Dad, it shouldn’t be a luxury

Many mothers left messages in the background saying they liked me. Because \”a father who pays so much attention to his children\’s education deserves praise.\” But I am not happy at all. Because what should have been done has become a rare thing. It can\’t help but make people worry. Raising children cannot be a battlefield for mothers to fight alone. Fathers should be involved in their children\’s education. And the earlier the better, preferably from the time of changing diapers. I have changed my son\’s diapers frequently since he was born. It seems that there is scientific research that says that the person who changes the child\’s diaper frequently is more likely to be trusted by the child. Actually I think it makes sense. Because the little guy had a stinky poop and must have been uncomfortable. Someone came to help him clean it up. Of course people who make themselves comfortable are cute. This simple thing has a lot of knowledge. If you have missed your child\’s diaper period, it is also good to seize the naughty period of your child between 2 and 6 years old. You can go crazy with your children and secretly give your son a long-awaited wasted toy. Or disassemble some gadgets at home and study them with your children. You can also read a particularly funny and quirky picture book with your children, or make up a story. If you miss this period, then accompany your child during the knowledge-seeking period in elementary school. You can talk about topics that interest your children after dinner, such as current events, cars, competitions, or an interesting book. If you can incorporate some of your own life insights and popular science knowledge into the conversation, your children will only admire you more. However, these seem to have become things that children long for but cannot obtain. Our Chinese dad seems to have become a luxury product. We will find that for almost every absent father there is always an anxious mother. Of course, there are many mothers who are forced to grow up. She has become a woman who is so strong that she can ignore men directly. However, when it comes to educating children, they are often unable to do what they want, which is why many mothers are deeply anxious. I remember a mother left a message about her situation a long time ago. My husband performed very well before he got married. He worked very hard and often helped with housework when he came home. I don’t smoke and rarely play games. But things changed after marriage. At first, I played online games crazily, and then switched to mobile games. When he didn\’t have children, he played with his, followed his own dramas, and went shopping with his girlfriends. But after having children, my husband still didn\’t change at all. During confinement, due to postpartum depression and physical discomfort, I had a bad temper, but my husband yelled at me. So I worked hard alone to bring the child to two years old, not knowing what the future would hold. I am really tired, my heart is tired. How many mothers’ voices and current situation were expressed. There is a saying that \”we have become parents, and we no longer know how to be a couple.\” This is a very real problem. The father\’s absence makes the mother pay more attention to the parent-child relationship. This is especially true in China. There is a situation in family relationships: the first relationship is the parent-child relationship, and the second relationship is the husband-wife relationship. In the parent-child relationship, it is obvious that the mother is closer to the child, and the father is often relegated to the second line. Most of the time it\’s dadCaused if a father is not actively involved in the upbringing of his child. Then you don’t take care of the child-rearing problems that your wife encounters, and you don’t share them. It\’s hard for you to understand your wife\’s mood. Even your wife\’s love for her children is not only difficult for you to understand, but also full of jealousy. I remember eating with friends before. A friend who just became a father confided in us his troubles. Since giving birth to a child, I feel that I am getting further and further away from my wife, but my wife only sees the child. He also said that his wife has not allowed him to touch her for more than a year. He is a big boy who can\’t even take care of himself. So when I had a child, I didn\’t realize that I had become a \”dad\”. It should be a person who fights side by side with his wife and grows into a parent from the initial ignorance. This is when many marriages begin to crack. A wife\’s dependence on marriage and her husband will be weakened by his absence. And the affection for the child continued to grow. The mother gets a sense of security from her child, and she feels that this blood relationship is solid. But this kind of love is often too hard and difficult to control. The child cannot bear it. Because there is no father\’s participation, the anxieties and needs that should be faced and borne by the father are all brought in by the mother. A mother\’s anxiety, loneliness, and lack of security are often bundled with love, projected onto her children, and tightly strangled. Children are like trapped animals, depressed and struggling, unable to escape. Even at the age when you should be a good child, you become sensible too early. Becoming a little adult, losing the fun and innocence of childhood. It makes people look pitiful. Dad\’s return is the key to the family\’s laughter again. This requires not only the efforts of the father, but also the guidance of the mother. When a man becomes a father for the first time, he is always slow. I remember that I had just had a baby, and I still didn’t integrate into it for a while. I still work overtime on business trips, and I think my wife can handle it all by herself. Every time I see my children smiling when I come back, my wife rarely complains. So I thought it was good, I just work hard and make money. But later I realized that raising children is cumbersome and difficult. Especially when the children are young, it is even more difficult to take care of them. Carry it wherever you go. When I go out to buy food and cook, I hold my baby in my arms and carry the food. If something is dropped, it is almost impossible to pick it up. But at home, I feel uneasy even when I go to the toilet. The child was crying and worried. I didn\’t hear the child cry, and I was worried that something had happened. Don\’t dare to be careless for a minute. And my wife’s mood was also affected. As a first-time mother, I didn’t know how to take care of a baby, but I had to work hard to do it well. Not only did he have no helpers, he also took every step with trepidation. There is no place to express the worries in my heart, I can only suppress them. Without my father\’s support, this road would have been difficult. Therefore, temporary slowness is understandable, but long-term absence is unforgivable. I think, for a man. Doing your job well is a small accomplishment. Only those who can handle their own emotions well, run their families well, and raise their children well can feel happier. On being a dad. We should have more courage to challenge, instead of being like a little boy who avoids difficulties. Want to meetBelieve, children will bring us a lot of unexpected warmth. When I am with my children, I feel that my soul is light and fulfilling. Because children can awaken our souls.

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