Don’t ignore the dangers of 3-year-old children playing with mobile phones, correct education is the most important

When I got home from get off work in the evening, my 3-year-old son was seriously watching animations on his mobile phone. Even if I closed the door loudly, I couldn\’t attract his attention. I asked my mother-in-law: \”How long has the child been watching it?\”, and she said: \”After watching it for a while, the child likes it, so let him go.\” I touched the back of the phone and it felt hot. Immediately, I picked up the phone. The child was stunned for a moment, yelled, stamped his feet, and said loudly: \”Give me your phone back, I want to watch the video.\” The child\’s grandmother couldn\’t see it, and said hurriedly: \”Let him watch it for a while, he\’s tired of watching it. , of course he stopped watching.\” Grandpa also echoed: \”Let him watch, don\’t make him cry.\” Due to the pressure from my grandparents, I had to put the phone back on the table. This time, the little guy was quiet and stared at the small screen intently. Living in the era of screen reading, a colleague said: \”My two-year-old daughter already knows how to open the screen lock of her mobile phone and find the video app.\” No wonder some people say that today\’s 3-year-old children play with mobile phones more easily than adults. Young children are obsessed with playing with mobile phones, which really worries many parents. In recent years, news about children addicted to mobile phones has often appeared in newspapers:, \”Myopia in three-year-old children soars to 1,000 degrees, and the culprit is the parents.\” In the article, 3-year-old Xiaoyu\’s eyesight was damaged due to playing with iPad for a long time. , the degree of myopia was as high as 900 degrees when it was discovered. Chutian Metropolis Daily, \”4-year-old girl is addicted to the Internet. 2-year-old girl plays with iPad and becomes 400 degrees nearsighted\”: A 4-year-old girl is obsessed with online games and cartoons, which leads to Internet dependence. Nowadays, more and more children regard mobile phones as \”treasures\” and have symptoms of Internet dependence and electronic product dependence. Electronic product dependence refers to the symptoms of cognitive decline in normal life caused by prolonged use of electronic products. There are many criteria for judging whether you are suffering from electronic product dependence. Among them, the main ones for young children are the following: 1. Want to play with mobile phones and always pay attention to them. 2. Reduced interest in toys and outdoor activities. 3. The time spent using mobile phones gradually becomes longer. 4. Symptoms such as not playing with mobile phones for a short period of time appear, such as irritability, low mood, and losing temper. Experts point out that young children who use mobile phones for a long time are likely to suffer from electronic product dependence, such as inattention, reduced sensitivity to environmental stimuli, and emotional instability. Once parents discover that their children have been playing with their mobile phones for too long, they have lost control of their mobile phones. When adults try to dissuade them, the child\’s temper becomes irritated and the child is likely to become dependent on electronic products. If we want to solve the problem of children\’s dependence on mobile phones, then we need to understand what exactly causes children to be overly addicted? In life, neglect and over-indulgence. The summer vacation had just begun, and I sent my 3-year-old son back to my hometown. I wanted to let my children get closer to nature. Unexpectedly, after the children returned to their hometown, the thing they were closest to the most was their mobile phones. The child\’s grandfather loves him very much and responds to his child\’s requests. On the first day he returned home, his grandfather gave him a new mobile phone. The child usually cries, but after the grandfather hands over the mobile phone, the child quickly calms down. When eating, the child cannot sit still. As long as he holds up his mobile phone and selects the animation, he will be able to eat quietly. Since I got a new mobile phone, the noisy and active child has become so well-behaved.So good. In today\’s society, mobile phones have become \”good nannies\”. When you go out, your child is disobedient, crying and fussy? Are your children impatient and making all kinds of fuss while waiting? When eating, the child is not quiet and walks around? It doesn\’t matter, as long as you have a mobile phone and open animations and games, it won\’t be a problem. A child\’s problem that can only be solved by a mobile phone will definitely turn into a big problem. Experts point out that children playing with mobile phones for a long time will not only cause visual fatigue, myopia, dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis, etc., but also lead to poor cervical spine function due to long-term head bowing, affecting the normal development of the spine. In addition, if children use mobile phones for a long time and reduce face-to-face communication with children, it will cause the child\’s lack of sense of reality and the withdrawal of social communication skills, resulting in a withdrawn personality and emotional barriers. In life, the more neglected and over-indulged children are, the more obvious their dependence on mobile phones becomes. What can we do to protect our children from being invaded by mobile videos and games? To eliminate dependence, forceful blocking is the most ineffective. Nowadays, mobile phones are so prevalent in people’s lives that it is difficult for us to keep our children completely away from them. If you forcibly stop it, it will only increase the child\’s rebellious psychology. The less allowed to watch, the more he will want to watch. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that screen time for children ages 2 to 5 should be limited to one hour, and that parents and children watch together to help them understand the content. Whenever my son is noisy and playing with his mobile phone, I will hand it to him and look at it with him. That mobile phone only charges one bar at a time, which is enough for half an hour of viewing. When the child finds that the phone is out of battery, he will consciously return the phone to me. For young children, parents may wish to use appropriate methods to guide them to put down their mobile phones. Since establishing clear rules cannot be enforced, we must \”make three rules\” with our children. For example: you can only play for a while after eating, and you are not allowed to play one hour before going to bed. Parents should understand that rules need to be formulated with their children so that they will follow them willingly. And once the rules are set, they cannot be changed at will according to their own wishes, otherwise the children will be at a loss as to what to do. The so-called meaningful rules are: parents and children set clear and unambiguous rules together, and then abide by them together. Parents teach by words and deeds, and lead by example. A colleague said: \”My daughter is only 2 years old, and she knows how to watch animations on her mobile phone.\” This is normal. Preschool children have strong imitation abilities, and parents\’ words and deeds directly affect their children. If parents like to read, their children will also like to read; if their parents often play with mobile phones, their children will also learn to play with mobile phones. A good education starts with parents. Setting an example for parents is an important step in cutting off children\’s attachment to mobile phones. Systemic desensitization and gradual correction For children who are obsessed with mobile phones, it is difficult for us to keep them away at once. If you are too anxious to eat hot tofu, parents can refer to the psychological method of \”systemic desensitization\” to slowly reduce the time your children spend using mobile phones. For example: the first time the child plays with the mobile phone for 2 hours, the second time it is reduced to five minutes, the third time it is reduced to ten minutes… and so on, so that the child can unconsciously reduce his dependence on the mobile phone. In addition, you can also enrich children\’s lives, divert attention, and use praise and rewards to strengthen children\’s behavior of not playing with mobile phones… \”Fairy Tale King\” Zheng Yuanjie once said: \”A good educatorYou should use 50 educational methods to educate one child, rather than using one educational method to educate 50 children. \”Children\’s obsession with mobile phones certainly causes headaches for many parents, but there are always more solutions than difficulties. As the first educators in their children\’s lives, parents should calm down and learn to educate their children using scientific and reasonable methods instead of talking about it.

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