Do you still feed these \”fake breakfasts\” revealed by Breakfast China to your children?

The third season of \”Breakfast in China\” two years ago made everyone hungry! Chinese food documentary A Bite of China 2 download 1080P ultra-clear 39G, each episode takes a few minutes, filming a breakfast shop with local characteristics. Let me show you these special breakfasts from various places, they are simply amazing! For adults, enjoy waking up early and eating your own homemade breakfast at a leisurely pace. The warmth of a breakfast can heal the whole day. It is even more important for children to have a good breakfast and be energetic throughout the day! But what to eat and how to eat? Most people may have eaten it wrong! Don’t step on these breakfast pitfalls again! White porridge + steamed buns? not enough! What is the most important thing about a good breakfast? Can bear hunger. Children only have porridge + steamed buns for breakfast, which is really not nutritious! Get up in the morning and drink a bowl of white porridge to quickly replenish water and energy. It is indeed a good choice for the spleen and stomach after a night\’s rest. But the advantages of porridge are also its disadvantages. The nutritional composition of porridge is very simple, mainly carbohydrates and water, and the contents of other nutrients – protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, etc. are very low. This is destined to exist only as a staple food, and other complementary foods such as vegetables, eggs, and meat are essential. Therefore, you can drink porridge appropriately, up to one meal a day, and do not drink porridge every day. If your family is used to drinking plain porridge, how can you improve it? Find ways to enrich the nutrition of the porridge, add minced meat, whole grains, vegetables… to make the porridge more nutritious, so that the child\’s body can keep up. Soy milk + fried dough sticks, be careful of high calories! According to the \”Chinese Food Composition Table 2004\”: the fat content of fried dough sticks is as high as 17.6%! When food is fried at high temperatures, its nutrients will be destroyed, and a large amount of oil will be absorbed during the frying process. This amount of heat should not be underestimated. Sometimes you find yourself getting fatter and fatter, and it is not without reason… Secondly, The food safety of this type of food cannot be guaranteed. Issues such as unhygienic preparation and repeated use of oil should be taken into consideration. It\’s okay to eat it once in a while, but not every day. In addition, soy milk should not be drunk indiscriminately. A case of soy milk poisoning was reported on the Internet: Ms. Wang often made soy milk at home for her children. One morning, her child was late for school. In order to save time, Ms. Wang saw that the soy milk was \”boiling\” and immediately turned off the heat and served it to her child. Not long after the child arrived at school, he began to have difficulty breathing, worsened and vomited, and soon went into shock. The culprit is that cup of \”undercooked\” soy milk! Drinking uncooked soy milk is harmful to the human body. In addition, there is an antitrypsin in raw soy milk, which reduces the ability of gastric juice to digest protein. Therefore, only when the soy milk is cooked and heated to 100 degrees Celsius can these harmful factors be eliminated. A reminder to parents: when the soy milk foams a lot, it is \”false boiling\”; continue to heat it for about 5 minutes, until the foam completely disappears and boils completely, it is considered cooked and you can drink it with confidence. Eat leftovers for breakfast, be careful of bacterial contamination! .Although the nitrite content in overnight meals is not as high as rumored, as long as you don’t eat a lot of leftovers all the time, it will not cause poisoning or cancer. But beforeLeftover overnight meals eaten throughout the day can easily be contaminated by bacteria, especially now that the indoor heating is slowly heating up, which will aggravate the growth of bacteria, so it is better to eat as little leftovers as possible. Especially vegetarian leftovers and cold dishes, because vegetables themselves contain more nitrates and are more likely to produce nitrite than meat; cold dishes are more susceptible to bacterial contamination. Milk + eggs are the best breakfast? Many people think that milk and eggs are the perfect breakfast, but this is not entirely true. A professor of nutrition once said: Protein can only perform its physiological functions if sufficient carbohydrates are provided, otherwise it will be consumed as heat, resulting in waste. Although the combination of milk + eggs provides the body with a sufficient amount of high-quality protein and calcium, it is not enough for carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates are important substances that provide heat energy to the human body. Insufficient breakfast intake will affect children\’s energy and energy throughout the morning. Therefore, in addition to the two perfect CPs of milk + eggs, breakfast also needs a \”third party\” – a certain amount of carbohydrates. Oatmeal, bread, steamed buns, etc. are all acceptable. What should a good breakfast look like? What does breakfast look like in the eyes of nutritionists? This definition of breakfast has been unanimously recognized by the academic community, that is, \”the first meal of the day should be within 2 hours after waking up, generally no later than 10:00 am, and contain 20% of the total daily energy requirement. %~35%\”. The breakfast guidelines agreed by nutritionists are as follows: Breakfast should include whole grains (rather than refined foods), fruits or juices, vegetables, and skimmed or semi-skimmed dairy products. For example: steamed buns (porridge) + eggs (milk) + fruits (vegetables). This combination is more reasonable and nutritionally balanced. Nutrition Tips: There are different ways to prepare the same ingredients. Which way is more suitable for breakfast? Bread: Whole wheat bread > Regular bread > Bread with fillings Eggs: Boiled eggs > Scrambled eggs > Fried eggs Juice: Fresh fruit > Freshly squeezed juice > General juice drinks You should know these truths about breakfast! Misunderstanding 1: Eat as soon as you get up. Early in the morning, as soon as the child gets up, his eyes are squinted and he has not yet opened his eyes, and he is shouted by his parents to eat. When I get up, I am still angry, but my parents don\’t care, they just want to feed their children and go to school. In fact, if you eat breakfast too early and too hastily, your child may lose his appetite. When sleeping at night, most of the human body is in a state of rest, and the digestive system has not yet been mobilized. If you eat as soon as you get up, your child will feel unable to eat and will not want to eat. After getting up, don\’t rush to let your child eat breakfast, drink some water, and then eat later. Misunderstanding 2: Combining breakfast and lunch. During weekends and holidays, some children are used to sleeping until they wake up naturally, and accidentally go to bed late. Wake up and wait for half an hour, just have breakfast and lunch \”two in one\”. This kind of irregular meal will make people feel uneasy and affect their daily activities. There is a gap of more than 10 hours between breakfast and dinner the day before. If you eat too late, your brain will be in a state of hunger for a long time and your gastrointestinal function will be disturbed. Brunch is \”two-in-one\”. It is easy to eat too much at lunch, which greatly increases the burden on the gastrointestinal tract. in the long runCome on, the stomach trouble is coming out. It is best to stipulate that children have breakfast at a fixed time regardless of school holidays. Keep a regular schedule and stay away from the chaos of life. Misunderstanding 3: \”Gorgeous\” style dining Today\’s people live a fast-paced life, and children also pursue \”efficient\” meals. They can finish a meal in just a few minutes by gulping down dates. A joint study by Japan\’s Okayama Research Institute showed that when there is not much difference in calorie levels, people who eat quickly are 4.4 times more likely to gain weight than people who eat at a normal speed. If you eat too fast, you will gain weight quickly and it will also damage your esophagus. There was a 6-year-old child who ate breakfast in a hurry as he was rushing to school. As a result, he choked on something he didn\’t chew, causing his esophagus to rupture. Food that is not fully chewed can easily damage the esophageal mucosa, which can lead to chronic inflammation over time and increase the risk of esophageal cancer. Under normal circumstances, the most appropriate eating time for a breakfast is 20 to 30 minutes. The breakfast habit of chewing carefully and slowly is better than \”wolfing down\”, and the nutrients are absorbed more comprehensively. Misunderstanding 4: Eating while walking. Walking on the road, you can always see one or two school children eating breakfast while walking. Using their hands, feet, mouth, and body movements, children spend their mornings in a rush, especially those far away from school. British experts have conducted such an experiment: they arranged three groups of participants and asked them to take a walk, watch TV, and chat with friends while eating breakfast. It was found that people who ate breakfast while walking ate more snacks afterwards. Eating while walking seems to save time, but it affects the body\’s process of digesting food. If children eat breakfast like this, they will always feel that they are not full, which will affect their learning state. In addition, you will eat toxic bacteria and dust in the air while walking, and the \”disease\” will enter through the mouth. Breakfast requires concentration, and sitting down is better. Here, the editor will share with you a breakfast recipe, which is for parents’ reference only and can be improved according to your children’s taste! Monday: Energetic Carrot Potato Pancakes Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and protein, which are good for children’s spleen and stomach. Adding carrots not only supplements vitamins, but also helps protect your eyes. The food is served with hot milk, which is a \”dry and wet combination\” and also provides high-quality protein! Tuesday: Tomato and Egg Noodles Tomatoes and eggs are a golden combination, providing children with vitamins and calcium. Noodles add enough carbohydrates and are nutritious. After one bowl, you will be in a good mood from early on! Wednesday: Egg toast + oatmeal Eggs are an important source of high-quality protein. Eating egg toast for breakfast can not only enhance the feeling of fullness, but also improve children\’s concentration. Add lettuce, tomatoes, etc. to the egg toast to provide the vitamins your child needs for their growth. In addition to the egg rolls, brew a cup of instant oatmeal as a side dish to supplement carbohydrates and achieve a balanced nutrition. Thursday: Mixed vegetable and lean meat porridge + boiled eggs. In addition to adding lean meat to the porridge, you can also add carrots, mushrooms, green vegetables, etc. The mixed vegetable porridge will be delicious no matter how you cook it! Drinking porridge with a boiled egg can increase the feeling of fullness! Friday: Tomato noodle soup. Noodle soup is perfect for autumn and winter when things are getting cooler! Eggs, tomatoes, green vegetables, etc. are added to it to fully meet the nutritional ratio. Saturday: Dice golden steamed buns + cut soy milk steamed buns into cubes, add diced ham, green onion and sesame seedsMa, and then wrapped in a layer of eggs, it’s fragrant and delicious! Golden buns, kids love them! In addition, add a cup of cooked freshly ground soy milk and a plate of cucumber, and a nutritious breakfast is ready! On Sunday, let’s go out to eat together as a family~ Every parent hopes that their children will have good health and a good mood, and enjoy a new life every day. Then, please pay careful attention to your child’s breakfast. Cook for your children and carefully prepare a nutritious and energetic breakfast. For children, a nutritious and delicious breakfast can not only kick-start their energy for the whole day, but also make them feel the care and love of their parents~

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