Danger! This thing is available in every home, but it contains hidden safety risks. If you have children at home, you must pay attention to it.

A girl was watching TV at home. Suddenly, the TV set-top box exploded, the glass of the TV cabinet was shattered, and the house was in a mess. A set-top box is something that every household has. As long as there is a TV at home, there is a set-top box. Some families even have several sets. After watching TV, many people will pay attention to turn off the power of the TV. But the set-top box ignored it and left it on. If the set-top box is left open for a long time, it may pose a serious safety hazard! Hunan Satellite TV once conducted an experiment and explained in detail the dangers of leaving the set-top box open for a long time. The temperature of a set-top box that is always on will rise a lot. The temperature before use was 20.8°C, and one day after turning it on, the temperature rose to 53.7°C. The shrimp can be cooked at this temperature. Some people may think, so what if the shrimps can be grilled? There are so many holes on the set-top box, aren’t they just for heat dissipation? Yes, if the cooling vents can be kept normal, even if the temperature is high, there will be no big impact. But if the vents are blocked, the risk is greatly increased. For example, if you put packaging boxes, books, plush toys, etc. around the set-top box, and the heat dissipation holes are blocked, the set-top box will smoke and catch fire after just one hour of being turned on. In life, everyone may not block all the cooling holes so deliberately, but some people will have some bad habits, such as putting lighters on the set-top box. The safety risks are self-evident. When a lighter is placed on a set-top box that is too hot, it will cause an explosion. The temperature of the set-top box that is turned on for a long time will continue to rise, although the heat dissipation holes can help maintain the temperature of the set-top box at around 50-60°C. However, if the heat dissipation holes are blocked by dust after long-term use, resulting in poor heat dissipation, or if the heat dissipation holes are blocked by artificially placed items, the high heat of the set-top box cannot be eliminated, and it is easy for the internal electrical and mechanical short circuit to explode and catch fire. The cause of the accident at the beginning of the article was caused by a short circuit in the capacitor. Although the circuit board has power-off protection, sometimes accidents happen so inadvertently. For the safety of their families, especially families with babies, some people let their babies stay in front of the TV for a long time. Sometimes they forget to turn off the set-top box after turning off the TV. If you have these habits, after reading today’s sharing, Please get rid of this bad habit and use it correctly. The set-top box should be placed in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not pile up debris around the set-top box, maintain ventilation around it, and never place flammable and explosive items on the set-top box. After watching TV, in addition to turning off the power of the TV, please also turn off the power of the set-top box. The best way is to connect all electrical appliances to a switched socket. When turning off the electrical appliance, the power to the socket is also turned off. The set-top box should be cleaned frequently to prevent dust accumulation! Also potentially dangerous is the wireless router at home. Everyone should use it correctly. Do not pile up debris around the wireless router and keep it ventilated and cool. After using the wireless router for a period of time, shut it down and take a rest. After the wireless router has been used for a certain period of time, it must be replaced in time to ensure the safety of your family, especially your baby.

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