learn to cook, and making wontons is their “cooking enlightenment.” Steven Chu, who has been cooking since he was a child, often brought various rice bags he made to school to share with his classmates when he was in elementary and middle school. Steven Chu said: Cooking is like doing an experiment.It can train a person\’s concentration and problem-solving abilities. Open the refrigerator and cook with the only ingredients in the refrigerator. If you can make a delicious meal, you are seeking change and improvement within limited resources. This kind of experience and ability is of great benefit to a person in solving bottleneck problems faced in scientific research and thinking scientifically. Therefore, he firmly advocated that every child should learn to cook and do housework from an early age. Life is education, and what children can learn through housework cannot be compensated by extracurricular tutoring classes or interest classes. A domestic education research institution once conducted a survey on 20,000 families with primary school students across the country. The results showed that children who like to do housework are 27 times more likely to have excellent grades than children who do not like to do housework. Doing housework not only does not delay children\’s homework, but also allows the brain to rest from heavy homework, which is one of the ways to restore energy. Some time ago, a Weibo post by national daughter-in-law Hai Qing once again attracted attention. Her child Danniu can not only wash clothes and socks, but also carry bags and luggage. More importantly, Danniu is also a top academic. Huang Lei has many daughters, who can read original English books, translate English books, go on catwalks, and perform in everything. At the same time, household tasks such as baking cakes and knitting sweaters and hats are not a problem. As psychologists have found: When people are doing physical work and physical exercise, the brain has the most oxygen; when the brain is working and exercising, the thinking part is resting. With such a combination of work and rest, children will be smarter. Housework, like the wings of a bird, is the best support for learning. The longest experiment in human history, the 75-year-old \”Grant Study\” conducted by Harvard University, tells us that one of the key points in making children successful is to get them to do housework, and the earlier they start, the better. In \”Mom is Superman 3\”, Baba experiences being a store manager for the first time. That day, she not only experienced simple cashiering, but also faced various situations: she cleaned the floor, wiped the table, resisted the temptation to give customers food samples, and helped customers buy goods; when a customer accidentally dropped the ice cream on the ground , Baobao took a rag and detergent to deal with it as soon as possible. These trivial things test the children\’s reaction ability, but they can handle them with ease. For a 3 year old, it\’s great. No one is born knowing how to do housework. Every child needs a process of experience. When they are learning and groping about doing housework, our companionship, tolerance and guidance are extremely important. In \”Mom is Superman 3\”, the 4-year-old Uhm Hem said that he wanted to make delicious juice for his mother, and soaked blueberries and cherries in water. Huo Siyan did not stop her, but accompanied him to \”make juice\”. Even though it had no taste at all, Huo Siyan still said: \”It tastes good!\” After trying the hum and hum, Huo Siyan began to guide the hum: \”Do you know a juicer?\” She said, \”The child is engaged in making a juice. When doing something, we should all learn not to interrupt him. Even if we know that the matter is wrong, we should not interrupt him. I think this is very helpful in cultivating a child\’s imagination and creativity.\” True love should be like this, able to guide, tolerate, believe, hope,If you can endure it, you will never stop. Tolstoy said: \”If a person knows how to work and how to love, then he will have a wonderful life.\” We hope that our children will have a smooth, safe and happy life, and for this reason, we are also willing to help them Protect yourself from wind and rain for a lifetime. But there is no fragrant grass under the big tree, which is harmful to the overcast. Excessive love and protection will ultimately bring harm to children. The purpose of all education is to enable children to live a better life. If you love your child, let him do some housework and let him go at the right time. He will fly higher and go farther!

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