Children\’s addiction to \”junk food\” can be easily broken with just this one trick without beating, scolding or yelling.

Let’s briefly talk about “what is junk food”. Junk food mainly refers to food that is rich in sugar and fat that can produce high calories, but lacks fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. And most junk food contains numerous additives, making it even more unhealthy. Therefore, we are unwilling, do not want, and do not allow our children to eat more. In fact, when the children were young, this was not a big deal. He will eat whatever we give him; without supply, there will naturally be no consumption. Not offering it proactively is the basis for reducing children’s consumption of junk food. Before Ogawa was 2 years old, in addition to breast milk, milk powder, and complementary food, he only had three snacks: fruit, yogurt-melted beans, and puffs. Since he has never eaten or seen it, he is naturally not interested. But slowly, as the child\’s mobility improves and the radius of activity expands, tight control becomes more and more difficult. As long as he has contact with the outside world, he will always have the opportunity to discover the \”beauty\” of junk food. When he was 2 years old, we took Xiaochuan to a friend\’s house. Looking at the various snacks, Xiaochuan felt like Grandma Liu had entered the Grand View Garden, which was an eye-opener. Seeing him take a sip of Coke and then hold on to the Coke bottle \”silly\”, my heart skipped a beat, \”That\’s bad! If someone gives you a piece of candy, he won\’t be able to follow it!\” From the looks of it, just Relying on control, restriction, and saying no to him will definitely not work. Just one trick can easily break this addiction. First of all, children cannot be completely prevented from eating junk food. Because we ourselves also eat some popcorn when watching movies, some potato chips when watching TV, a can of Coke when the weather is hot, and ice cream when we are in a bad mood…these are sweet and greasy foods. , indeed unhealthy, but they can indeed bring us temporary happiness and satisfaction. As long as it\’s not excessive, it\’s okay. I have the same requirement for Xiaochuan. He can eat snacks, but he must eat them at the right time and in the right amount. Moreover, you must not eat before meals or before going to bed, as it will affect normal eating and sleeping. I don\’t like to threaten children simply and rudely: \”Eating snacks will cause stomachache! Eating snacks will cause diarrhea!\” This perfunctory approach may be effective, but it will also hurt the child. So, what is the ultimate trick to break children’s “junk food addiction”? Every time Xiaochuan asked for a certain snack, I would not say NO directly to him. I would pull him to carefully read the nutritional information and ingredient list on the package, and explain to him in detail the consequences of excessive sugar, excessive fat, and excessive salt. Hazards, tell him what food additives are and where they are obtained. Take potato chips as an example. First look at the nutritional label. I would say to Xiaochuan: \”Look, potato chips only contain energy-producing things such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, and sugar. They contain almost no vitamins, minerals, and no nutrients. If you eat too much, you will only lose energy.\” It will make you gain weight, but it will not make you taller, stronger, or smarter. Moreover, potato chips have too much salt. Remember what your mother told you, what will happen if you eat too much salt? Eat salt. Too much will affect your absorption of zinc. Zinc is important to you and can make you smarter and stronger. Eating too much salt may also cause high blood pressure. My grandma has high blood pressure and often suffers from dizziness and Headache, lack of strengthgas. \”This is just the beginning, the highlight is the ingredient list.\” Xiaochuan, look at how many food additives are in the potato chips! Let me count for you, excluding salt and soy sauce, there are 21 additives! There are so many additives, do you dare to eat more! Anyway, my mother is a little worried. Look, there’s silica in there! Do you know what silica is used for? The factory mainly uses silica to make glass, pottery, and cement. Eating too many potato chips is equivalent to eating a lot of glasses, which is a bit scary to think about. You still don’t know where silica comes from, right? It is extracted from stone. Can stones be eaten? Probably not? ! You see, there\’s also something called cochineal. Let mom check what it is. OMG! It turns out that it is a red pigment extracted from the body of cochineal, a bug on the cactus. No wonder it is called cochineal. After listening to my talk for a long time, Xiaochuan frowned and thought for a long time: \”Mom, I won\’t eat potato chips anymore.\” It\’s a bit disgusting to think about. \”I gently touched his head and said, \”It\’s not completely inedible, because it tastes very good, as long as you don\’t eat too much. \”But I was secretly happy, I succeeded again! Over time, when Xiaochuan and I buy food together, he will first let me look at the ingredient list to make sure there are not many additives. So now, every time we go to the supermarket, I will safely buy some snacks in case of emergencies. They will not be hidden, they will be placed on the table or stored in the cupboard, but they will eat very little. To summarize: First of all, we should not be forceful Forbid children to eat junk food. Sometimes a little \”indulgence\” can really bring happiness. We should not want his life to be restricted and joyless. Secondly, we should tell him the harm of no restraint. No intimidation. , not being perfunctory, providing scientific knowledge and objective facts for him to judge for himself is the ultimate way to break the \”junk food addiction\”. Because after all, we are not controlling the child, but helping him learn to control himself. The same is true for food, and the same is true for life. .

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