Don\’t forget we were once children too

Rooney never takes a nap at home on weekends. He gets up from seven in the morning and can play until nine in the evening. He is full of energy. Sometimes I really envy him. It was the same at noon yesterday. After dinner, everyone went back to the room to take a nap, and Rooney played alone in the living room. I was so sleepy that I accompanied my brother and slowly fell asleep. In a daze, I heard Rooney walking between the living room and the room. More than an hour later, my brother woke up and I struggled to pick him up. I saw a mess in the living room, with tape, scissors, cotton swabs, and pens scattered on the floor. When Rooney saw me coming out, he said excitedly: \”Mom, wake up and look at the hair I cut for the doll.\” I was shocked when I saw it. It was Monchichi bought by my father. He actually cut the hair of the doll. One piece, that is Dad’s most cherished doll. I was angry and funny: \”When dad finds out, he will definitely scold you.\” Sure enough, when my husband woke up and saw this scene, he immediately lowered his face and scolded Rooney severely. Rooney was not convinced. With tears in his eyes, he refuted his husband loudly: \”I just want to be a barber, and you won\’t let me cut your hair. I just scold you all day long. Isn\’t that what you were like when you were young?\” After what he said, I remembered that I took him to get a haircut yesterday, and today he used the doll as a model to imitate the haircut. He\’s right, yes, isn\’t that what children are like? She is naturally energetic and curious, and wants to try everything she sees. But many adults, like Mr. Wang, cannot understand everything their children do, and they will only violently stop and scold them when faced with the trouble their children create. They don\’t know what damage this will do to their children. I laughed at Mr. Edison: \”If Edison had been born in our family, he would definitely not have become an inventor.\” Yue Bao\’s mother told such a story. My colleague\’s child had just turned three years old and didn\’t play with any toys. He just liked playing with beans. The child often digs out all the beans bottles in the cupboard, pours all the beans into a big basin, and then puts them back bit by bit. My colleague was driven crazy every time because she always had to sort out the beans when cooking. But she saw that her children loved playing with beans so much and couldn’t bear to hide them, so she simply bought a lot of beans just for her children to play with. . Suddenly one day, the child held up a big bottle and said to her: \”Mom, look, it\’s all put in!\” The friend was shocked! She bought three large bottles of beans, and it seemed impossible to put them completely into a large mineral water bottle. Every time the child tried to put them in, there would be a lot left, and now they are all put in. \”How did you put it in?!\” \”Put the big ones first, then the small ones.\” The child poured out some beans, then picked the big kidney beans in, then put the red beans, black beans, and finally the small mung beans along the gaps. Get in… My colleagues were so excited that they burst into tears. Isn\’t this a famous time management experiment? For a bottle of the same size, if you put the larger rocks first, then the smaller rocks, and finally the sand, you can fill the bottle to the maximum extent. If you reverse the order, the results will be completely different. This experiment shows that things are prioritized. Only by arranging our time reasonably can we manage our lives well. Children naturally understandNot at this level, but he was so smart that he figured out this experiment with his own hands! Look, let your children explore freely, and your children will really give you unexpected surprises. Many adults don\’t understand children and are unwilling to study various parenting books. I suggest that they read more children\’s picture books. There is probably no picture book in the world that can make adults avoid it and make children flock to it like \”David Can\’t\”. Look, the David described by David Shannon makes a mess all day long, writes graffiti on the walls, turns the bathroom into a swamp, wears an iron pan on his head, rattles it, and throws toys everywhere. They are everywhere, playing with food, picking their noses… I guess every adult is tired of such \”naughty children\”. But every child who has watched \”David\” likes him very much. This innocent little boy who makes a mess at home makes them feel happy and relieved. Just think, is there any child in the world who doesn’t want to be like David and play as he pleases? It\’s a pity that they can never do whatever they want, because there are always adults like us who follow them and keep shouting at them: \”No! No! No…\” The little prince said, in fact, everyone Adults were once children, but they forgot it when they grew up. This picture book builds a bridge of communication between adults and children. It not only allows children to see their own shadow through David, but also allows every adult to recall his own childhood, allowing us to understand children better. A mother asked me what should I do if her three-and-a-half-year-old child is quite active and wants to touch everything he sees? Adults who understand children will understand that it is not a problem at all for a three-and-a-half-year-old child to be active, it is exactly the state of a normal child. To this, my answer is to grasp three principles – do not harm yourself, do not harm others, and do not harm the environment. On the basis of these principles, let your children explore at will. Don\’t forget that we were once children. When we don\’t understand children, think about our childhood.

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