Does the baby love to laugh? 4 tips for bringing up a happy baby

What color is your baby? What Tao Ma asked was not the color of the clothes on her body, but the color of the baby\’s heart, pink? green? Or black? A happy baby must be colorful. 4 ways to help you raise a happy and sunny baby! Children in infancy and early childhood are in the enlightenment stage in terms of personality shaping, living habits and behavior. A happy, cheerful and sunny child will develop in a good direction, as if driving on a track; while a child who is often depressed, dull, irritable and violent will The baby will behave badly and even lead a twisted life path. 1. Teach by words and deeds, parents should be happy people. Parents are the first people for babies to imitate after they are born. Parents’ words and deeds directly affect the shaping of the baby’s personality. Good parents and good education do not need to teach children deliberately. Only words and deeds can make children truly happy. If parents didn’t like to read books before, then they should develop the habit of reading and reading newspapers for the sake of their babies! If you encountered setbacks in the past, you would bow your head and lose all confidence. For the sake of your baby, be brave enough to face difficulties and meet challenges! If you are always impatient and full of complaints, please be a gentle and optimistic parent for the sake of your baby! 2. Appreciate children and discover their strengths. Every baby has different advantages and strengths. Some babies are born with musical abilities, some are good at painting, and some are modest, gentle and loved… Parents should not always If you are picking on your baby\’s shortcomings or comparing it with other people\’s children, you should be good at discovering his strengths. When the baby does something right, parents should give some praise, but there is no need to praise and praise excessively; when the baby works hard to learn, parents should not always find faults and dislike the baby for not being perfect, but learn to see The child’s 80 points, not the lost 20 points; in a diversified and open society, parents should encourage their children to pursue their favorite things and work hard towards the set goals, so that they can become confident and happy people in the future! 3. Three years old does not necessarily determine life, and education never ends. Many parents have heard that \”three years old determines eighty\”, which means that what you were like when you were a child will be what you will be like when you are old. Therefore, in order to prevent their children from losing at the starting line, parents try their best to train their children, for fear that their children will not be able to catch up with others. What babies need most before the age of 3 is the company of their parents, which far outweighs expensive early education classes and high-quality toys. It is recommended that parents hold their babies and read picture books together, tell them stories, and enjoy the wonderful emotions between parents and children. The babies will definitely benefit from it when they grow up. 4. Perfectionism makes children \”lose their smiles.\” Many parents impose unfulfilled goals on their children and require their children to be perfect in everything, all for the sake of a better future. For this reason, the heavy learning pressure makes children breathless, and many children even become autistic and depressed, losing the smile they deserved in childhood. Parents can expose their children to specialized arts such as music, art, and dance, but only if the child likes it and whether the child enjoys the joy, rather than whether the child reaches 100 points in this field or becomes a famous musician.If they want their children to grow up freely and happily, parents should start from themselves, face the people and things in life with ease, and smile at every day of life. Text|Xiao Tao Ma Pictures|Saffron Milk’s works

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