Develop good habits, this is what other mothers do

There are one hundred mothers for one hundred children, and there are one hundred families. Every child is different, and so is every mother and family. While mothers should pay attention to improving themselves, they should also believe in their own wisdom and find parenting habits that are suitable for their children. Otherwise, after reading all the principles in the book, you still can’t get by. What is wisdom? Webster\’s dictionary describes wisdom as \”knowledge accumulated through a large amount of experience in life, the ability to understand things that most people cannot understand\”, \”excellent reason and judgment\”, \”the ability to distinguish inner qualities and relationships\” . Wisdom in life can cultivate good habits in children. These changes are subtle, silent, and not complicated at all, as long as you put a little more thought into it. Many daily rituals are good habits. They are not complicated, but they make people feel happy. Welcome and send-off ceremony. When parents get off work, they ask their children to put down their things and run to the door to greet them; when parents get off work, they ask their children to go to the door to see them off to work. Also, when guests come to your home, you should also have the concept of picking up and sending them off. This is basic etiquette, and it also allows children to understand the meaning of greeting, farewell, separation and gathering. Ever since her daughter was very young, every day when her father went to work, she would try her best to see him off at the door and say: Be safe and come back early. Then give dad a hug. If a guest leaves our house, she will say: Be safe and come back next time. She was too young at that time and could speak very few words, so I taught her these eight words and has persisted to this day. Dad is very happy when he goes to work, and the guests are also very happy when they leave. My daughter is very used to it, and her sincere instructions are all in eight words. The ritual of polite words. My daughter is not very good at talking yet, so her family has taught her how to use the simplest words such as hello and thank you, and say thank you to her every time she helps. I remember that when she was more than ten months old, she could speak simple words. One day when she met a neighbor in the corridor, she said directly, \”Hello, grandma!\” At that time, the grandma was shocked and very happy. She praised her and said: Hello! kid. Her politeness will be positively responded to, which will reinforce her politeness style. Even now, she still does this, saying hello to people who are a little strange but common. Etiquette is a kind of cultivation. Make everyone around you happy. Many people talk about emotional intelligence. In fact, how you treat others is a reflection of a person\’s emotional intelligence. Many people will say that it depends on personality. I believe it has something to do with personality. But when you regard etiquette as something that must be done, introverts can also do well. Many adults will live today as yesterday and tomorrow as today. There is nothing wrong with the lifestyle. But we always want our children to have a fulfilling and joyful life, so we have to put a little thought into it. In addition to spring break, Mid-Autumn Festival, and some holidays that are important to families, there are also many imported foreign festivals-Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even 24 solar terms. It does not mean that we should celebrate these festivals grandly as festivals, but at least we can create a little unusual atmosphere. Buy a string of lanterns, make a pumpkin lantern, make a sachet, cut a moon cake and enjoy the moon…many little things that are not troublesomeYou can do any of them. It can also explain some traditional knowledge to your child, which is also a way for her to perceive culture. In fact, all year round, starting from plum blossom viewing, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, lotus, osmanthus, chrysanthemum… there are many beauties waiting for you to discover with your children. There are also small rituals on rainy and snowy days. Whether it is letting children wear rain boots to tread water at will, or playing in the snow on snowy days, it is something that will make children happy. They can feel the different places in life and feel the nature. changes brought about. Through small things, feeling the beauty of life and improving children\’s psychological happiness is a kind of happiness ability. Of course, children generally love birthday parties. Even a simple birthday with just a cake can still make her excited. Getting blessings and birthday wishes from her family is a grand event for her. The small ceremony held in her honor was a sign of her family\’s love for her. My daughter was a child who spoke late and started exercising early. She was able to walk at 11 months old, but could not speak a few words at 18 months old. At that stage, I would explain the picture book to her, but she couldn’t speak. After I finished telling the story, I would ask questions, such as: Where is the little boy in the suspender? Who is reading under the tree? Who is the little fox\’s mother… Then, she nodded with her finger. Every time she got the answer right, I would praise her. She will listen to stories carefully, and she will also be able to think, distinguish, and understand colors, sizes, and many life scenes. As she gets older, she will gradually learn to speak. Every time you tell her a good story, ask questions and ask her to answer them, such as: Why does the little boy cry? What\’s in the little white rabbit\’s basket? Where did the mother fox go? She needs to pay more attention to the story before she can answer the questions. And these questions can increase her ability to understand the story. You may think that such a simple story should be so troublesome, but the communication between parents and children after reading it is very beneficial. When she can talk a lot, I tell the story and ask her to tell it to me again. Don\’t ask her to tell you in detail, just let her try to describe the story. At first, she didn\’t know how to speak and needed guidance from adults. For example, a word like \”a little boy\” can be described in detail according to the picture, which is almost the meaning of the expanded sentence, a little boy wearing suspenders and a hat. She will point at the pictures while reading and talk, and she will ramble on here and there. This will contain her thinking and understanding, and will also allow her to observe the pictures more carefully. Being able to describe a scene clearly and tell a story in an organized manner is also a kind of ability. I think this is better than sending children to eloquence classes. I can read, but not much. The books I bought also became mixed. Animal stories, fairy tales, popular science encyclopedias, parents finally don’t have to tell them until their throats are hoarse, they just need to help when they encounter words they don’t know. While she reads, her parents can do things quietly beside her, and she will enjoy their parents\’ company. Read a good book and communicate with each other. The content in the book is a good topic. You can understand the child\’s thoughts and you can also take the opportunity to instill the parents\’ thoughts. Listening to stories is also a good habit. When I was a child, I loved listening to the China People’s Broadcasting Station’s midday storytelling and listened to a lot of historical stories. Therefore, it is also highly recommended to listen to \”radio\” for children. Apps such as Himalaya allow adults toYou can listen to lectures at any time, and there are also a large number of children\’s stories suitable for children. The advantages of listening to stories are that it is good for eyesight; it does not take time and can be completed in many processes such as washing, playing, and riding in the car; it expands vocabulary and expresses more vividly. Children often ask me when they don’t understand something, such as what does “no matter what” mean? What does \”the war is in chaos\” mean? Try to choose content that your children like, and don’t get too hung up on whether the story is elegant or not. If you read a variety of books, you will naturally be able to distinguish your preferences and understand the quality of the content. If you think about it carefully, there are so many places in \”Arabian Nights\” that are not suitable for children, including murder, pornography, and violence. It’s only now that I’m very old that I understand what the plot is that I couldn’t understand when I was a kid. Did you mind at the time, for example: Alibaba\’s maid poured hot oil into the palace and scalded 40 robbers to death?

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