Children with fever how to do? Rubbing yourself with alcohol to cool down is dangerous

Question 1: A 5-month-old baby has a fever that has lasted for about 2 hours. The current maximum temperature is 37.7 degrees. Can I use alcohol to cool it down? The baby has a runny nose and stuffy nose, is in good spirits, can eat and play, and has no other symptoms. Dr. Cui Lixia answered: Although alcohol has a cooling effect, it is not recommended to use alcohol to wipe infants and young children. Many years ago, there was indeed a consensus that alcohol should be used on the body. However, with the development of science, medical science has realized that alcohol can be absorbed through the skin, and the cuticle of the baby\’s skin is thinner and easier to absorb, which may cause allergies or even alcohol poisoning. Therefore, Not recommended for use on infants and young children. Now the baby is in good spirits and the temperature is not very high. You can feed the baby some water. If the baby does not resist, you can give the baby a bath to make the baby feel comfortable. If the body temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees, you can take acetaminophen to reduce fever. If fever occurs repeatedly, it is recommended to check the blood routine and C-reactive protein, and take medication according to the infection situation. Question 2: A one-year-old and four-month-old baby fell off the bed, landed on the back of his head, cried for five or six minutes, and then had a nosebleed, which was not much. I fell asleep after feeding. Is it serious? Need to go to the hospital? Doctor Yang Yafeng answered: It is very common for nosebleeds to occur when the back of the head hits the ground. Now you need to observe the baby\’s mental state to see if there are any symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. If these symptoms occur, you need to seek medical treatment in time. Also, be careful in the future, as you may be prone to nosebleeds. Question 3: My baby is six months old. He had a cold and cough a few days ago and had a few days of nebulization. The sound in his throat has stopped, but his nose still keeps running clear. The doctor asked him to take ribavirin granules and cephalosporin, but it has been three days. What should I do if I still have a runny nose? Dr. Xu Lijuan’s answer: Apply a warm towel to the nose for ten minutes each time to prevent the child’s environment from being hot and cold. You can apply it multiple times a day. Stop applying hot compress when symptoms are better. A runny nose may still be caused by abnormal secretion.

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