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Correct posture for easier breastfeeding


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

More and more mothers insist on breastfeeding because breast milk contains almost all the nutrients the baby needs and is the best food for the baby. But on the road to breastfeeding, many mothers encounter problems of one kind or another. For new mothers, how to breastfeed will make it easier for the mother? How can breastfeeding be easier for mothers? 1. Let your wife sit comfortably. Choose a comfortable chair with armrests, and use pillows to support your wife\’s back and arms. Most sofas don\’t provide enough support, so you need the help of pillows to breastfeed comfortably. You can also place a pillow or folded blanket on your wife\’s lap so she doesn\’t have to bend over. No matter which position your wife adopts to breastfeed, she must hold the baby toward her breast instead of reaching for the baby with her breast. 2. Support your breasts. During breastfeeding, your wife\’s breasts will become larger and heavier. Therefore, you can allow your wife to use her free hand to hold the breast in a C- or V-shape while breastfeeding. In addition, the fingers used to control the direction of the nipple during breastfeeding should be at least 5cm away from the nipple and areola to avoid touching the baby\’s mouth and introducing more bacteria. 3. Support your baby. Use your arms, hands, plus pillows or stacked blankets to support your baby\’s head, neck, back and buttocks, keeping them in the same straight line. You can swaddle your baby or hold his arms gently at his sides to make it easier for your wife to nurse. 4. Frequently change positions and try different breastfeeding positions to help your wife find the most comfortable position. Each position puts pressure on different parts of the nipple and can help your wife avoid nipple pain. Take turns to use a different breast for each feeding, so that the size of the breast is less likely to appear. 5. Relax first, then breastfeed. Ask your wife to take a few deep breaths, close her eyes, and meditate on some peaceful scenes. Keep a large glass of water or milk handy for your wife to drink while breastfeeding. Don’t forget that adding enough fluids can help your wife produce more milk. How to raise children scientifically and healthily pdf [Scientific Pregnancy Escorts Newborn Families] Precautions for breastfeeding 1. Breast care: If a pregnant mother decides to breastfeed, she must take care of her breasts from before pregnancy, pay attention to massage when taking a bath, and wear a loose bra. Avoid compressing the breast glands and causing blockage. If you have problems such as nipple retraction, you can consult a doctor and try to correct it as soon as possible. 2. Wet nurses should maintain personal hygiene, a balanced diet, a happy mood, a regular life, and avoid drinking, smoking, contact with drugs and taking drugs that may have an impact on the baby. 3. If the baby rarely hears swallowing sounds during feeding, and sometimes cries, and the weight increases slowly or not at all, it indicates that the milk volume is insufficient and must be replenished in time. It is advisable to empty the milk every time to prevent mastitis. 4. When the nipple is lacerated, you can stop direct sucking, use manual or breast pump to suck out the milk regularly, and apply cod liver oil ointment on the nipple laceration to prevent infection. 5. Breastfeeding is contraindicated when the mother suffers from severe heart disease, kidney disease, mental illness, active tuberculosis and other wasting diseases. 6. If the mother suffers from acute infectious diseases or mastitis, breastfeeding can be suspended, and breastfeeding can be continued after recovery. 7. When a mother has a cold, she should wear a thick mask to breastfeed, or use a cup and spoon to express milk.Hello. 8. The best time for exclusive breastfeeding is the first 6 months. Complementary food can be added appropriately after 4-5 months. The baby can be weaned at 10-12 months. It is best to do it when the child is healthy and the weather is not very hot. 9. Adequate sleep and good rest are the basis for early breastfeeding and more lactation. Irregular, irregular, and on-demand breastfeeding are the newly advocated breastfeeding methods.

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