Children\’s Chinese studies reading book with 48 sentences in the essence version of Guangxianwen, changing children\’s life

There was a saying in the old days: \”You can speak after reading \”Zengguang\”.\” \”Zengguang\” refers to \”Zengguang Xianwen\”, which is a Chinese studies reading with simple words and profound content; it is composed of a widely popular folk saying , as well as a compilation of fluent sentences with deep meaning in ancient poetry. \”The collection of rhymes increases the scope of the book, and the more you see and hear more.\” This is also a classic worthy of our careful taste and study. Today, Doudehui will introduce the 48 essences of \”Zengguang Xianwen\”, which will change your life if you understand it thoroughly. 1. Know yourself and the enemy, and compare your feelings with your own. [Translation] If you know what you think, you should also know what others think, so you must use your own heart, be considerate of other people\’s hearts, and put yourself in others\’ shoes. 2. Drink wine when you meet close friends, and sing poems to people you meet. We know each other all over the world, and we know how many people know each other. [Translation] Wine should be drunk with those who understand oneself, and poetry should be recited with those who understand it. You may know many people, but there are only a few who truly understand and understand them. 3. Meeting each other is like knowing each other for the first time, and there will be no resentment until the end. 【Translation】Meeting people should always be like meeting them for the first time, so that they will not feel resentment even when they grow old. 4. Reading must be done with intention, a word is worth a thousand pieces of gold. 【Translation】Reading requires carefulness and hard work, so that one can write exquisitely and every word can be worth a fortune. 5. When you meet someone, say a few words, but don’t give up everything. If you plant flowers intentionally, they will not bloom, but if you plant willows unintentionally, they will become shades. It is difficult to draw a dragon or a tiger, but it is difficult to know the person and face but not the heart. 【Translation】You can only speak three points when talking to others, and you cannot reveal all your inner thoughts to others. Flowers may not bloom if you plant them intentionally, but willows may grow luxuriantly if you plant willows intentionally. The shapes of dragons and tigers are easy to draw, but their skeletons are difficult to draw. It is easy to understand people on the surface, but it is very difficult to understand people\’s hearts. 6. Money is like dung, but kindness is worth a thousand pieces of gold. [Translation] Money should be regarded as low and insignificant as dung, while benevolence, righteousness and morality are worth thousands of gold. 7. The poor live in the busy city and no one cares about them; the rich live in the mountains and have distant relatives. No one speaks behind someone\’s back, and no one speaks in front of anyone. If you have money, you speak the truth; if you don’t have money, you speak the truth. If you don’t believe it, just look at the wine at the banquet. The rich will be served first. If you have money in the bustle, you can settle down in a quiet place. 【Translation】The poor live in the busy city and are ignored, while the rich live in the mountains and attract distant relatives. Is there any person who is not criticized by others behind his back, and who is not criticized in front of others? If you give money, you tell the truth; if you don\’t give money, you don\’t tell the truth. If you don’t believe it, go to a banquet and see. Which glass of wine is not served to the rich first? There is money to be made in bustling places, while remote and quiet places are suitable for settling down. 8. Comes like wind and rain and goes like dust. The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and the new people in the world drive out the old ones. 【译文】The force is as fierce as a storm, and the retreat is as quiet as the falling dust. The waves behind the Yangtze River push against the waves ahead, and the new people in the world are catching up with the old ones. 9. The first to see the moon is the tower near the water, and the flowers and trees in the sun are the first to see spring. The ancients did not see the moon today, but the moon used to shine on the ancients. The one who comes first is the king, the one who comes later is the minister. Mo Daojun leaves early, and there are even more early travelers. [Translation] The balcony near the water is the first to see the moon in the water, and the flowers and trees facing the sun will germinate early if they are well illuminated. People in ancient times couldn\’t see the moon today, but today\’s moon once shined on people in ancient times. If you take the first step, you can become a king; if you take the last step, you can only be called a minister. Don\’tI thought you left early, but there are people who left earlier than you. 10. Don’t believe in the straight and the straight, and beware of being unkind. There are straight trees in the mountains, but there are no straight people in the world. 【Translation】Don’t trust those who are particularly upright, and beware of those who claim to be benevolent but are not benevolent. There are straight trees in the mountains, but there are no upright people in the world. 11. If you hate yourself for having no leaves, don’t blame the sun for being biased. Everyone\’s fate is up to them, and no one can control it at all. [Translation] The tree should regret that no leaves can grow on its branches, and should not complain about the partiality of the sun. Everything about a person is predestined, and you can\’t control it even a little bit. 12. A year’s plan starts with spring, a day’s plan starts with morning, a family’s plan starts with harmony, and a life’s plan starts with diligence. 【Translation】A year\’s plan should be made in the spring, and a day\’s plan should be made at dawn. The most precious thing for a family is harmony. To achieve something in one\’s life, one must be diligent. 13. If you blame others, blame yourself; if you forgive yourself, forgive others. 【Translation】You should blame yourself with the same intention of blaming others, and forgive others with the same intention of forgiving yourself. 14. Keep your mouth shut and be as defensive as a city. I would rather others betray me than me betray others. You must be careful again and again, and first of all, don’t deceive your heart. The body of a tiger can still be approached, but a person is too poisonous to be kissed. Those who talk about right and wrong are right and wrong. 【译文】Be like the mouth of a bottle that is not easy to open, be like the city defense that is always on guard. I would rather let others fail me than let myself fail others. Think twice before you act, and don\’t violate your conscience first. You can still get close to a living tiger, but you must not get close to a vicious person. People who say bad things about others in front of you are villains who create trouble. 15. Don’t bear heavy burdens if you are weak, and don’t persuade others with light words. If you have no money, don\’t join the crowd. If you are in trouble, don\’t look for relatives. 【Translation】Don’t carry heavy loads if you are weak, and don’t persuade others if your words have no weight. If you don\’t have money, don\’t go among the crowd. When you are in danger, don\’t go to your relatives. 16. Don’t do anything that frowns in your life, and there should be no gnashing of teeth in the world. 【Translation】If you don’t do anything you shouldn’t do in your life, there won’t be anyone in the world who hates yourself. 17. When asking for help, you must ask for a man; when helping others, you must help when there is a need. A drop of it is like nectar when you are thirsty, but a cup of it when you are drunk is worse than nothing. [Translation] When you ask for help, ask for help from a real man; when you help others, help those who are in urgent need of help. When you are thirsty, a drop of water is as sweet as nectar. When you are drunk, adding a glass to your cup is worse than not adding it at all. 18. If the water is extremely clear, there will be no fish; if a person is too careful, there will be no plan. The wise lose half of it, the fool loses nothing. [Translation] If the water is too clear, there will be no fish; if the person is too discerning, no one will give you advice. If the number of smart people in the world were reduced by half, there would be no stupid people left. 19. Right and wrong exist all day long. If you don’t listen, there will be nothing. It is better to be right and not enough than to be evil and have more than enough. It is better to believe that it exists than to believe that it does not exist. 【Translation】Right and wrong happen every day. If you don’t listen to it, it will naturally not exist. It is better to live in poverty and be an upright person than to live in wealth and be an evil person. Some things are better to believe than to believe that they are not. 20. If you know what you are content with, you will never be ashamed; if you know how to stop, you will never be ashamed. [Translation] If you understand the principle of contentment, you will always feel satisfied. If you understand that everything has an end, you should stop it in moderation. If you can do this, you will not suffer any pain in your life.shame. 21. Think before you act. 【译文】You should think twice before you act, but thinking twice is usually enough. 22. It is better to use one’s words than to do one’s own actions, and to ask for help from others is worse than asking for oneself. 【Translation】It is better to do it yourself than to say it, and it is better to rely on your own efforts than to ask for help. 23. If a person has no long-term worries, he must have immediate worries. [Translation] If a person does not have a long-term plan, he will definitely be troubled by the difficulties in front of him in the future. 24. Right and wrong are just for talking too much, and all troubles are caused by force. [Translation] Right and wrong are caused by talking too much, and troubles are caused by being competitive. 25. Endure the anger for a moment to avoid a hundred days of worry. I recently learned the turtle method, and when I have to shrink my head, keep it down. [Translation] Enduring temporary resentment can save you from long-term worries. When encountering an unfavorable situation, learn from the tortoise and pull your head back when it’s time to do so. 26. Life is full of grass and trees. Black-haired people who don’t know how to study hard will turn into white-headed people in a blink of an eye. There will be less light on the fifteenth day of the month, and everything will stop when a person reaches middle age. [Translation] A person\’s lifetime is like the prosperity of flowers, plants and trees, one spring and one autumn, very short. If you don\’t know how to study hard when you are young, you will become a white-haired old man in a blink of an eye. After the moon passes the fifteenth day, the light will become less and less. If a person has accomplished nothing in middle age, he will not be able to accomplish much. 27. You must avoid dangerous places on the road, and you will not be free in the end. [Translation] When you encounter danger while walking, you can still avoid it, but when trouble comes, you have no control over it. 28. Cherishing flowers must be done carefully, and loving the moon does not allow you to comb your hair. I\’d probably choose him to have good muscles and bones, and be charming even if he doesn\’t wear pink. 【Translation】As a human being, don’t go around messing around with flowers, but keep yourself clean. As long as the facial features are good, you will be beautiful even without makeup and powder. 29. It is advisable to retreat first when you are deeply favored, and when you are deeply satisfied, you can rest. Don\’t wait for right and wrong to come to your ears. Love in the past will turn into hatred. 【Translation】When you receive a deep favor, you should get out of it as soon as possible; when you are proud of the spring breeze, you should give up in time. Don\’t wait for right and wrong to reach your ears, causing the love in the past to turn into hatred. 30. Be patient and calm down your anger; be patient and take a step back. 【Translation】If you hold back without saying a word, you can quell someone else\’s anger; if you show mercy, others will also give in. 31. A good man will be bullied by others, and a good horse will be ridden by others. 【Translation】Kind people are often bullied by others, and tame horses are always ridden by others. 32. Don’t talk about things when you see them, and you don’t know when you ask about things. Don\’t worry about your own business, and come home early if you have nothing to do. 【Translation】Don’t say anything when you see something, and say you don’t know anything when asked. Don\’t mind your own business, and go home early when you\’re done. 33. The basis of calculation is to spare others, and the opportunity to calculate is to lose others. [Translation] Being able to forgive others is the foundation of success, and being able to forgive others is the key to success. 34. When three of us travel together, there must be one who is my teacher. Choose the good ones and follow them, and change the bad ones. 【Translation】Three people walking together, there must be someone among them who can learn from me. I choose those good aspects to learn it and correct those bad aspects. 35. If you want to be prosperous and prosperous, you must do good deeds and study to make your family famous. 【Translation】If you want to have a harmonious family, you must do more good deeds; if you want to revitalize your family, you must study hard. 36. I don’t ask for wealth, but I hope all my children and grandchildren will be virtuous. [Translation] I don’t pursue any wealth and wealth, I just want all my descendants to be successful.interest. 37. Kill ten thousand people and injure yourself three thousand people. A hurtful word is as sharp as a knife. [Translation] If you kill ten thousand people, you will lose three thousand. Saying something that hurts someone is like cutting someone\’s heart with a knife. 38. Don’t laugh at other people’s old age, for they will eventually grow old. Being on good terms with neighbors is like picking up a piece of treasure. But if you can follow your duty, you will eventually be free from worries. 【Translation】Don’t laugh at others for being old, for you will get old too one day. Getting along well with your neighbors is as valuable as picking up a treasure. As long as you behave yourself and behave yourself, you will have no worries in your life. 39. A good scholar is like grain and rice, a bad scholar is like wormwood and grass. 【Translation】Those who love learning are as useful as seedlings and rice; those who don\’t love learning are as useless as wormwood and are only worthy of being used as firewood. 40. Don’t ask for favors everywhere, don’t drink and let the price of wine be high. 【Translation】If you don’t ask for help from others casually, your interpersonal relationships will naturally be better. If you don’t drink, it doesn’t matter no matter how high the price of his drink is. 41. When there are few governors, there will be fewer worries, and when there are many people, there will be more right and wrong. 【Translation】The fewer things you know, the less trouble you will have. The more people you know, the more trouble you will cause. 42. There are many good words in the world, and there are many famous mountain monks in the world. When entering the mountains, you are not afraid of tigers that can hurt people, but you are afraid of the double-edged sword of human beings. [Translation] All the good things in the world have been said in books, and most of the famous mountains in the world are occupied by temples. You are not afraid of tigers that hurt people when you go up the mountain, but you are afraid of those duplicitous and insidious people in interpersonal relationships. 43. Careful calculation will make everything wrong, but retroactive thinking will lead to magnanimity in everything. [Translation] If you use your mind to calculate others, you will often make mistakes. If you step back and think about things, you will have a wider path. 44. Talk to your bosom friend and listen to your bosom friend, but don’t talk to your bosom friend if you are not a bosom friend. 【Translation】Intimate words can only be said to an intimate person. If you are not an intimate person, don\’t talk to him. 45. Turn stone into gold, but people\’s hearts are still not satisfied. [Translation] Even if the stone is turned into gold, human desires still cannot be satisfied. 46. ​​I ride a donkey while others ride a horse. I think carefully that I am not as good as me. When I look back, there is still a picky man. [Translation] Others rode a big horse while I rode a donkey. Thinking about it carefully, I am not as good as him. I looked back and saw that there are still people who are not as good as me on foot. 47. People are related to wealth but not related to each other, and financial interests must be distinguished. [Translation] Even between relatives, financial interests must be clearly distinguished. 48. Why should we compete for superiority? Once we lose our lives, everything will stop. 【Translation】Why do you have to fight over who is superior and who is inferior? Once you lose your life, everything is over. \”Zengguang Xianwen\” is a profound summary of life experience left by the ancients in their long-term life practice. CCTV Recommendation: Over 500 high-scoring excellent documentaries are recommended. Children will become addicted to self-discipline after watching the pattern. Today, when we look through these classic quotes again, we can still feel our ancestors’ pursuit of truth, goodness and beauty and their understanding of life. Give it a like and let us taste Chinese culture and understand the wisdom of life together.

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