Children\’s personality traits are most affected by their mothers. These three types of mothers are the most \”scary\”

Zheng Yuanjie, the king of fairy tales, said: The meaning of mother is influence. Because children are instinctively dependent on their mothers when they are young, the mother\’s personality, language and behavior will affect the child\’s life. A child who is \”full of poetry and books\” often has a mother who loves reading behind him; a child who is gentle and humble usually has a reasonable mother behind him; a child who is kind and brave has an optimistic mother behind him. These children may not necessarily be outstanding when they grow up, but they will have a happy life! And some children are withdrawn and procrastinate in doing things. Mothers blame their children for too many bad habits, but do not reflect on themselves. In fact, children are the mirror of their parents, and the root of the problem is likely to be the mother. Mothers with the following three personalities must pay special attention: they are easily impatient and always urge their children. Taiwanese female writer Long Yingtai wrote in the book \”Child, Take Your Time\”: \”I am sitting on the steps under the setting sun. Go up and watch this child with clear eyes concentrate on one thing. Yes, I am willing to wait a lifetime for him to tie this bow calmly and calmly, using his 5-year-old fingers. Child, slowly Come on, take your time…\” Originally, mothers also wanted to accompany their children to grow up slowly. However, the impetuous and quick-success mentality of the society has aggravated their inner anxiety. Therefore, since children can talk and go to school, the most common conversation between mothers and children often becomes: Mom: Are you awake? Daughter: No. Mom: – Hurry! Mom: Have you finished your homework? Daughter: No. Mom: – Hurry! Mom: Have you finished eating? Daughter: No. Mom: – Hurry! Mothers seem to be constantly urging their children to do one thing after another every day. Many mothers also say to their children while urging them, \”Why are you so lazy?\” In fact, the children also want to go fast, but they just can\’t. stand up. Our young children often have immature nerves and muscles, poor body coordination, and not so flexible coordination between the brain and hands and feet, so they have difficulty completing some fine movements, such as dressing, buttoning, and using Chopsticks and pens will appear to be \”drifting\” and \”draggy\” when holding them. The mind is full but the strength is not enough. At this time, if the parents continue to urge and scold, the children will become even more confused and unable to do anything well. Children who are often urged and urged by their parents will question their own pace of life and think that there is something wrong with them. They will either gradually identify with their parents and become a similarly anxious person, or they will live in an extremely procrastinating way and be passive. A procrastinating way to express anger toward your parents. It is recommended that you accompany your children patiently and only at your most comfortable pace can you continue to practice and grow slowly. Raising children is inherently a delicate job. The more anxious you are, the more problems you will have. You must be patient. Cultivate children\’s sense of time and work with them to develop a scientific and reasonable work and rest schedule. In this way, he can know that he should get up after his mother gets up every day, and he should take a nap after lunch… This will strengthen the child\’s concept of time. Make a task plan with your children, for example: This week you will read a fairy tale book borrowed from the library. After the task is formulated, the adults should complete it on time andAnd actively discuss with your children to get their feedback. In this way, children will naturally follow the example of adults and follow their rules of conduct. There are many women around me who like to \”stay at home\” and are addicted to the Internet. They are very tired from work on weekdays. On weekends, they try their best to catch up on sleep. They sleep until 11 a.m. and then get up directly for lunch. Then, play games or watch TV shows for a day with your mobile phone or computer, and then order takeout. This is a \”perfect\” day. After having children, many mothers still find it difficult to get rid of the habit of staying at home. They also don’t participate in outdoor activities on weekends, leaving their children alone without supervision. The children can’t go out to find friends by themselves. They can only stay at home watching TV and playing games like adults all day long. Because they don\’t get attention from adults at home, children will feel that no one cares about their happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy, and they can\’t express their grievances. As time goes by, the child develops a withdrawn and introverted character. He is unwilling to go out or communicate with others, and behaves very timidly and afraid of getting into trouble. It is recommended that parents set an example and set a good example. Children are mirrors of their parents. If parents often stay at home and don\’t like to go out, then most likely the same will be true of their children. Therefore, parents should go out more often, expand their social contacts, and let their children become good children with cheerful personalities. They can also take their children out together to let them experience the wonderful world outside. Cultivating children\’s interest in sports is all about sports. Parents should take their children to exercise more and see if their children like to play table tennis, badminton, basketball, etc. If they like sports, their children will not stay at home. If you take your children out of the house and like to watch TV cartoons, you can take your children to the cinema to watch them with other children of the same age. For children who are addicted to computer games, you may wish to take your children to participate in some parent-child activities, such as handmade DIY, real-life CS, etc. She is strong and wants to control everything about her children. One of my neighbors has an old lady who decides all matters at home, from buying rice and groceries to major matters such as the marriage of her son and daughter. The son was in free love at the time and was in love with his college classmate, but the old lady asked him to marry a girl from his hometown. The reason is that the children in the hometown know the basics, while the daughter-in-law in the countryside is not squeamish and easy to have children. No matter how much the son resisted, he couldn\’t defeat his mother in the end, and he still married the girl from his hometown according to her mother\’s wishes. As a result, after the marriage, the girl disliked the neighbor\’s son for his lack of opinion and low salary. He was noisy every day, and the boy was exhausted mentally and physically. The old lady couldn\’t bear to see her son depressed every day. Finally, they divorced less than a year after the marriage. In fact, many mothers tend to impose their own views on their children when they are growing up. He believes that children are the path to self-realization and the continuation of one\’s own dreams. Psychologically speaking, boys need a tall male image to grow up. If the mother is too strong and the father cannot interfere with the mother and appears weak, the boy will think that men are like fathers and women are like mothers. Over time, the child cannot learn respect and authority from his father, cannot feel the masculinity of men, and will become weak, timid, and inferior in character. If a girl has been influenced by her ears and eyes since childhood and identifies with strong people,Mom, it will be easy to develop a domineering character. Suggestion 1. Slow down your tone, learn to tell your children your suggestions slowly and calmly, and accept your children\’s refutations and reasonable rejections. 2. Let go of worrying about your children and let them complete one thing independently. Starting from small things and letting them experience it personally is the best opportunity to cultivate their abilities. 3. Let go of your stubbornness and listen to your father’s educational philosophy. Maybe when the children are young, fathers lack experience in feeding their children, but when the children grow up, fathers will also have their own education methods. Don\’t refuse yet, listen and see. 4. Learn to \”show weakness\” and bravely tell your children what you don\’t know how to do, and hope that your children can give you guidance and help in these aspects. This is a very warm process. You become a child again and experience the intimacy of being cared for by a child. It also allows children to experience the feeling of caring for their parents. Accompanying children to grow up is a long process. \”If you don\’t accumulate small steps, you can\’t reach a thousand miles; if you don\’t accumulate small streams, you can\’t reach a river.\” Every moment a mother gets along with her child will affect the child\’s life! If the child is now full of \”stinky problems\”, mothers should reflect on themselves. Changing their children starts with changing themselves!

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