Collect quickly! In autumn, children have constipation and internal heat. Foods that are good to eat as soon as they are eaten

The weather has been sunny these days, and it’s really a refreshing autumn day. However, the air is very dry, and babies are particularly prone to getting angry. Dry mouth and throat, dry skin, and dry stools can all make babies uncomfortable. How to prevent it? Mothers should pay attention to the following points. Autumn dryness: It is the discomfort caused by the loss of yin and fluid in the human body caused by dry climate. Prevention should take into account both internal and external factors. It is necessary to prevent excessive water loss and focus on regulating the body internally. During this season, attention should be paid to limiting the baby\’s intake of sugar and sweets, adding fresh vegetables and fruits in a timely manner, and bathing with warm water frequently. Dressing: Let your baby wear soft, loose, and clean clothes. Clothes after drying should be kneaded until soft before being stacked in the closet, which can effectively reduce the itchiness of the baby when wearing clothes. Milk and eggs are animal proteins and may aggravate the symptoms of dermatitis; if breastfeeding, mothers should pay attention to their diet and reduce the intake of spicy and irritating foods. Food supplement: When the weather is dry in autumn, the baby\’s internal fire will become more and more intense, resulting in constipation, internal heat, and irritability. In fact, such reactions are relatively normal. To effectively prevent and relieve these symptoms, the baby\’s diet should choose heat-clearing, moist foods, and pay attention to nutritional supplements. Next, Tao Ma will share how to supplement food for the baby: Dry stool: Boil the sweet potato into porridge and feed it to the baby. Mash the sweet potato when feeding, and then feed it when the temperature is moderate. After the baby eats, it will help promote gastrointestinal motility. It doesn\’t take long to have a laxative. But be careful, if your baby has diarrhea, he cannot eat it. Sweet potatoes themselves have a sweet taste and are rich in carbohydrates. They are rhizomes and crude fiber foods that have the effect of smoothing the intestines and can well help babies digest. On the other hand: it can also supplement crude fiber, which has great health care effects. Babies should not eat refined pasta often. Parents can give their babies some sweet potatoes from time to time to help maintain gastrointestinal health. However, babies should not eat too much sweet potatoes each time, because sweet potatoes themselves are not easy to digest and prone to flatulence. It is best to eat them less and more often, and not too cold or too hot. Taro is relatively rich in nutrients and contains rich calcium, iron, carotene, vitamin C, etc. Eating it by babies can enhance the body\’s immunity and resistance. Among the minerals contained in taro, the fluorine content is relatively high, which can clean teeth, prevent cavities, and protect teeth. When babies eat taro, be aware that taro contains mucus and is difficult to digest. Babies are too young to eat too much taro, otherwise digestion will be poor. The taro that the baby eats should be made rotten. You can put the taro in the porridge and cook it until it is rotten. In this way, the taro itself will not cause constipation in the baby. Ingredients: sweet potato (120g), sausage (appropriate amount), rice (80g) Method: 1. Wash the sweet potato and sausage and cut into small pieces and set aside. 2. Wash the rice, pour it into the rice cooker, and add the sweet potatoes. 3. Pour in the sausage, add appropriate amount of salt, and mix well. 4. Add appropriate amount of cold water. 5. Turn to the rice setting and simmer. After the circuit breaker trips, continue to simmer for 10 minutes before turning it on again. 6. Pour in sesame oil, mix well and serve. Ingredients: Pork knuckle (1 piece), 1 lotus root (1 section), wolfberry (10 pieces) Method: 1. Peel the lotus root, cut into pieces, rinse with cold water and drain. 2. Chop the pig\’s hand into small pieces, boil it in a pot of cold water, remove the blood foam, then take it out and rinse it with cold water.Rinse and drain. 3. Pour water into the casserole and pour in the pig knuckles after flying water. 4. Pour in wolfberry, ginger, green onion and rice wine. 5. Bring to a boil over high heat, turn to low heat and simmer for 1 hour. Put the lotus roots into the cooked pork knuckle soup, add an appropriate amount of salt, and simmer for about 15 minutes. Ingredients: chicken breast (300g) auxiliary ingredients: green pepper (1), red pepper (1), lotus root (100g), egg white (appropriate amount) Method: 1. Dice all green and red peppers, ginger and garlic Chop the dried red pepper into sections. 2. Marinate the chicken breast with soy sauce, chicken essence, sugar, cooking wine and egg white evenly. Leave it for ten minutes. 3. Heat oil in the pot. When it is 60% hot, pour in the diced chicken and stir-fry quickly. 4. As soon as the chicken turns white, scoop it up and set aside. 5. Heat oil in the pot, add lotus roots, green and red peppers in sequence, and stir-fry until dry. 6. Pour in diced chicken, season and stir-fry evenly.

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