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Don’t isolate yourself if you cry less. Follow this mother’s scientific weaning method and you won’t have to suffer anymore.

The decision to wean Fuji came from that day. Angrily, I rushed out of the bedroom with Fuji, who was crying, and complained to my husband who was sitting in the living room about how addicted Fuji was to breastfeeding and how he was not letting people sleep well. My husband tried to make milk powder for Fuji, and Fuji actually drank 120ml! Unexpectedly, I realized that I really didn’t have enough milk. I used to complain about Fuji and his misbehavior, but now I feel full of guilt. While comforting Fuji, who was in tears after being trained by me just now, I was thinking about weaning him. It\’s almost eleven months now. This weaning lasted for 18 days, during which I heard countless doubts. \”Weaning means not giving him a sip of milk. Weaning like this will only make him more dependent on breast milk.\” \”A mother cannot wean her baby by herself. Grandma must help.\” \”You need to apply some wind on the nipples. Do you want to stop weaning from oils and essences?”… Even so, I remained unmoved and insisted on using a gradual, meal-by-meal reduction method to wean off breast milk. Fuji\’s previous breastfeeding situation was: mixed feeding before three months, and then she started to reject milk powder after three months, and switched to exclusive breastfeeding. She relies entirely on milk to sleep. She takes short naps during the day and wakes up from time to time to take a sip of milk. The direct impact of this weaning on Fuji is: his weight increased by 8 taels, his height increased by 5 centimeters, he stopped breastfeeding, and night feedings and night wakings disappeared!! Although Fuji also added complementary foods normally during the exclusive breastfeeding period , but weight gain is slow. So after this weaning, I realized that it turns out that insufficient milk intake affects weight gain. (This also involves a problem: mothers who do not have enough breast milk really need to confirm whether their babies really need pure breast milk). 1. Weaning also pays attention to the right time, right place and right time: summer is hot, the mood is easy to be irritable, and the baby\’s appetite is also poor, which is not conducive to the addition of complementary foods. Winter is cold and the baby\’s immunity is low. It is easy to get sick after weaning at this time. Moreover, if the mother\’s breasts are swollen and painful, and the milk is overflowing, it will be uncomfortable if the clothes get wet. Therefore, the best time to choose is spring and autumn, but the specific analysis of specific problems still depends on the baby\’s condition. Okay, Mom, there is a saying: There is indeed a folk saying that it is difficult to wean in winter and summer, but foreign parenting websites and obstetricians do not emphasize the weaning season, but emphasize that breast milk replacement foods must be prepared during weaning. If the baby is before 1 year old , then the mother needs to find the formula milk suitable for the baby. She can prepare several formula milks for the baby to choose the flavor she likes. The baby after one year old can drink milk. Location: The most important thing about gradual weaning is to divert the baby\’s attention and take him to play everywhere, so find some places to play. For example: parks, children\’s play areas, other children\’s homes. Renhe: Once you make up your mind to wean, you must be 100% mentally prepared. After all, weaning is a painful process for the baby, and crying is inevitable, so the mother must be patient, perseverant, and loving! 2. How to wean in a step-by-step manner: Wean off daytime milk first, then morning milk, and finally night milk. Fuji\’s pre-weaning eating/sleeping schedule is as follows: Eating/sleeping time Type of eating Weaning order 08:00 Complementary food as usual 10:00 Breast milk 312: 30 Complementary food as usual 13:30 Breast milk 2 Sleep 0.5-2 hours 16:30 Breast milk 118:30 Complementary food as usual 20:30 Breast milk 403:00 Breast milk disappears automatically 06:00 Breast milk disappears automatically No two Diet/sleep time after weaning The table is as follows: Eating/sleeping time Food types 6:30 Milk powder 8:00 Complementary food 10:30 Milk powder Sleep 1-3 hours 13:30 Complementary food Sleep 1-2 hours 16:30 Fruit 18:30 Complementary food Weaning diary October 8 – On the 9th, I tried to use a straw bottle to make milk powder for Fuji to drink. It doesn’t matter whether he drinks it or not, it’s good to get to know the bottle. From October 10th to 17th, I tried to stop breastfeeding at 16:30, made milk powder, and took Fuji to other children’s homes to play. Fuji drank some milk powder and had fun with the children. , forgetting to take breast milk is the first step towards success. From October 11th to 17th, I tried to cut off the two feedings at 13:30 and 16:30. The method was still to go out and play. Usually after feeding Fuji the complementary food at noon, I make milk powder, push him out, feed him while walking, and drink as much as he can. When he is tired from playing, come up and put him to sleep. I cried a lot on the first day, probably because I couldn\’t accept not having breast milk before going to bed. I cried for an hour and fell asleep without waking up during the period, which was a surprise. The next day, Fuji\’s crying time before going to bed became half an hour. On the third day, I basically fell asleep after just two shakes. So far, I have stopped breastfeeding for two meals. From October 18th to 23rd, with the previous successful experience, I started to cut off the meal before going to bed. Fuji has basically adapted to drinking from a bottle, and now there is no need to coax him to nurse while playing with him. I let him play in the morning, and when the feeding time comes, I go home to feed him. After feeding, he can continue to play for half an hour, and then I put him to sleep. The job of coaxing you to sleep has become much easier now, and there seems to be a glimmer of hope. October 24th and 25th to break through the last night milk. After feeding him dinner on the first day and taking a bath, I used a waist stool to carry him downstairs to play, watch the square dance and the night view, etc. When it was time to nurse and sleep, Fuji began to breastfeed on my chest. Arch away. Fuji, who had no milk to eat, began to cry. I hugged him tightly, touched his head and whispered to him: \”Fu Er has grown up, and there is no more milk to eat, so he needs to drink milk powder.\” I cried for an hour and slowly stopped crying. (OK mom interjects: It’s important to clearly tell the baby that he can’t breastfeed, or tell the baby that the mother has no neinei. Don’t tell the baby that the mother has no neinei and then give him a nipple. This will confuse his experience and prolong the weaning time.) I carried him upstairs and prepared to make milk powder for him to eat, but he refused. I went to bed without any milk powder before going to bed. At 2 o\’clock in the middle of the night, I started to feel hungry. So I soaked in milk powder and drank 150ml. Then I fell asleep again until dawn. By the second night, there was obvious progress. Not only did I not cry, I also took 70ml of milk powder before going to bed. I didn\’t wake up at night and slept until dawn! Weaning is declared successful! During this period, I enriched the taste of his food supplements, eating noodles, rice, and porridge in various ways. He is also moreI love to eat complementary foods. I can’t wait to sit down as soon as I put my feet on the dining chair and knock on the dinner plate with my hands. During this period, I also gave Fuji more hugs. Fuji, who has no neinei to eat, must have thought in his heart: \”Does mom still love me?\” I want to use hugs to give him a sense of security, and tell him that no neinei to eat is just In the process of growing up, your mother is still the mother who loves you. OK Mom interjects: A loving hug is really important! Foreign parenting websites particularly emphasize this point in their introduction on how to wean. Even if it is not in the mother\’s arms, the father or a close elder must give the baby more hugs and patience, because this stage is very \”cruel\” for the baby. of. I have written about this topic before, you can read the previous push \”Skin-to-skin contact can actually cause such changes in the baby\’s brain❗We must not be stingy about hugging anymore\” During the ten days after weaning, Fuji basically It was held in my hands so that my whole body ached. But Fuji didn’t cry a lot during the weaning period. Not only were his sleep and diet not affected, they were actually better than before weaning! There are more smiles. Every time I look at his sleeping face and cute smile, I can\’t help but raise the corners of my mouth.

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