Do you know how to chat with your children?

After not seeing each other for a while, I noticed that my best friend’s 4-year-old son Youyou was speaking more and more fluently, and chatting with him often made people around him laugh. \”My son must have inherited your sharp tongue, so good at talking.\” I joked to my best friend. \”I think it\’s the reason why I chatted with him often during this period. Youyou is quite timid and always doesn\’t dare to chat with other children. Once I went to take a course from a parenting expert, and she mentioned that she wanted to The fastest way to develop your baby\’s language ability is to chat more with your child. I wasn\’t sure at first, but after chatting for a month, my language ability has obviously improved a lot.\” That\’s it! Chatting more can indeed improve children\’s language skills. Not only that, chatting more with children has many benefits. It\’s okay, chatting with children. In almost all adults\’ work and life, they have to deal with people frequently. After all, language is one of the most direct and effective ways of communication. But I found that there are some people around me who, because they usually talk more at work, don’t want to chat with their children when they get home. Although talking at work is something you have to do, it is also necessary to chat with your baby when you get home. In addition to improving children\’s language skills, chatting also has the following benefits. Benefit 1: Chatting helps children improve their academic performance. How can chatting with children improve their academic performance? Some people must have such questions. In fact, chatting does have such \”effect\”. When you close your eyes with your child before going to bed, guide him to recall the knowledge he has learned today. This process is called \”meditative recall\” in academic circles, which allows children to remember the knowledge they have learned more clearly while relaxing physically and mentally. firm. Scientific research shows that when children are relaxed physically and mentally, it has excellent benefits for deepening their memory. Therefore, your chat is not just a random chat with your baby. It may seem like an unintentional move, but it can help them improve their academic performance. This method is much more efficient than staring at the child and \”hurry up and do your homework.\” Benefit 2: Chatting helps children express their emotions and gain a sense of security. When my child was in kindergarten, I was chatting with her, and she accidentally told me that there was a little boy who often snatched her things. It was also at that time that I realized that children can also hide their worries. Fortunately, her unintentional words allowed me to understand her psychological trends and provide timely comfort and solutions. The power of play, how laughter activates cooperation and courage in children\’s nature, super clear pdf. Sometimes children are in a state of self-protection and will forget some scary or sad things, but during the chat, they will relax and forget about the things they have forgotten. Express it. Therefore, chatting more with babies can allow them to express their emotions and gain a sense of security from their parents\’ verbal encouragement. Benefit 3: It is conducive to the good development of parent-child relationships. Parents chatting with their children frequently will make the baby feel that he is valued and will be willing to talk to adults. Maintaining this habit will also be conducive to a good transition into adolescence. If parents don\’t like to communicate with children, they will bury all their words in their hearts and become alienated from their parents. There are too many signals in chats. Some of my friends reported that when their children entered adolescence, they began to refuse to communicate with their parents. It feels good to my mother, and I have something to say, yesDad was less friendly. If you can\’t help it, you won\’t. If you get anxious, you will quarrel and slam the door. This phenomenon exists in 80% of teenagers growing up, and the reason is that they chat less. In fact, by chatting with children frequently, not only can children get benefits, but parents can also get signals from chatting with their children. 1. Children who talk less and talk more Children\’s emotions are not that complicated. In addition to showing their joy, anger, sorrow, and joy on their faces, they also hide it in their words. If you find that your child talks less when chatting with you, then the baby may be in a low mood and must have encountered something. After the parents realize this, they provide guidance to help the baby digest the bad emotions. On the contrary, if you talk more, it means that the little one is happier. You can also guide him to express happy words, and you can also teach the baby some vocabulary to express happiness. 2. Mentioning a certain person more often. My child changed schools some time ago. After he came back, he would share things about the new school and new classmates with me. The one he talked about the most was his new deskmate Yaya. It is not difficult to see that the relationship between them is very good, and Yaya\’s help also allows his son to better adapt to the new environment. A child\’s liking or disliking of a person can be expressed by the number of times it is mentioned in a chat, which helps parents quickly understand their child\’s interpersonal relationships. And sometimes they will also express their opinions about the teacher. If the family has the habit of chatting, they can help the child solve some confusing problems as soon as possible. In chatting with children, not only can the above two information be obtained, as long as the children are willing to talk and express to their parents, parents can understand their inner thoughts, especially adolescent children, who face more confusion. Through chatting, parents Can give them the right guidance. Seize the golden hour. A few years ago, I learned a term in a book called \”golden hour.\” It mainly means that parents can interact with their babies within an hour before they go to bed. This will double the effect. Most people like to check their mobile phones before going to bed. They feel that at this time, they can finally control their time freely. This is the freedom of single people. For families with children, it’s not that easy. Because I have to check my children\’s homework, do housework, and be responsible for putting the baby to sleep…it seems that there are many things that need to be done at night, especially for office workers. Even so, parental presence is crucial for babies, especially in the \”golden hour\” before going to bed. Parents can make good use of this time, communicate more with their children, and communicate in an emotionally stable manner. The \”golden hour\” not only allows adults to have a clearer understanding of children\’s mental states, but is also conducive to children\’s growth. You can talk about what happened to your children at school, small things in your parents’ lives, and even things at work. For example, I would tell my children that because I was anxious to attend a meeting today, I failed to complete one page of ppt and made a fool of myself on the spot. The child said to me, Mom, next time you can prepare a day in advance. After a while, he also told me that I didn’t need to show the unfinished page and just improvise. Or, read books or picture books with your children, oris a good choice. One hour before going to bed, please devote yourself to your child. After a while, you will find that your child is getting smarter and smarter! Pillow parenting message: It is not difficult for adults to spend more time chatting with their children. As long as you spend a little time, you can not only shorten the distance with your baby, but also gain a baby with strong expressive ability, intelligence and high emotional intelligence. oh!

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